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Memoirs of the Life of Richard Henry Lee; and his Correspondence with the most Distinguished Men in America and Europe, Illustrative of their Characters, and of the Events of the American Revolution. By his Grandson, Richard H. Lee, of Leesburg, Va. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

The Life of Mary Dudley, Including an Account of her Religious Engagements, and Extracts from her Letters; with an Appendix, Containing some Account of the Illness and Death of her Daughter Hannah Dudley. Philadelphia. B. & T. Kite.

DRAMA. The New England Drama, in Five Acts, Founded on Incidents Contained in the New England Tale. 12mo. pp. 72. Dedham. H. & W. H. Mann.

The Forest Rose, or American Farmers. A Pastoral Opera ; in Two Acts; as Performed at the Chatham Theatre, New York. By Samuel Woodworth. Music by John Davies, Esq. New York. E. M. Murden.

Rafael del Riego, ó La España en Cadenas; Tragedia en Cinco Actos. Por Felix Megia. Segunda Edicion. Filadelfia. 12mo.

pp. 70.

La Fayette en Monte Vernon, en 17 de Octubre, 1824. Drama en 2 Actos. Por Felix Megia. Filadelfia. 12mo. pp. 30.

La Fayette in Mount Vernon. A Drama in two Acts. By Felix Megia. Translated from the Spanish by Chauncey Bulkley. Philadelphia. 12mo. pp. 23.

EDUCATION. Lights of Education, or Mr Hope and his Family, a Narrative for Young Persons. With a Vignette. Philadelphia. Ash &

. Mason.

Observations on the Improvement of Seminaries of Learning in the United States; with Suggestions for its Accomplishment. By Walter R. Johnson, Principal of the Academy of Germantown, Pennsylvania. 8vo. pp. 28. Philadelphia. E. Littell.

Moral Monitor, Consisting of Reading Lessons, Amusing and Instructive. Designed for Children in Families and Schools. By William S. Cardell. New York.

An Introduction to Linear Drawing, Translated from the French of M. Franceur, and Adapted to the Use of Public Schools in the United States. By William B. Fowle. 12mo. pp. 64. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

Dufief's Nature Displayed in her Mode of Teaching language to Man; adapted to the Spanish, by Don Mariano Velasquez de la Cadena, L. Hargous, Professor of Universal Grammar, and Don Manuel de Torres, Late Minister Plenipotentiary from the Republic of Colombia to the United States. 8vo. New York.

An Examination of Mr Dufief's Philosophical Notions; with a Criticism upon bis System and Mode of Teaching Languages. In Four Letters. By John Manesca, French Instructer. New York. pp. 32. 8vo.

The American Instructer, Designed for all Common Schools in America. By Hall J. Kelly, A. M. 12mo. pp. 168. Boston. True & Greene.

Second Class Book, Principally consisting of Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Lessons, adapted to the Capacities of Youth, and Designed for their Improvement. By A. T. Lowe, M. D. 12mo. pp. 222. Brookfield. A. & G. Merriam.

English Grammar, with an Improved Syntax. Designed for the Use of Schools. By J. M. Putnam. 12mo. pp. 142. Cambridge. Hilliard & Metcalf.

The Pronouncing Spelling Book, adapted to Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary. By J. A. Cummings. Revised and Improved from the Fourth Edition. 12mo. pp. 168. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

English Grammar, adapted to the Different Classes of Learners. By Lindley Murray. 12mo. pp. 359. Boston. T. Bedlington.

Colmena Española; ó, Piezas Escogidas de vários Autores Españoles, Morales, Instructivas, y Divertidas; con la vária Significacion en Engles de las partículas, Voces y Frases Idiomáticas al Pié de cada Pieza, y en el Indice General; todo acentuado con el mayor Cuidado al Uso de los Principiantes. Por F. Sales, Instructor de Frances y Español en la Universidad de Harvard, Cambridge. 18mo. pp. 216. Boston. Munroe & Francis.

