Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, Svazek 25

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911

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Strana 503 - ... one for the term of one year, one for the term of two years, and one for the term of three years ; and one member of said board shall be elected annually thereafter, who shall hold his office for three years.
Strana 390 - In order to keep such schools in close touch with the trades, there should be local advisory boards, including representatives of the industries, employers, and organized labor. The committee recommends that any technical education of the workers in trade and industry being a public necessity, it should not be a private but a public function, conducted by the public and the expense involved at public cost.
Strana 506 - ... read at sight and write legibly simple sentences in the English language...
Strana 123 - As a part of the public school system of the first school district of Pennsylvania, comprising the city of Philadelphia, the school is supported entirely by public funds.
Strana 423 - The manufactured flour or meal food products shall be kept in dry and airy rooms so arranged that the floors, shelves and all other facilities for storing the same can be properly cleaned.
Strana 500 - Commonwealth. They shall investigate how far the needs are met by existing institutions, and shall consider what new forms of educational effort may be advisable, and shall make such investigations as may be practicable through printed reports and the testimony of experts as to similar educational work done by other states, by the United States government and by foreign governments.
Strana 385 - Whereas one of these groups is largely composed of the nonunion employers of the country who advance in industrial education as a special privilege under conditions that educate the student or apprentice to nonunion sympathies and prepare him as a skilled worker for scab labor and strike-breaking purposes, thus using the children of the workers against the interests of their organized fathers and brothers in the various crafts...
Strana 501 - ... is vested with the same power and authority over the management, supervision and control of such school and the teachers or instructors employed therein as such board or officer now has over the schools and teachers under their charge. Such boards of education or such officer shall also have full power and authority — 1. To employ competent teachers or instructors. 2. To provide proper courses of study. 3. To purchase or acquire sites and grounds and to purchase, acquire, lease or construct...
Strana 494 - Upon receiving such certificate mentioned in section 4 [7842] of this act, the State auditor shall draw his warrant upon the State treasurer, payable to the treasurer of the school district or board of education maintaining said school or department, for a sum of money equal to that contributed by such school district for such purpose, but not exceeding the sum of two hundred...
Strana 500 - Bonds," said bonds to be disposed of at not less than their par value, and shall be payable at the expiration of not more than twenty years after...

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