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Strana 585 - ... in regard to measures for the prevention of epidemic and contagious diseases ; and when pestilence prevails, it is their duty to face the danger, and to continue their labors for the alleviation of the suffering, even at the jeopardy of their own lives. § 2. Medical men should also be always ready, when called on by the legally constituted authorities, to enlighten coroners...
Strana 585 - As good citizens, it is the duty of physicians to be very vigilant for the welfare of the community, and to bear their part in sustaining its institutions and burdens; they should also be ever ready to give counsel to the public in relation to matters especially appertaining to their profession, as on subjects of medical police, public hygiene and legal medicine.
Strana 582 - Neither by words nor manner should any of the parties to a consultation assert or insinuate, that any part of the treatment pursued did not receive his assent.
Strana 583 - The same circumspection and reserve should be observed when, from motives of business or friendship, a physician is prompted to visit an individual who is under the direction of another practitioner. Indeed, such visits should be avoided, except under peculiar circumstances, and when they are made, no particular inquiries should be instituted relative to the nature of the disease, or the remedies employed, but the topics of conversation...
Strana 571 - ... influence in local, state, and national affairs and elections. Its work shall be done with the dignity becoming a great profession and with that wisdom which will make effective its power and influence. It shall have authority to be heard before the entire Society upon questions of great concern at such time as may be arranged during the annual session.
Strana 570 - Arrangement, and such other committees as may be necessary. Such committees shall be elected by the House of Delegates unless otherwise provided.
Strana 565 - SEC. 4. No address or paper before the Association, except those of the president and orators, shall occupy more than twenty minutes in its delivery ; and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than once on any subject.
Strana 579 - Such county societies, constituting as they do the chief element of strength in the organization of the profession, should have the active support of their members and should be made instruments for the cultivation of fellowship, for the exchange of professional experience, fo rthe advancement of medical knowledge, for the maintenance of ethical standards, and for the promotion in general of the interests of the profession and the welfare of the public.
Strana 581 - Compliance with this request is an act of courtesy, •which should always be performed with the utmost consideration for the interest and character of the family physician, and when exercised for a short period, all the pecuniary obligations for such service should be awarded to him.
Strana 567 - ELECTION OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1. All elections shall be by secret ballot, and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. SEC.

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