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It is gratifying to note that the membership is now somewhat greater than it was before the war, the loss in membership of the last few years having been more than made up by the new members added this year.

There is usually a slight loss of membership each year, which is due to members being dropped on their removal to another county in the state. Part of this loss could probably be avoided if the Secretary of the County Society from which they move would notify the Secretary of the County Society into whose jurisdiction they go, in order that the latter might urge them to secure transfers.

The slight delay in the issue of last year's Proceedings was due to unavoidable labor troubles in the printing office. It is gratifying to the editor to give this reason and to state that the delay was not caused by tardiness in receiving material from members of the Society. The cordial response to the request for sending in reports and papers promptly materially lessens the editorial work.

Those who have examined last year's Proceedings will greatly regret that new duties will prevent the editor from filling this position for another year.

The Secretary desires to express his appreciation and thanks to the President, to the Chairman of the Council, to the Editor of the Proceedings, to the officers of the Society, to the members of the different committees, and to many individual members of the Society for the interest and assistance in his work during the period which he has been in office.

Respectfully submitted,
JOHN E. LANE, Secretary.

REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL. DR. WILLIAM H. CARMALT. Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

The first meeting of the Council was held on May 22, 1919, immediately after the adjournment of the scientific meeting.

Dr. W. H. Carmalt was elected Chairman, the Committee on

Publication consisting of Dr. Walter R. Steiner, Chairman, the Secretary and the Editor of the Proceedings was elected; Dr. Walter R. Steiner and Thomas F. Rockwell were elected Auditors.

The salaries of the Secretary and of the Editor of the Proceedings were made at $150 each. Adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman.

The second meeting was held on April 14, 1920, at Hartford. Every member was present as follows, viz.: Dr. W. H. Carmalt, Chairman of New Haven County, Dr. Frank W. Stevens of Fairfield County, Dr. Walter R. Steiner of Hartford County, Dr. Elias Pratt of Litchfield County, Dr. George N. Lawson of Middlesex County, Dr. Charles C. Gildersleeve of New London County, Dr. Thomas F. Rockwell of Tolland County, Dr. Seldom B. Overlock of Windham County, and the President and Secretary ex-officio.

As the Nominating Committee the Council presents the following names for officers, and on Committees and for Delegates, viz.:

For President, Dr. George Blumer of New Haven.

For Vice-President, (1) Dr. W. H. Judson of Danielson, (2) Dr. W. H. Donaldson of Fairfield.

Secretary, Dr. Chas. W. Comfort of New Haven.

Treasurer, Dr. P. H. Ingalls of Hartford.

Committee on Scientific Work, (1) Dr. E. A. Wells of Hartford, Chairman, (2) Dr. F. H. Barnes of Stamford, (3) The Secretary.

Member of the Committee on Medical Examinations and Medical Education to succeed Dr. Charles A. Tuttle, whose term expires at the end of this year, Dr. Charles A. Tuttle.

Committee on Public Policy and Legislation, Dr. E. K. Root, Chairman, Dr. C. C. Gildersleeve, Dr. W. H. Donaldson, Dr. R. S. Goodwin, Dr. C. J. Foote, Dr. C. E. Simonds, Dr. James Murphy, Dr. T. F. O'Loughlin, The President, ex-officio, The Secretary, ex-officio.

Committee on Honorary Members and Degrees, Dr. C. J. Bartlett, Chairman, Dr. E. T. Bradstreet, Dr. C. B. Graves.

Delegate to the American Medical Association for 1921-22 to succeed Dr. W. R. Steiner, Dr. W. R. Steiner.

Alternate to the American Medical Association for 1921-22 to succeed Dr. F. K. Hallock, Dr. F. K. Hallock.

The following recommendations to the House of Delegates were made for action:

First, after a report from the Treasurer, that the dues for the ensuing year be $3.00.

Second, that one-half of the expenses of Professor H. G. Barbour to the first meeting of the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention be paid by the Society.

