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Harvard Law Review Pub. Association, 1925

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Strana 110 - Procedure and Practice before the Federal Trade Commission," 21 MICH. L. REV. 125, 139. | 5 of the statute provides: "... and if it shall appear to the commission that a proceeding by it in respect thereof would be to the interest of the public, it shall issue a complaint.
Strana 12 - Whatever subjects of this power are in their nature national, or admit only of one uniform system, or plan of regulation, may justly be said to be of such a nature as to require exclusive legislation by Congress," " 12 244 US 310 (1917). Cf. Southern Ry. v. King, 217 US 524 (1910).
Strana 350 - There is evidence indicating that the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789 was intended to invest United States district and circuit courts with jurisdiction over common-law crimes. See Charles Warren, " New Light on the History of the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789,
Strana 529 - debts owing to the United States ... as a penalty or forfeiture shall not be allowed except for the amount of the pecuniary loss sustained by the act . . . out of which the penalty arose, with . . . such interests as may have accrued thereon according to law." (30 STAT. AT L. 561, 1918 US COMP. STAT.,
Strana 157 - Where property has been clothed with a public interest, the legislature may fix a limit to that which shall in law be reasonable for its use. This limit binds the courts as well as the people. If it has been improperly fixed, the legislature, not the courts, must be appealed to for the change.
Strana 324 - The conduct of the foreign relations of our Government is committed by the Constitution to the Executive and Legislative — 'the political' — Departments of the Government, and the propriety of what may be done in the exercise of this political power is not subject to judicial inquiry or decision.
Strana 882 - Where a drawee to whom a bill is delivered for acceptance destroys the same, or refuses within twenty-four hours after such delivery, or within such other period as the holder may allow, to return the bill accepted or non-accepted to the holder, he will be deemed to have accepted the same.
Strana 110 - 17 Grenada Lumber Co. v. Mississippi, 217 US 433 (1910); Eastern States Retail Lumber Dealers' Ass'n v. United States, 234 US 600 (1914). 18 Western Sugar Refining Co. v. Fed. Trade Comm., 275 Fed. 725 (9th Circ., 1921); So. Hardware Jobbers
Strana 472 - Ohio Valley Water Co. v. Ben Avon Borough, 253 US 287 (1920), approved in Bluefield etc. Co. v. Pub. Serv. Comm., 262 US 679 (1923); Dayton etc. Co. v. United States, 263 US 456 (1924) See also Keller v. Potomac etc. Co., 261 US 428, 442 (1923). In United States v. Ju Toy, 198 US
Strana 814 - Wall. (US) 429 (1872). See, however, a famous dictum of Chase, CJ, in Texas v. White, supra, at 733. " It may be said perhaps with sufficient accuracy that acts necessary to peace and good order among citizens, such, for example, as acts sanctioning and protecting marriage and the domestic relations, governing the course

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