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Every Corporation, as represented by its Trustees and Officers, should have an ideal, a standard of work, a goal of achievement, toward which it should constantly strive. Here is what the NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY is trying to do: 1. TO ISSUE THE BEST

A contract that, with the miniLIFE INSURANCE CONTRACT. mum of care and risk on the part of the insured, will secure to him and to his family the maximum of benefits. To this end we have eliminated from our policy contract every restriction upon the insured and every condition except the payment of premiums. We have put into the contract all the advantages we can think of, and in the form that seems best adapted to secure the ends in view. We would like to have you examine it, and see if you can suggest any further improvements. 2. TO MAKE THE PROMPTEST AND FULLEST The Annual ReREPORT OF ITS BUSINESS AND CONDITIONS. port for 1902 was published on Jan, 3, 1903. A Detailed Statement, with full particulars of how the Company's $322,000,000 is invested, was ready in pamphlet form a few days later. Copies to be had for the asking. 3. TO DO BUSINESS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF The pubEVERY INSURANCE DEPARTMENT IN THE WORLD. licity we hear so much about as a remedy for the evils of trusts is secured for Life Insurance by State Supervision. We report to 82 different governments; our books are open to the examination of all Insurance Officials; and there is no law for the security of policy-holders that we are not complying with. 4. TO HAVE THE BEST, AND THE We seek trustworthy men BEST ORGANIZED, AGENCY FORCE. for agency work-it is for our interest to do so. We try to get men who will tell the truth to intending insurers. We allow no rebating, because it is against the law in many States, is unfair to insurers, increases expenses, and brings in business that soon goes off the books. We have Branch Offices in every large city, by which all needed facilities for handling business are placed at the disposal of agents and policy-holders. 5. TO INSURE AS MANY People sometimes ask why we are GOOD RISKS AS POSSIBLE. not content to fix a limit to new business. But why should we? We believe life insurance to be the best system of protection and savings known to man. We think there is little danger of over-insurance and great danger of under-insurance. We believe the advantages of it should be constantly urged upon men, and that the more people we can induce to insure the better.

Perhaps you would like to know how we are succeeding. The present management came into office in February, 1892. We found the New York Life a great Company, with nearly $126,000,000 in assets, and nearly $600,000,000 of insurance in force under 183,000 policies. Our report of December 31, 1892, shows $322,000,000 in assets, and $1,553,000,000 of insurance in force under 704,000 policies. That tells the story in brief. If you wish it more in detail, address

NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, JOHN A. McCALL, President. 346-348 Broadway, New York.

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