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publican caucus. The vote in the two Pennsylvania. - The legislature of branches of the legislature was: Senate Pennsyivania on January, 20 elected Boies Gallinger. 16; John M. Mitchell (Dem.), Penrose (Ren.) United States Senator to 2. House of Representatives--Gallinger, succeed himself for the six year term end221; Mitchell, 116.

ing March 3, 1909. Mr. Penrose received New-York.-The legislature of New

a unanimous nomination in the Republican York on January 20 elected Thomas C.

caucus. The vote in the two branches of Platt (Rep.) United States Senator to fuc

the legislature was: Senate Penrose, 37; ceed himself for the six year term ending

James M. Guffey (Dem.), 10. House of March 3, 1909. At a Republican caucus

Representatives--Penrose, 156; Guffey, 42. held on January 19 Mr. Platt received 108

South Carolina.The legislature of votes. One vete was cast for Elihu Root South Carolina on January 27 elected ASand there were seven absentees. The vote bury C. Latimer (Dem.) to succeed! Juha La in the two houses of the legislature was:

McLaurin (Dem.) for the six year term Senate-Piatt, 25; Root (Rep.), 3; John B. ending March 3, 1909. Mr. Latimer was Stanchfield (Dem.), 21. Assembly-Platt, nominated in a Democratic primary by a 86; Stanchfield, 57.

majority of 17,700 over John Gary Evans.

The vote for him in each branch of the North Carolina.---The legislature of

legislature was unanimous. North Carolina on January 30 elected Lee S. Overman (Dem.) United States Senator

South Dakota, The legislature of to succeed Jeter C, Pritchard (Rep.) for South Dakota on January 20 elected Al

fred B. the six-year term ending March 3, 1909.

Kittredge (Rep.) United States Mr. Overman was nominated by the Dem Senator to fill out the remainder of the ocratic legislative caucus after a long term for which James H. Kyle (Rep.) had continued deadlock. His chief opponents been elected. ending March 3 1903, and to for the nomination were General Julius S. succeed himself for the six year term endCarr, Lee Craig and D. K. Watson. On ing March 3, 1909. Mr. Kittredge had been Jan. 15, after four ballots had been taken, serving as Senator by annointment since General Carr withdrew. On that day July 11, 1901. The vote in


two Overman had 55 votes to 52 for Watson branches of the legislature for both short and 30 for Craig. The vote on January 29, and long terms was: Senate Kittredge, on the sixty-first ballot, was: Overman, 37: John A. Bowler (Dem.), 4. House of 73: Watson, 58; Craig. 11. In the separate Representatives--Kittredge, 72; Bowler, 9. houses on January 20 there was no choice Utah,The legislature of Utah on for Senator, the Democratic vote in the January 20 elected Reed Smoot (Rep.) two branches being split_among eighty- | United States Senator to succeed Joseph five candidates. Jeter C. Pritchard (Rep.)

L. Rawlins (Dem.) for the six year term received 4 votes in the Senate and 19 in

ending March 3, 1909. Mr. Smoot was the House. In joint assembly on January

nominated on January 14 in a Republican 30 the vote was: Overman, 136; Pritchard,

caucus, in which he received 35 votes, to 21: absent 9,

6 for George Sutherland, 2 for George M. North Dakota. The legislature of Cannon and 2 for Heber M. Wells. Seven North Dakota on January 20 elected Henry Republicans absented themselves. In the C. Hansbrough (Rep.) United States Sena two branches of the legislature the vote tor to succeed himself for the six year

was: SenateSmoot, 10; Wells (Rep.), 2; term ending March 3, 1909. Mr. Hans Rawlins (Dem.), 6. House of Representabrough was unanimously renominated. The tives-Smoot, 36; Wells, 4; Rawlins, 4. vote in the two branches of the legislat Washington.---The legislature of Washure was: Senate-Hansbrough, 30; Max ington on January 29 elected Levi Ankeny Wipperman (Dem.), 10. House of Rep (Rep.) United States Senator to succeed resentatives--Hansbrough, 86; Whipper George Turner (Dem.) for the six year man. 14.

term ending March 3, 1909. The ballot in Oregon.--The legislature of Oregon on the separate houses on January 20, which February 21 elected Charles W. Fulton

resulted in no election, was: Senate (Rep.) United States Senator to succeed Ankeny, 17; Harold Preston (Rep.), 12; Joseph Simon (Rep.) for the six year term

