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No. 1.


will of the people can be expressed With this issue our Magazine by those laws, and this cannot be commences the fifth year, and with reached by any more rapid method prospects brighter than at any than education, which arises from time in its existance. It has gained open discussion of all social quesfriends as it has grown older, and tions from all standpoints. It is friends that are proud of the good in this open arena that every work it is doing, evidences of which thing relating to human affairs are seen on all sides. It has been must be tested before it is accepted. sowing seeds that reach the mind, The greater the opportunity there the source of human action; seeds is given for such tests the sooner that have and will continue to the good will be distinguished. spring into thoughts of what is The bigoted mind, the one that right and wrong, of what will es- believes something and does not tablish the one and abolish the know why, hates that arena and other. It was for this purpose avoids it, or if he enters it it is not that it was established.

to put his views to a test, as the The exact amount of influence miner places his cherished samples that it has had in promoting right of ore in the furnace that he may thoughts and right actions among know its true value, but rather to its readers its friends and pro- force. his belief on others. Still moters will never know. The seed with them, as with the ore, it is will continue to grow after they the result of the test that must are dead and gone. It is sufficient rate the value finally. to know that it is in the right di- Better acquaintance with each rection.

other aids such work. Personal It has never championed any acquaintance is impractical but acparticular remedy, of the many that quaintance of minds is practical. are advanced as panacæs for all It requires only a medium through the social ills, but rather to en- which to convey the thoughts of courage each individual to think minds from one to others. The for himself or herself; to strength- employes of a railroad system have en the units of society that it may many matters of common interest be applied daily in social relations to think of and to act on, and an thus eliminating the ills as they acquaintance with each other is become commonly recognized with needed if those common interests out destroying the social structure, are looked after. A magazine

We do not believe that any law makes that possible. Without or laws can be placed on statue such a medium it would be but a books that will improve human re- question of a short time before lations, unless the common wish or each would forget that each had

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