Manual of Examinations for the ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913

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Strana 23 - ... made a false statement of any material fact, or practiced, or attempted to practice, any deception or fraud in his application, in his examination, or in securing his eligibility or appointment.
Strana 32 - A person residing in the United States who is appointed to the Philippine civil service may pay his traveling expenses from the place of his residence in the United States to Manila: Provided, That if any part of his traveling expenses is borne by the government of the Philippine Islands, ten per...
Strana 125 - Third, appointments to the public service aforesaid in the departments at Washington shall be apportioned among the several States and Territories and the District of Columbia upon the basis of population as ascertained at the last preceding census.
Strana 95 - Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri...
Strana 35 - That if he shall come by the route and steamer directed his actual and necessary traveling expenses shall be refunded to him at the expiration of two years' satisfactory service in the Philippines.
Strana 29 - That no person in the classified civil service of the United States shall be removed therefrom except for such cause as will promote the efficiency of said service and for reasons given in writing...
Strana 130 - Mechanics and skilled tradesmen or laborers,1 employed upon construction or repair work in the field services, under such restrictive conditions that, in the opinion of the commission, they can not, as a class be appointed from registers of eligibles.
Strana 67 - February 1, 1905, the forest reserves were transferred from the Department of the Interior to the Department of Agriculture and have since been known as the National Forests, administered by the Forest Service.
Strana 129 - The person selected for appointment shall be duly notified by the appointing officer, and upon accepting and reporting for duty shall receive from such officer a certificate of appointment.
Strana 29 - ... the person whose removal is sought shall have notice of the same and of any charges preferred against him, and be furnished with a copy thereof, and also be allowed a reasonable time for personally answering the same in writing ; and affidavits in support thereof; but no examination of witnesses nor any trial or hearing shall be required except in the discretion of the officer making the removal; and copies of charges, notice of hearing, answer, reasons for removal, REMOVALS AND REDUCTIONS.

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