George Turner (Dem.), 9; John L. Wilson ending March 3, 1909. The legislature re

(Rep.). 2; Carroll Graves (Rep.), 1; John mained deadlocked until the last day of B. Allen (Rep.). 1. House of Representathe session, the Republican majority fail tives--Ankeny, 31; Presto 1, 29; Turner, ing to make a caucus nomination. The

14; Wilson, 10; Ira Inglehart (Rep.), 2; vote in the two houses on January 20 was:

Wesley L. Jones (Rep.). 1; F. W.CushSenate--Fulton, 9; T. T. Geer (Rep.), 8; H. man (Rep.) 1. Balloting continued in L. Pittock (Rep.). 3; M. C. George (Rep.),

joint session until January 29, when Mr, 3; C. D. S. Wood (Dem.), 6. louse of Ankeny. having received a Republican Representatives--Fulton,

Geer, 12; caucus nomination on January 28, was George, 3; Wood, 12: George H. Williams chosen by the following vote: Ankeny, 99; (Rep.), 2; R. L. Glisan (Rep.). 1; C. E. George Turner (Dem.), 23; Harold Preston Wolverton (Rep.). 1; A. H. Carey (Rep.), (Rep.), 9; John L. Wilson (Rep.), 2; W. L. 1; Binger Hermann (Rep.). 1: George W. Jones (Rep.), 1: absent. 2. Stapleton (Rep.), 1; H. G. Kundret (Rep.), Wisconsin.-The legislature of Wis1: H. H. Hewitt (Rep.). 1: W. D. Fenton consin on January 27 elected John C. (Dem.). 1; absent, 2. Balloting continued Spooner (Rep.) United States Senator to in joint session until February 20, when, succeed himself for the six year term endon the forty-third trial, an election was ing March 3, 1909. Mr. Spooner was uñanhad. the vote standing: Fulton, 46; H. imously renominated in a Republican cauW. Scott (Rep.), 21; T. T. Geer (Rep.), 3; cus. In the separate houses the vote was: C. E. S. Wood (Dem.), 17; not voting, 1; Senate-Spooner, 33; Neal Brown (Dem.), absent, 1.

3. Assembly--Spooner, 73; Brown, 23.



The following table of statistics of the churches in the United States, for 1902, was compiled by H. K. Carroll, LL, D., and is reproduced by courtesy of "The Christian Advocate.". The figures are obtained by deducting from the totals for the several denominations the returns for missions, etc., in other countries, and this is done to make the statistics conform to the United States Census of 1900, which is the only complete basis of comparison:


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Summary for 1902.

Net gains for 1902. Denominations

Min- |Church- Commu Min- Church-Commu-


es. nicants. Adventists (6 bodies)

1,554 2,402 98,487

49 116 9,782 Baptists (13 bodies).

35,564 51,1421 4,629,487


*8 48,654 Brethren (River) (3 bodies)

108 3, 605


*3 Brethren (Plymouth) (4 bodies).


314 6,661 Catholics (8 bodies)


11,070 9,531,303 259 289 120,634 Catholic Apostolic


10 1,491 Chinese Temples ...

47 Christadelphians

63 1,277 Christian Connection

1,517 97,207

*12,071 Christian Catholics (Dowie).


50 40,000 Christian Missionary Association


754 Christian Scientists

1,016 508 51, 608


38 2,678 Church of God (Winebrennarian), 460 580 38,000 hurch of the New Jerusalem.. 149


7,892 Communistic Societies (7 bodies)

22 3,084

*9 *926 Congregationalists

5,856 659, 324


13,330 Disciples of Christ.

6,477 10,957 1,207,377

92 268 27,836 Dunkards (4 bodies)

3,050 1,071 106,194

49 *30 *9,000 Evangelical (2 bodies).

2,479 162,031

47 *148 4,311 Friends (4 bodies). 1,354 1,093 118,306

69 Friends of the Temple..


340 German Evangelical Protestant. 100 155 20,000


100 *16,500 German Evangelical Synod.

940 1,179 209, 156


26 5,875 Jews (2 bodies)


570 143,000 Latter-Day Saints (2 bodies)... 1,500 1,310 340,500


*86 *3,324 Lutherans (22 bodies).

