Studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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University of Chicago Press, 1967 - Počet stran: 356

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O autorovi (1967)

Friedrich von Hayek was born in Vienna, Austria on May 8, 1899. During World War I, he served as a gunner on the Italian front. He received doctorates in law and economics, in 1921 and 1923 respectively, from the University of Vienna. During his lifetime, he wrote 18 books, 15 pamphlets and 142 articles. His books include Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle, Profits, Interest, and Investment, The Pure Theory of Capital, The Road to Serfdom, and The Constitution of Liberty. In 1974, he received the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in the 1920's and 1930's on money, prices and the causes of the business cycle. In 1991, he received the Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian honor. He died on March 23, 1992 at the age of 92.

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