Hand-book of the Useful Arts: Including Agriculture, Architecture, Domestic Economy, Engineering, Machinery; Manufactures, Mining, Photogenic and Telegraphic Art: Being an Exposition of Their Principles and Practice and a Compend of American and European Invention

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G. P. Putnam, 1852 - Počet stran: 692

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Strana 219 - One drachm of sulphate of copper is dissolved in an ounce of distilled water, to which is added half an ounce of a saturated solution of bichromate of potash; this solution is applied to the surface of the paper, and, when dry, it is fit for use, and may be kept for any length of time without spoiling. When exposed to sunshine, the first change is to a dull brown, and if checked in this stage of the process we get a...
Strana 451 - Sometimes it will be more convenient to arrange the two charts in symmetrical positions, one to the left and the other to the right of the subject's median plane, and with a slight inclination toward this plane.
Strana 152 - ... prominence of the figures. The ground is then to be reduced, by planing or filing, to the level of the depressed part ; after which, the piece of wood being placed in water, either hot or cold, the parts previously depressed will rise to their former height, and will thus form an embossed pattern, which may be finished by the usual operations of carving.
Strana 264 - ... the needle, the graver, the spring of a watch or of a carriage, the chisel, the chain, the anchor, the compass, the cannon, and the bomb. It is a medicine of much virtue, and the only metal friendly to the human frame.
Strana 15 - If a range of hills, or a valley, be composed of strata, which on the two sides dip in opposite directions, the imaginary line that lies between them, towards which the strata on each side rise, is called the anticlinal axis. In a row of houses with steep roofs facing the south, the slates represent inclined strata dipping north and south, and the ridge is an east and west anticlinal axis.
Strana 75 - ... the weight of tallow in candles 6 to the pound. But its light being equal to that of 5 of the latter candles, it appears from the above table that 2...
Strana 534 - Upon the level bed prepared for the road materials, a bottom course, or layer of stones, is to be set by hand, in form of a close firm pavement ; the stones set in the middle of the road are to be...
Strana 152 - Straker may be used either by itself or in aid of carving; and depends on the fact, that if a depression be made by a blunt instrument on the surface of wood, such depressed part will again rise to its original level by subsequent immersion in water.
Strana 347 - ... applied. The next substance is emery of progressive degrees of fineness, after which Tripoli is employed ; and the last polish is given with tinputty. The body with which the sand is rubbed upon the marble, is usually a plate of iron ; but for the subsequent process, a plate of lead is used with fine sand and emery. The polishing rubbers are coarse linen cloths, or bagging, wedged tight into an iron planing tool. In every step of the operation, a constant trickling supply of water is required....
Strana 255 - In very damp or windy weather the ether should be very slowly dropped upon the ball, otherwise the descent of the thermometer will be so rapid as to render it extremely difficult to be certain of the degree. In dry weather, on the contrary, the ball requires to be well wetted more than once, to produce the requisite degree of cold.

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