7,015 11,785 | 1,745,588


49,320 Swedish Evangelical Miss. Coyenant (Waldenstromians)

291 32, 100

10 1,100 Mennonites (12 bodies). 1,112 673 59,274

546 Methodists (17 bodies)........ 39, 220 56,787 6,084, 755

228 442 98,184 Mcravians

126 106 15,505


280 Presbyterians (12 bodies)... 12, 207 15,515 1,635,016


71 30,001 Protestant Episcopal (2 bodies). 5,071 6,725 767,334

8 16,335 Reformed (3 bodies).

1,906 2,474 385, 038


10 8,498 Salvation Army

2,510 615 22,534 Schwenkfeldians


306 Social Brethren


913 Society for Ethical Culture.

4 1,500


200 Spiritualists

334 45,030 Theosophical Society

71 1,629

*51 *1,371 United Brethren (2 bodies) 2,348 4,855 277,352 *158

10,345 Unitarians

452 71,000

*4 Universalists

750 772 52,944


71 Independent Congregations

54 156 14, 126 Totals in 1902. 147,113 191,116 28,689, 028

720 1,261 403,743 Totals in 1901.

146,393 192,855 28,285, 285 2,561 2,431 924,675 *Decrease.

PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. This church has sixty dioceses and twenty-one missionary

jurisdictions in the United States and eight foreign jurisdictions under the

care of bishops using the same Liturgy and yielding. obedience to the constitution of the canons enacted in General Convention.

Cons. See.

Cons. Alabama- Charles H. Beckwith ..


California, Sacramento William H. Alaska-Peter Trimble Rowe (miss.)..1895

Moreland (missionary)

.1899 Arizona John Mills Kendrick (miss.).1889 California, Los Angeles-J. H. Johnson1896 Arkansas---William M

Colorado--Charles S. Olmsted

.1902 Nichols......1890 Connecucut-Chauncey B, Brewster...1897 California-William F.





Cons. See.

Cons. Delaware-Leighton Coleman.. .1888 N. C., East-Alfred A. Watson.. 1884 District of Columbia, Washington

coadjutor. Henry Y. Satterlee

1896 North Carolina, Asheville-Junius M. Florida-Edwin Gardner Weed. ..1886

Horner (missionary)

1898 Florida. South-w. c. Gray (miss.)...1892 North Dakota--Cameron Mann (miss.). 1902 Georgia-C. Kinloch Nelson.. ..1892 Ohio-William Andrew Leonard......1889 Idaho, Boise-James B. Funsten

Ohio, Southern-Thomas A. Jaggar...1875 (missionary) ..1899 Boyd Vincent, coadjutor..

..1889 Illinois, Chicago-Wm. E. McLaren...1875

Oklahoma and Indian Territory-F. Charles P. Anderson, coadjutor..

K. Brooke (missionary) ..1900

1893 Illinois, Quincy-M. Edward Fawcett

Oregon-Benjamin Wistar Morris,., .1868 (elect)

Pennsylvania- William Whitaker. 1869 Ill., Springfield-George F. Seymour. .1878

Alexander Mackay-Smith, coadjutor.19 2 Ind. Indianapolis-Jos. M. Francis.::1899 Penn'a, Pitteburg-c. Whitehead......1882 Indiana, Michigan City-John Hazen

Penn'a, Central-Ethelbert Talbot.....1887 White

Rhode Island Wm. N. McVicar Iowa-Theodore N, Morrison

South Carolina-Ellison Capers ..1899

... 1893

South Dakota-William H. Karsas-Frank R. Millspaugh.

Hare 1895 (missionary)

1873 Kansas, Salina-Sheldon M. Griswold

Tennessee-Thomas F. Gailor.

.1993 (missionary) .1903 Texas-George H. Kinsolving

.1892 Kentucky-Thomas U, Dudley ...1875 Texas, Dallas-A.-C. Garrett.

.1874 Ky., Lexington-Lewis W. Burton...1896 Texas, Western-J. S. Johnston (misLouisiana--Davis Sessums


1888 Maine_Robert Codman

..1900 Utah. Salt Lake--Abiel Leonard (misMaryland--William Paret


1888 Maryland, Easton-William F. Adams.1875 Vermont-Arthur C. A. Hall.

.. 1894 Massachusetts-William Lawrence ... 1893

Virginia-Robert A. Gibson.