As a primary book for students in Spanish, this little volume seems to offer every facility, that can be desired. It is composed of short pieces, selected from the best Spanish writers, and calculated to develop the principles of the language gradually, and in a manner to lay a solid foundation for a mature knowledge of its more difficult forms.

The first object contemplated,' says Mr Sales, 'in making this compilation of Spanish extracts with English Explanations at the bottom of each piece, has been to render the knowledge of that language easy to the student, and the task of instructing less arduous to the teacher. The only requisité preparation to enable any one to translate this book will be, committing to memory the declensions of nouns and pronouns, the auxiliary and impersonal verbs in Josse's Spanish Grammar.

“ The second object of this compilation is, to facilitate the reading of Spanish by accenting every word, that can produce the least hesitation in the minds of learners, in regard to its proper pronunciation.

* The Spanish language is extremely easy to pronounce; all the letters are sounded, and the only difficulty that occurs to the student in reading is, to ascertain the place where to lay the accent. This difficulty, teachers well know to their great vexation, is increased by the careless manner in which Spanish imported books are corrected.'

All that can be done to remove this obstacle, has been accomplished by Mr Sales in this book. He has presented distinctly the few simple rules of pronunciation, and bestowed unwearied pains in giving accuracy to the mechapical part of the accents. This kind of labor, as he observes,' does not produce to him who performs it an honor corresponding with its wearisomeness, but it will not be the less useful in aiding the study of the Spanish, and it will be fully estimated by those for whom it was intended. The volume may be safely recommended as the best, which can now be obtained in our bookstores, for the primary lessons in the Spanish language.

The Student's Companion, Containing a Variety of Poetry and Prose, Selected from the most Celebrated Authors. By Amos J. Cook, A. M. Second Edition. Price 37 1-2 cents. Concord. N.H. Isaac Hill.

The Four Gospels of the New Testament in Greek, from the Text of Griesbach ; with a Lexicon in English of all the Words contained in them. Designed for the Use of Schools. 8vo. pp. 310. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

GEOGRAPHY. An Introduction to Ancient and Modern Geography. To which are added Rules for Projecting Maps, and the Use of Globes. Accompanied with an Ancient and Modern Atlas. By J. A. Cummings. Tenth Edition, Revised and Improved. 12mo. pp. 204. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

Easy Lessons in Geography and History. By Question and Answer. Designed for the Use of the Younger Classes of the New England Schools. By Joseph Allen, Minister of Northborough, Mass. 18mo. pp. 44. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

HISTORY. History of the United States, from their First Settlement as Colonies, to the Close of the War with Great Britain, in 1815. 12mo. pp. 336. New York. Charles Wiley.

A History of the United States of America, on a Plan adapted to the Capacity of Youth. Illustrated by Engravings. By the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich. Fourth Edition. 12mo. pp. 316. Lexington, Kentucky. W. W. Worsley.

The History of Kentucky, by Humphrey Marshall; including the Ancient Annals of that State, by C. S. Rafinesque. 2 vols. 8vo. Price $4.

Harris and Johnson's Maryland Reports. Vol. V. 8vo.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court, and in the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors of the State of New York. By Esek Cowen, Esq. Counsellor at Law. 8vo. Vol. III. Albany.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Errors, of the State of Connecticut, prepared and published in pursuance of a Statute Law of the State. Vol. IV. By Thomas Day, Esq.

A Treatise on the Law of Descents in the Several United States of America. By Tapping Reeve, Esq. 8vo. pp. 515. New York. Collins & Hannay.

An Abridgment of the Acts of Congress, now in Force, Excepting those of Private and Local Application; with Notes of Decisions, giving Construction to the same, in the Supreme Court of the United States; and a Copious Index. By Edward Ingersoll, Esq. Royal 8vo. pp. 800. Philadelphia. Tower & Hogan.

The Speech of David Paul Brown, Esq. before the Mayor's Court, in Philadelphia, Sept. 18, 1825. On the Subject of a Riot and Assault and Battery. Taken in Short Hand by Mr M. T. C. Gould, Stenographer. 8vo. Philadelphia.

Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania. By Thomas Sergeant and William Rawle, Jr. 8vo. Vol. X. Philadelphia. P. H. Nicklin.

A few Reflections of a Cool Minded Man, on the present Judiciary Questions of Kentucky. 8vo. pp. 12.

MATHEMATICS. Gummere's Surveying. A New and Improved Edition. Philadelphia. Kimber & Sharpless.

MEDICINE. A Treatise on the Medical and Physical Treatment of Children. By William P. Dewees, M. D. Lecturer on Midwifery, &c. 8vo. pp. 500. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

Elements of Therapeutics and Materia Medica; to which are prefixed two Discourses of the History and Improvements of the Materia Medica, originally Delivered as Introductory Lectures. By N. Chapman, M. D. Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

An Essay on the Remote and Proximate Causes of Phthisis Pulmonalis; being an Essay to which the Prize was adjudged for the Year 1825, by the New York State Medical Society. By Andrew Hammersley, M. D. with a few Explanatory Notes. 8vo.

. Philadelphia. James Webster.

MISCELLANEOUS. Report of the Committee on Laws, to the Corporation of the City of New York, on the Subject of Interment within the populous Parts of the City, read and adopted at a Special Meeting of the said Corporation, on the 9th of June, 1825, 8vo. pp. 75. New York. M. Day.

The subject of this report is too important and extensive to be considered, except in an elaborate manner. At present we have no room for such an examination, but to those who would be acquainted with the effects of interment in populous cities, and its probable influence on health, this report will present a large mass of facts, derived from various sources, and the opinions or eminent men

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Remarks on General William Hull's Memoirs of the Campaign of the North Western Army, 1812.' By Josiah Snelling, Colonel of the 5ti U. S. Regiment of Infantry. Svo. Detroit. Sheldon & Wells.

Remarks on Charges lately Proposed or Adopted in Harvard University. By George Ticknor. 8vo. pp. 48. Also, a second

. Edition. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard, & Co.

An Impartial Examination of the Case of Captain Isaac Phillips, Late of the Navy, and Commander of the United States Sloop of War Baltimore, in 1798. Compiled from Original Documents and Records, with the Proceedings upon his Application to be Restored to his Rank in the United States Navy. 8vo. pp. 119. Baltimore. B. Edes.

Love and Patriotism; or the Extraordinary Adventures of Mons. Duportail, late Major General in the Army of the United States. Interspersed with many Surprising Incidents in the Life of the Late Count Pulaski. 12mo. pp. 108. Boston.

The Laughing Philosopher, or Fun, Humor, and Wit; being a Collection of Choice Anecdotes, many of which, never before in Print, Originated in or About The Literary Emporium. 12mo. Boston.

Sibyline Leaves and Wayward Criticisms. By Arthur Singleton, Esq. No. I. 12mo. pp. 24. Boston.

Analytical Outlines of the English Language, or a Cursory Examination of its Materials and Structure. In form of Familiar Dialogues; Intended to Accompany Grammatical Studies. By John Lewis. New York.

Atlantic Souvenir; a Christmas and New Year's Offering, for 1826. 18mo. pp. 354. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

This beautiful little volume has come into our hands too late for a suitable notice in the present number. It consists of short pieces in prose and verse, wholly from the pens of American authors of the first eminence, and chiefly on subjects of taste and fancy. The volume contains several highly finished engravings, and is in its whole appearance an elegant speciinen of art as well as of taste.

The Guide to Health. Designed to promote the Health, Happiness, and Longevity of Students, and all others in Sedentary Life, and especially Invalids. By Daniel Newell. 18mo. pp. 84. Boston. S. T. Farren.

The Gentleman's Annual Pocket Remembrancer, for the Year 1826. 18mo. pp. 173. Philadelphia. R. H. Small

. The American Ladies' Pocket Book, for 1826. 18mo. pp. 160. Philadelphia. R. H. Small.

Laws of Gardiner Lyceum, and Regulations for its Government. Gardiner, Me. P. Sheldon. 8vo. pp. 24.

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