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could. The attendance was in the main good, the papers and discussions always interesting. My visit to the fall meeting of the New Haven County Medical Association was on the occasion of the celebration at the Gaylord Farm Sanatorium. All who attended will bear me out in the statement that it was an event of extraordinary interest. Special mention may be made also of Middlesex County's elaborate and successful Welcome Home to its ex-service members, which I had the honor of attending.

Those of our officers who attend upon the annual birth of our proceedings, Drs. J. E. Lane and J. F. Rogers, have added another ring to their already broad and splendid halo by another early issue. They merit our hearty congratulations. The Society has been served by a long line of efficient secretaries; it is no reflection upon them to say that never has the office been better filled than by the present incumbent.

Various matters of the first importance will come before this meeting. They will be taken up in due course, partly in connection with committee reports.

In conclusion I wish to say that I have been deeply sensible of the high, but truly undeserved, honor conferred upon me. I would also express my grateful appreciation of the generous coöperation extended to me by all, especially by our cordial and kind-hearted Secretary, without which I should have been many times stalled by the wayside.

Respectfully submitted,



DR. JOHN E. LANE, New Haven.

Mr. President and Members of the House of Delegates:

During the past year the activities of the Society have returned to a nearly normal basis, and the officers and committees of the Society have been able to lay aside many of the duties which the war had forced upon them, or to transfer them to the Committee on the History of the Medical Profession of Connecticut in the World War.

The Semi-Annual Meeting of the Society was held at the Mansfield State Training School and Hospital in conjunction with the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Tolland County Association. There was a good attendance. All of the County Associations were again able to hold their semi-annual and annual meetings.

Dr. Frank K. Hallock resigned from the Committee on Honorary Members and Degrees and from the Committee on Health Insurance. The President appointed Dr. E. T. Bradstreet to the vacancy on the former and Dr. Charles E. Bush to that on the latter committee.

The Society was requested by Dr. Noble P. Barnes, Chairman of the Committee on Credentials of the United States Pharmacopœial Convention, to send delegates to that Convention, which met in Washington on May 11. The following delegates and alternates were appointed by the President:

Dr. S. M. Garlick

Dr. H. G. Barbour
Dr. E. K. Root

Alternate, Dr. C. W. Comfort
Alternate, Dr. L. M. Gompertz
Alternate, Dr. H. F. Stoll

At the request of the State Committee of Public Health Nursing, Dr. C. P. Botsford was appointed by the Council to represent the Society on that Committee.

The publication in the last issue of the Proceedings of the list of medical serials in the libraries of Connecticut has evoked much favorable comment. The Secretary has received several letters from prominent librarians expressing their appreciation of the value of the work, and the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association devoted a page to a very complimentary review of it by Lieut. Col. F. H. Garrison, of the Surgeon General's Library. Similar reviews have appeared in other journals. It is to be hoped that there may be further publication of work of this sort as the funds of the Society permit. The list was prepared under the direction of Mr. Andrew Keogh, Librarian of the Yale University Library, and was edited by Miss Margaret Brinton, the librarian of the medical department.

During the past year three of our honorary members have


died: Sir James Grant, Sir William Osler, and Dr. J. W. S. Gouley.

The following deaths have been reported by the Secretaries of the County Associations since the last Annual Meeting of these Associations:

Rollin Alanson Curtis, Stratford.
Rosavelle Gardner Philip, Stamford.
George J. Schuele, Bridgeport.


David Crary, Hartford.

Edwin Augustus Down, Hartford.
William Wickham Horton, Bristol.
Philip Thomas Kennedy, Hartford.
Arthur Brownell Wright, Hartford.


William Bissell, Lakeville.


Cushman Allen Sears, Portland.


John Frederick Barnett, West Haven.

J. M. Benedict, Woodbury.

James Bernard Dinnan, Meriden.

Edward Dormenio Hall, Meriden.
Mary Blair Moody, Berkeley, Calif.

H. Walter Murless, Guilford.

Frank Hamilton Whittemore, New Haven.


Alonzo L. Hurd, Somers.


Jay Hobart Egbert, Windham.

The following new members have been admitted to the Society: FAIRFIELD COUNTY

F. P. Carroll, Bridgeport.

M. E. Cowen, Green's Farms.

H. R. DeLuca, Bridgeport.

G. Hipkiss, Noroton Heights.

M. G. Keeler, Springdale.
L. Simonson, Bridgeport.
J. F. Watts, Bridgeport.
B. S. Weaver, Stamford.


E. B. Allen, South Manchester.

R. B. Boyce, Hartford.

J. L. Bressler, Hartford.

W. P. Daley, Hartford.
H. W. Furniss, Hartford.
J. A. Higgins, Hartford.
H. M. Hurwitz, Hartford.
J. B. Kilbourn, Hartford.
S. Maislen, Hartford.
F. J. Mann, New Britain.
J. W. Parker, Hartford.
M. Quaglia, Hartford.
J. Schaefer, Hartford.

A. Shafer, Hartford.

D. E. Shea, Hartford.

W. M. Stockwell, New Britain.
S. B. Weld, Hartford.


J. E. Brennan, New Milford.
C. D. Cudworth, Winsted.
C. W. Jackson, Watertown.
E. Quintard, Norfolk.
E. G. Reade, Watertown.


R. L. Leak, Middletown.
F. P. Manship, Middlefield.
C. A. VanCor, Middletown.


A. J. Anderson, Waterbury.
C. Barker, New Haven.

K. B. Bretzfelder, New Haven.

C. K. Deming, New Haven.

F. E. Foley, New Haven.
L. A. Geraci, New Haven.
G. A. Gosselin, Waterbury.
A. J. Jackson, Waterbury.
D. F. Levy, New Haven.
H. H. Maynard, New Haven.

W. H. J. O'Brien, New Haven.

I. S. Otis, Meriden.

O. F. Rogers, Jr., New Haven.

J. D. Russo, New Haven.

R. B. Seabury, New Haven.
M. T. Sheehan, Wallingford.
G. M. Smith, Waterbury.
M. J. Strauss, New Haven.
W. N. Sweet, Wallingford.
W. B. Terhune, New Haven.
A. M. Yudkin, New Haven.


Paul F. Gadle, Norwich.
Joseph M. Klein, New Britain.

Thomas A. Woodruff, New London.

Franklin S. Wilcox, Norwich.


H. L. Clark, Willimantic.
G. T. Lamarche, Putnam.
B. P. Murphy, Putnam.

W. G. Tanner, Brooklyn.

F. P. Todd, Danielson.

County Associations

The following table shows the present membership and the changes in membership which have taken place in the past year:

Fairfield County
Hartford County
Litchfield County
Middlesex County
New Haven County
New London County
Tolland County
Windham County

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67 4








The net gain in membership is 33.











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