.1897 Mass., West-Alexander H. Vinton... 1902 Virginia, Southern--A. M. Randolph. . 1883 Michigan-Thomas Frederick Davies. . 1889 West Virginia-George W. Peterkin...1878 Mich., Marquette-G. Mott Williams, .1896 William L. Gravatt, coadjutor......1899 Mich., Western--G. De N. Gillespie...1875 Wis., Milwaukee-I. L. Nicholson....1891 Minnesota-Samuel C. Edsall

1899 Wis., Fond du Lac-C. C. Grafton... 1889 Minnesota, Duluth-James D. Morrison

R. II. Weller, jr., coadjutor. .1900 (missionary)

.1897 Washington, Olympia-Frederic W. Mississippi-Theodore D. Bratton.....1903 Keator (missionary)

1902 Missouri--Daniel Sylvester Tuttle.. .1867 | Washington, Spokane--Lemuel H. Missouri, West-Edward R. Atwill. .1890 Wells (missionary)

1892 Montana-Leigh R. Brewer (miss.) . 1880 | Wyoming-Reconstituted with Idaho. Nebraska-George Worthington

. 1885 Africa, Cape Palmas-S. D. Ferguson Arthur L. Williams, coadjutor. ..1899 (missionary)

1885 Nebraska, Laramie-A, R. Graves Shanghai, China-F. R. Graves (mis(missionary) . 1890 sionary)

.1893 Nevada, reconstituted with Utah.

Hankow, China

(missionNew Hampshire-William W. Niles...1870 ary) New-Jersey-John Scarborough ...1875 Tokio, Japan-John McKim (miss.)...1893 New-Jersey, Newark-Edwin S. Lines. 1903

Kioto. Japan-Sidney C. Partridge New-Mexico-John Mills Kendrick


1900 (missionary)


Philippine Islands-Charles H. Brent New-York-Henry Codman Potter....1883


1902 David H Greer, coadjutor (elect).

Porto Rico James H. Van Buren New-York, Central--F. D. Huntington. 1869


1902 Charles T. Olmsted, coadjutor......1902 Channing Moore Williams, late Bishop New-York, Western-Wm. D, Walker. 1883 of Yeddo, resigned..

.1866 New-York, Long Island-Frederick Charles C. Penick, late Bishop of Cape Burgess ..1902 Palmas, resigned....

1877 New-York, Albany-Wm. C. Doane...1869 (s. I. J. Schereschewsky, late Bishop of North Carolina--Joseph B. Cheshire...1893 Shanghai, China, resigned.


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Entered Ministry.


Conference, |Y'r. 18721 Thomas Bowman. July 15, 1817(Baltimore..... (1839| East Orange, N. J. 1872 Stephen M, Merrill.... Sept. 16, 1825 Ohio.

1846 Chicago, Ill. 1872 Edward G. Andrews...

7, 1825 Oneida.

1848 New-York. 1880 Henry W. Warren.... Jan. 4, 1831 New-England, 1855 Denver, Col. 1880 Cyrus D. Foss.

Jan. 17, 1834 New-York. 1857 Philadelphia, Penn, 1884 John M. Walden..

Feb, 11, 1831 Cincinnati. 1858 Cincinnati, Ohio. 1884 Willard F. Mallalleu.. Dec. 11, 1828 New England. 1858 | Auburndale, Mass. 1881 Charles H. Fowler... Aug. 11, 1837 Rock River.... 1861 Buffalo, N. Y. 1888 John H. Vincent.. Feb. 23, 1832 New-Jersey... 1853 Zurich, Switzerland. 1888 James N. FitzGerald.. July 27, 1837 Newark.

1862 St. Louis, Mo. 1888 Isaac W. Joyce.

Oct, 11, 1836 N. W. Indiana. (1859 Minneapolis, Minn. 1888 Daniel A. Goodsell....Nov. 5, 1840 IN. Y. East.... 1859 Chattanooga, Tenn.






Entered Ministry.


Conference. I'r. 1888/ James M. Thoburn. Mar. 7, 1836, Pittsburg..... 1858 Bombay, India. 1896 Charles C. McCabe. Oct, 11, 1836 Ohio....

1860 Omaha, Neb. 1896 Earl Cranston. June 27, 1840 Ohio.

1867 Portland, Ore. 1896 Joseph C. Hartzell. June 1, 1842 Cent. Illinois.. 1868 Vivi, Congo, Africa. 1900 David H. Moore.. Sept. 4, 1838 Ohio..