Third, that the Treasurer be authorized to use the income of the Gurdon Russell Fund for current expenses during the coming year if found necessary.

Fourth, that the Treasurer be authorized to pay the dues of indigent members from the O. C. Smith Fund as certified to by the Councilors of the respective Societies.

Fifth, that the next Annual Meeting be held at Hartford on Wednesday and Thursday, May 18 and 19, 1921.

Sixth, that the Semi-Annual Meeting be held in conjunction with that of the Middlesex County Medical Association on Thursday, October 14, 1920, at a place to be designated by the Middlesex County Association.

The meeting adjourned to meet in New Haven on Wednesday, May 19, at 9:45 A. M., in the rooms of the New Haven Medical Association.


Chairman of the Council.


Fairfield County, Dr. Frank W. Stevens, Councilor. Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

The Fairfield County Medical Association has held two meetings during the past year, both of which were well attended. During the year we have admitted nine new members and lost three by death, making a total membership of 206.

This Association has gone on record as opposing Compulsory Health Insurance in its present form.

Peace and harmony prevails throughout the county.

Respectfully submitted,



Hartford County, Dr. Walter R. Steiner, Councilor. Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

The year 1919-1920 has vanished with great rapidity and the Councilor from Hartford County finds little to report. The fall and spring meetings were very successful. Upon the former occasion we had papers by Drs. J. R. Miller on the "Vomiting of Pregnancy”; by J. F. O'Brien on the "Operative Treatment of Deformities After Infantile Paralysis"; by A. M. Rowley on "Goitre: A Review of Operative Cases," and by Arthur F. Chase of the Post Graduate School in New York, on "The Examination of the Feces in Chronic Conditions." The spring meeting also equally held the interest of the members of our Association and papers were then read by Drs. Wm. H. Crowley on "Value of Blood Transfusion"; by Paul B. Swett on "Therapeutic Value of Arthrotomy"; by Harry F. Locke on "The Tuberculous Cow vs. the Child"; and by Ernest A. Wells on "Some Observations on Carcinoma of the Rectum."

In the fall the Hartford Hospital was successful in a drive which netted them somewhat over $500,000 to meet their needs and this spring the St. Francis Hospital will have one for a like purpose. The New Britain Hospital is being reorganized and is looking forward to a career of increasing usefulness. At South Manchester a hospital is being organized to fulfil an urgent demand for such an institution.

We now have 247 members of the Association, or a gain of six over the number last reported. During the year five have died (Drs. David Crary, E. A. Down, Arthur B. Wright, W. W. Horton and Philip T. Kennedy). Their obituaries will record

their useful lives in coming Transactions so no further mention will be made of them here. Two members have moved from the county, one has resigned, one has been transferred, two have been suspended and seventeen new members have been elected.

Respectfully submitted,



Litchfield County, Elias Pratt, Councilor.

The report of the Councilor from Litchfield County was not read.

Middlesex County, George N. Lawson, Councilor. Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

Our Association has during the year held two most interesting meetings. The fall meeting was of unusual interest as it was a joint meeting of the County and the Central Medical Associations and was followed by a welcome-home banquet to our thirteen members who had during the war been in the service of the United States. The gathering was most impressive and the speaking excellent.

The Middlesex Medical Association as well as the Central Medical Association invite to their meetings all qualified medical practitioners of whatever school, and several homeopathic physicians have availed themselves of the opportunity.

We have lost by death our oldest and most beloved member, Dr. Cushman A. Sears, who died on the 20th of last October. Dr. Sears spent fifty-seven busy years in the practice of medicine, more than half a century of this long term of service being rendered in the town of Portland. Who can estimate the amount of suffering he relieved by his ministrations or what clouds of care and foreboding were banished by his cheerful disposition and sunny smile?

We have gained two new members and lost one, which leaves our present membership fifty-one.

Respectfully submitted,



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