Federal Power Commission Oversight--natural Gas Curtailment Priorities, Hearing Before..., 93-2...

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Strana 71 - As disclosed in reports of the Federal Trade Commission made pursuant to Senate Resolution 83 (Seventieth Congress, first session) and other reports made pursuant to the authority of Congress, it is hereby declared that the business of transporting and selling natural gas for ultimate distribution to the public is affected with a public interest, and that Federal regulation in matters relating to the transportation of natural gas and the sale thereof in interstate and foreign commerce is necessary...
Strana 52 - The Commission shall have power to perform any and all acts, and to prescribe, issue, make, amend, and rescind such orders, rules, and regulations as it may find necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of this Act.
Strana 94 - Every party shall have the right to present his case or defense by oral or documentary evidence, to submit rebuttal evidence, and to conduct such cross-examination as may be required for a full and true disclosure of the facts.
Strana 91 - All industrial requirements not specified in (2), (4) , (5), (6) , (7), (8), or (9) . (4) Firm industrial requirements for boiler fuel use at less than 3,000 Mcf per day, but more than 1,500 Mcf per day, where alternate fuel capabilities can meet such requirements...
Strana 47 - Alternate fuel capabilities. Is defined as a situation where an alternate fuel could have been utilized whether or not the facilities for such use have actually been installed; Provided, however, Where the use of natural gas is for plant protection, feedstock, or process uses and the only alternate fuel is propane or other gaseous fuel then the consumer will be treated as if he had no alternate fuel capability.
Strana 48 - South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and the District of Columbia, over irregular routes.
Strana 75 - The national interests in the development and utilization of natural gas resources throughout the United States will be served by recognition and implementation of the following priority-of-service categories for use during periods of curtailed deliveries by jurisdictional pipeline companies : (1) Residential, small commercial (less than 50 Mcf on a peak day).
Strana 46 - ... schedules or contracts under which seller is expressly obligated to deliver specific volumes within a given time period and which anticipates no interruptions, but which may permit unexpected interruption in case the supply to higher priority customers is threatened.
Strana 46 - Interruptible Service: Service from schedules or contracts under which seller is not expressly obligated to deliver specific volumes within a given time period, and which anticipates and permits interruption on short notice, or service under schedules or contracts which expressly or impliedly...
Strana 79 - Boiler Fuel: Is considered to be natural gas used as a fuel for the generation of steam or electricity, including the utilization of gas turbines for the generation of electricity.

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