1860 Shanghai, China, 1900 John W. Hamilton. Mar. 3, 1845 Pittsburg. 1866 San Francisco, Cal. 1900 | Francis W. Warne. Dec. 31, 1854 Rock River. 1884 Calcutta, India

*Missionary Bishops.

AGENTS OF BOOK CONCERN.-Homer Eaton and George P. Mains, No. 160 Fifth-ave., New-York; H. C. Jennings and Samuel H. Pye, No. 220 West Fourth-st., Cincinnati.

EDITORS.-"Methodist Review," W. V. Kelley, editor; "The Christian Advocate,'". J. M. Buckley, editor; S. J. Herben assistant editor; Sunday school publications, T. B. Neely; "Northern Christian Advocate," Bennett E. Titus, Syracuse; "Pittsburg Christian Advocate,'' C. W: Sinith, Pittsburg;- "Wesiern Christian Advocate," Levi Gilbert: "Der Christliche Apologete,'' A. J. Nast; "Haus und Herd," Frederick Munz, all at Cincinnati; "Northwestern Christian Advocate," David D. Thompson, Chicago; "Central Christian Advocate," Claudius B. Spencer, Kansas City, Mo.; "California Christian Advocate," F. D. Bovard, San Francisco; "Southwestern Christian Advocate, " I. B. Scott, New-Orleans; "Pacific Christian Advocate,” Albert N. Fisher, Portland, Ore.; "Epworth Herald,". J. F. Berry, Chicago; "World Wide Missions, C. H. Fahs, managing editor, New-York; "Sandebudet," William Henschen, Chicago.

MISSIONARY SOCIETY.--President, Bishop Stephen M. Merrill; corresponding secretary, A. B. Leonard; assistant corresponding secretary, 11. K. Carroll; recording secretary, s. 0. Benton; treasurer, Homer Eaton; assistant treasurer, H. c. Jennings, Cincinnati, Ohio. Offices, No. 150 Fifth-ave., New-York.

BOARD OF EDUCATION.-Corresponding secretary, W. F. McDowell; treasurer, J. S. Stout. Offices, No. 150 Fifth-ave., New-York.

SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION AND TRACT SOCIETY.-Corresponding secretary, T.-B. Neely; treasurers, S. S. U., Daniel Denham; Tract Society, George P. Mains. Ofñce, No. 150 Fifth-ave., New-York.

BOARD OF CHURCH EXTENSION.-Corresponding secretary, J. M. King; assistant corresponding secretary, Robert Forbes; treasurer, Samuel Shaw. Offices, No. 1,026 Arch-st., Philadelphia.

FREEDMEN'S AID AND SOUTHLRN EDUCATION COCIETY.--Corresponding secretaries, M. C. B. Mason and W: Pi Thirkield; treasurer, H. C. Jennings. Offices, No. 220 West Fourth-st., Cinrinnati, Ohio.


The constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America was adopted in 1788, and the first General Assembly met in 1789. The General Assembly embraces the 32 synods and 239 presbyteries of the church, which has a total membership of 1,067,477; total contributions last year for missionary and educational work and congregational expenses, $17,561,377. The next meeting will be on the third Thursday of May, 1904, in the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N.Y. Its officers are: Moderator, Robert F. Coyle, D. D., Denver, Col.; vice-moderator, Dr. Wm. M. Page, Leavenworth, Kan.; stated clerk and treasurer, William H. Roberts, LL. D.No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Philadelphia; permanent clerk, William B. Noble, D, D., Los Angeles, Cal. Trustees-Pres., S. C. Perkins, LL, D., Philadelphia; treas., Frank K. Hipple, LL D., Broad and Chestnut sts., Philadelphia; sec., Dr. Edward B. Hodge. Office, No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Philadelphia.

BOARD OF HOME MISSIONS.-Pres., Dr. D. Stuart Dodge, New-York; sec., Dr. Charles L. Thompson; asst. secs., Dr. John Dixon and John Willis Baer; supt. of school work, the Rev. George F. McAfee; treas., H. C. Olin. Office, No. 156 Fifth ave., New-York. Woman's Board-Pres., Mrs Darwin R. James; sec., Mrs. Ella A. Boole; treas., Miss S. F. Lincoln.

