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Connecticut State Medical Society,
John E. Lane, Secretary.

NEW BRITAIN, May 14, 1920.

Dear Sir:

At a regular meeting of the New Britain Medical Association held April 7, 1920, the following resolution was unanimously adopted, after careful consideration of all data obtainable relating to this subject:

Resolved:-That the New Britain Medical Association is opposed to any attempt to legislate in favor of compulsory health insurance.

The Secretary was instructed to forward you a copy of this resolution. Thanking you for any aid you may lend in furthering the ends of the above resolution, we remain,

Respectfully yours,

GEO. W. DUNN, Secretary.

Dr. C. V. Calvin reported that the Fairfield County Medical Society at its last meeting voted its opposition to compulsory health insurance.

Dr. A. C. Freeman said that the New London County Society was also opposed to compulsory health insurance.

On the motion of Dr. Ives it was voted that the House of Delegates endorse the recommendation of the American Medical Association opposing compulsory health insurance.

The meeting adjourned until 10:00 o'clock the following morning.


The second meeting of the House of Delegates was held at the New Haven County Medical Association Building, New Haven, on Thursday, May 20, 1920, at 10:45 A. M. The following officers and delegates were present during the session: President, C. B. Graves; Vice-President, F. H. Wheeler; Secretary, J. E. Lane; Councilors, F. W. Stevens, Fairfield County; W. R. Steiner, Hartford County; G. N. Lawson, Middlesex County; W. H. Carmalt, New Haven County; S. B. Overlock, Windham

County. Delegates: Fairfield County-C. C. Godfrey, J. W. Avery, C. V. Calvin, C. J. Leverty; Hartford County-No delegates present; Litchfield County-No delegates present; Middlesex County-J. F. Calef; New Haven County-E. T. Bradstreet, B. A. Cheney, C. A. Tuttle, H. Thoms; New London CountyA. C. Freeman, W. K. Tingley; Tolland County-No delegates present; Windham County-C. E. Simonds, A. D. Marsh.

The following officers and committees were unanimously elected after opportunity had been given for nominations other than those made by the Council: President, George Blumer; VicePresidents, W. H. Judson, W. H. Donaldson; Secretary, C. W. Comfort; Treasurer, P. H. Ingalls; Committee on Scientific Work, E. A. Wells, F. H. Barnes, the Secretary; Member of Committee on Medical Examinations and Medical Education, C. A. Tuttle; Committee on Public Policy and Legislation, E. K. Root, C. C. Gildersleeve, W. H. Donaldson, R. S. Goodwin, C. J. Foote, C. E. Simonds, James Murphy, T. F. O'Loughlin, The President, The Secretary; Committee on Honorary Members and Degrees, C. J. Bartlett, E. T. Bradstreet, C. B. Graves; Delegate to the American Medical Association for 1921-22, W. R. Steiner; Alternate Delegate to American Medical Association for 1921-22, F. K. Hallock.

It was voted that the recommendation of the Council, that the dues for the ensuing year be $3.00, be adopted.

It was voted to adopt the recommendation of the Council, that the Semi-Annual Meeting be held on Thursday, October 14, at the Connecticut State Hospital, Middletown, in conjunction with the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Middlesex County Medical Association.

It was voted to adopt the recommendation of the Council, that the next Annual Meeting be held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 18 and 19, 1921, at Hartford.

The Councilors nominated the following Committee on Requirements for the Practice of Medicine, to represent the Society before the Civil Code Commission and to confer with the Committee on Public Policy and Legislation in regard to matters connected with the enactment of a new medical practice act:

D. Chester Brown, Chairman, George Blumer, J. C. Rowley, A. E. Austin, F. H. Barnes, George M. Smith, C. B. Graves. This Committee was unanimously elected with power to act. The Committee appointed by the President to consider the recommendations contained in the Report of the Committee on the Medical Inspection of Schools and in the letters of Drs. Green and Dodson reported as follows:



Your Committee to Consider the Recommendations of the Committee on Medical Inspection of Schools, and the suggestion made by the Sub Committee of the Council on Health and Public Instruction of the American Medical Association beg leave to report:

We recommend a change in the title of the Committee to conform more fully with a larger appreciation of the needs of a school health work, to "Committee on Health Problems in Education." For this Committee we would suggest the following names: Dr. E. W. Goodenough, Chairman, Waterbury; Dr. C. J. Foote, New Haven; Dr. LeRoy A. Wilkes, Bridgeport; Dr. H. W. Brayton, Hartford; Dr. Daniel Sullivan, New London.

Respectfully submitted,


The following Committee was elected and given power to act: Committee on Health Problems in Education, E. W. Goodenough, Chairman, C. J. Foote, H. W. Brayton, Daniel Sullivan, L. A. Wilkes.

D. Chester Brown was elected the Committee on National Legislation.

The following Committee on Hospitals was elected: P. W.

Bill, Chairman, 1921 (term expires), W. R. Steiner, 1921, Wilder Tileston, 1922, H. F. Brownlee, 1922, Daniel Sullivan, 1923, S. B. Overlock, 1923.

It was voted that the Committee on Health Insurance be continued.

Dr. Steiner proposed that an amendment to the Constitution be made by striking the words "legally registered" out of Chapter XII, Section 2.

The purpose of this is to permit professors in the Yale Medical School, superintendents of hospitals, physicians holding positions in life insurance companies, and similar positions, who are not registered physicians to become members of the County Societies.

(At this point Dr. Donaldson read the Report of the Delegate to the Vermont Medical Society.)



Mr. President and Members of the House of Delegates:

A perusal of our Proceedings reveals but few reports of Delegates to other State Societies, suggesting either a lamentable lack of such neighborly visitations or a regrettable indifference to the necessity of reporting such for the benefit of the members at large.

Taking this opportunity of expressing appreciation of the high honor and privilege of being delegated to represent this Society at the annual meeting of the Vermont Medical Society, a brief and most inadequate report is herewith submitted.

Words fail to properly express the cordial hospitality and courtesies extended to your representative.

The Vermont Medical Society is a live, up-to-date organization of ten county societies aggregating a membership of about four hundred men of professional ability, with a ratio of attendance comparing favorably with other and larger states. Most of

the men (no ladies were in evidence at the meetings), came early and remained to the end, giving close and interested attention to every paper. Each paper had a free and instructive discussion. There was no loitering in the halls and exhibit during the time of the sessions.

The meeting was held at Burlington, October 9 and 10, lasting two days with a banquet in the evening of the first day.

The members brought their lady friends to the banquet.

The sessions were held in the College of Medicine, the amphitheatre of which allowed of compact seating and close proximity to the speaker with entrance only from the front. Private confabs in remote corners were thus avoided, giving undivided attention to the business of the meeting. Perhaps the greatest interest was shown in the morning session of the first day, devoted to practical papers on obstetrics and pregnancy, which elicited lively and instructive discussion. The afternoon session was taken up by papers on Public Welfare, Medical Legislation, Health Administration and Industrial Medicine. It was a day filled with good, plain and practical instruction and delectation. On the afternoon of the second day clinics were given in the Mary Fletcher Hospital by Drs. W. F. Hamilton of Montreal, and J. C. Hubbard of Boston.

At the morning session Dr. Hamilton presented a paper on Internal Secretions, and Dr. Hubbard one on Cholelithiasis.

This Society is organized on the American Medical Association model plan. An interesting feature of the By-laws is the provision for medical defense of the members against suits for malpractice, administered by a Medico-Legal Committee. One such suit has already been successfully defended. This fund is covered by the annual dues of four dollars.

A copy of the annual report of the Society herewith submitted. may be of interest.

Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Donaldson remarked on the inactivity of the Committee on Medical Defense and urged the appointment of a new committee.

Dr. Godfrey moved that a new committee be appointed to

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