BOARD OF FOREIGN MISSIONS.-Pres., Dr. John D. Wells, Brooklyn, N. Y.; cor. secs., Dr. Frank F. Ellinwood, LL. D., Robert E. Speer, Dr. A. J. Brown and Dr. A. Woodruff Halsey; hon. lib., W. H. Grant; spec. sec. Forward Movement, David McConaughy; hon. ed. sec., T. P. H. Sailer, Ph. D.; treas., Charles W. Hand. Office, No. 156 Fifth-ave., New-York. Field sec., Dr. Thomas Marshall, No. 48 McCormick Block, Chicago.

BOARD OF EDUCATION.--Pres., Dr. George D. Baker, Philadelphia; cor. sec., Dr. Edward B, Hodge; treas., Jacob Wilson. Office, No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Philadelphia.

BOARD OF PUBLICATION AND SABBATH SCHOOL WORK.--Pres., the Hon. Robert N. Willson, Philadelphia; sec., Dr. Elijah R. Craven, LL. D.; treas., the Rev. Charles T. McMullin; supt. of Sabbath school and missionary work, Dr. James A. Worden; editorial supt., Dr. James R. Miller; rec. clerk, Dr. Willard M. Riee; business supt., John H. Scribner; manufacturer, Henry F. Scheetz, Office, No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Philadelphia,

BOARD OF CHURCH ERECTION.-Pres., Dr. David Magle, Paterson, N. J.; cor. see., Dr. Erskine N. White; rec. sec., Dr. David R. Frazer, Newark, N. J. treas., Adam Campbell, Office, No. 156 Fifth-ave., New-York.

BOARD OF MINISTERIAL RELIEF.-Pres., A, Charles Barclay, Philadelphia; cor. sec., the Rev. Dr. Benjamin L. Agnew; rec. sec. and treas., the Rev. W. W. Heberton, Office, No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Phriadelphia.

BOARD or MISSIONS FOR FREEDMEN.-Pres. Dr. Henry T. McClelland, Pittsburg: cor. sec.,

Dr. Edward P. Cowan; rec. sec. and treas., Dr. Samuel J. Fisher. Office, No. 516 Market-st., Pittsburg,

BOARD OF AID FOR COLLEGES AND ACADEMIES.--Pres., Dr. James G. K. McClure; cor, sec. and treas., Dr. Edward C. Ray, Chicago. Office, No. 78 La Saile-st., Chicago.

SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON SYSTEMATIC BENEFICENCE.-Chairman, Dr. David G. Wylie, New-York; sec., Dr. William H. Hubbard, Auburn, N. Y.; treas., John Sinclair, New-York,

PERMANENT COMMITTEE ON TEMPERANCE.-Chairman and treas., Rev. W. C. Sille" Pittsburg; cor. sec., Dr. John F. Hill, Penn Building, Pittsburg; rec. sec., Rev. C. S. McClelland, D. D., Box 316, Pittsburg, Penn.

“ASSEMBLY HERALD" MANAGING COMMITTEE. -Chairman, Dr. A. Woodruff Haisey: Dr. Charles L. Thompson and William H. Scott. Office of publication, No. 1,328 Chestnut-st., Philadelphia.

PRESBYTERIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY.-Pres., Dr. Henry C. McCook, Sc. D., Philadelphia; cor. sec., Dr. Samuel T. Lowrie, Philadelphia; rec. sec., Dr. James Price. Philadelphia; librarian, Dr. William L. Ledwith, Phlladelphia; treas., Professor De B. K. Ludwig, Philadelphia; library and museum, No. 1,319 Walnut-st., Philadelphia.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCA (SOUTH). The general officers of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (South) are: Stated clerk and treas., W. A. Alexander, D. D., Clarksville, Tenn.; permanent clerk,

; sec. Executive Committee on Foreign Missions, S. H. Chester, D. D., Nashville, Tem.; sec. Executive Committee on Flucation for the Ministry, J. II, Lumpkin, D. D., Memphis, Tenn.; sec. Executive Committee of Publication, R. E. Magill, Richmond, Va.; sec. Executive Committee of Ministerial Relief, J. S. McElroy, D. D., Richmond, Va.; sed Executive Committee of Colored Organization, Rev. J. G. Snedecor. Tuscaloosa, Alai; gen. supt, of Sunday schools, A. L. Phillips, D.D., Richmond, Va.; moderator of General Assembly, A. C. Hopkins, D. D., Charleston, W. Va.; pres. Board of Trustees, General Assembly. Dr. E. Nye Hutchinson, Charlotte, N. ('.

PRINCIPAL BAPTIST OFFICERS. AMERICAN BAPTIST MISSIONARY UNION.--Rooms, Tremont Temple, Boston, Pres.. Hon. H. Kirke Porter, rec. sec., Henry S. Burrage, D, D.; home sec., Henry C. Mabie, D. D; foreign sec., Thomas E. Parbour, D, D.; treas., Charles W. Perkins.

AMERICAN RAPPIST PUBLICATION SOCIETY,-No. 1,420 Chestnut-st., Philadelphia. Pres., Samuel A. Crozer; sec., Adoniram J. Rowland, D. D.; treas., Harry S. Hopper. Branch houses-New-York, No. 132 Past Twenty-third-st.; Boston, No. 256 Washington-st.; Chicago, No. 177 Wabash-ave.; St. Louis, No. 902 Olive-st.; Atlanta, Ga., No. 69 Whitehall-st.; Dallas, Tex., No. 279 Elm-st.

AMERICAN BAPTIST HOME MISSION SOCIETY.-No. 111 Fifth-ave., NewYork.--Pres., E. M. Thresher, Ohio; treas., Frank R. Hathaway; cor. sec., Henry L. Morehouse, D. D.; field sec, E. E. Chivers, D. D.

SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION.-Pres., James P. Eagle, Little Rock, Ark.; secs., Lansing Burrows, D. D., Nashville, Tenn., and Oliver Fuller Gregory. D. D., Montgomery, Ala.; treas., George W. Norton, 'Louisville. Foreign Mission Board--Mission rooms, Richmond, Va. Pres., J. B. Hutson; cor. sec., R. J. Willingham, D. D.; treas., J. C. Williams. Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Ga.-Pres., W. W. Landrum, D. D.; cor. sec., F. C. McConnell, D. D.; treas., W. Dunson. Sunday School Board Offices, Nashville, Tenn, Pres., E. E. Foik, D. D., Nashville; cor. sec. and treas., J. M. Frost, D. D.

AMERICAN BAPTIST EDUCATION SOCIETY.--No. 111 Fifth-ave., New-York. Pres., A. G. Slocum, LL. D., Michigan: cor. sec., H. L. Morehouse, D. D., New-York; treas., Edward V. Cary, Montclair, N. J.

BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE'S UNION OF AMERICA.-Pres., John H. Chapman, Chicago; gen. sec.. Walter Calley, Chicago; treas., Frank Moody, Milwaukee, Wis.

WOMAN'S BAPTIST FOREIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY.--Rooms, Tremont Temple, Boston. Pres., Miss Sarah C. Durfee; clerk, Mrs. G. W. Dean; cor. secs., Mrs. H. G. Stafford, foreign dept.; Mrs. N. M. Waterbury, home dept.; treas., Miss Alice E. Stedman.

WOMEN'S BAPTIST FOREIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF THE WEST. Rooms, 1,535 Masonic Temple, Chicago. Pres., Mrs. John E. Scott; foreign sec:, Mrs. Frederick Clatworthy; home sec., Miss julia L. Austin; treas., Mrs. M. E. Kline,

WOMEN'S BAPTIST HOME MISSION SOCIETY.-Rooms, No. 2,411 Indiana-ave.. Chicago. Pres., Mrs. J. N. Crouse; cor. sec., Miss M. G. Eurdette; treas., Mrs. A. H. Barber.

WOMAN'S AMERICAN BAPTIST TIOME MISSION SOCIETY,-Rooms, Tremont Temple, Boston, Pres., Mrs, Alice B. Coleman; cor, sec.; Mrs. M. C. Reynolds; treas., Miss Gertrude L. Davis.

WOMAN'S MISSIONARY UNION.--Rooms, No. 9 West Lexington-st., Baltimore. Pres., Mrs. C. A. Stakely, Montgomery, Ala.; cor. sec., Miss Annie W. Armstrong; treas., Mrs. William C. Lowndes.

THE GERMAN BAPTIST CONFERENCES. --General Conference--Moderator. Professor L. Kaiser, Rochester; clerks, Rev. J. H. Merkel, Cleveland, Ohio, and Rev. H.

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