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No. 4. Folio of paper in two parts, the first of which contains, throughout, printed forms for the entry of marriages, and is entitled A Register-book for marriages &c. printed for Joseph Fox, &c. M. DCC. LIV. The entries extend from 1754 to 1783.

Between the first and second parts are several entries of “ Bannes of marriage,” wholly in Manuscript, from 1790 to 1795.

Part 2 is entitled "A Register-Book for the publication of Bannes of Marriage &c. MDCCLIV,” and contains entries from 1754 to 1789.

No 5. folio-paper-wholly in manuscript not in columns —each leaf has six three-penny stamps impressed on the outer margin, and each entry is made opposite to one of the stamps. The volume contains Baptisms from Oct. 5, 1783 to Nov. 19, 1786-Burials from Oct. 17, 1783 (at page 39) to Dec. 22, 1786—and Marriages from Oct. 6, 1783 to Nov. 16, 1786.

No 5.-—folio-paper-stamped as No 5, contains :

Baptisms from Dec. 27, 1786, to May 29, 1791-Burials from Jan. 13, 1787, to Dec. 20, 1791-and Marriages from Jan. 31, 1787 to Oct. 16, 1791--These entries are much confused, as several instances occur of Baptisms and Burials being entered in the same page.

No 7. a paper pamphlet containing Burials from July 26, 1791 to July 23, 1795.

At the beginning of the book is the following note: “This register for burials bought by J. Shingleton, Oct. 8, 1791, price £1. 4. 0." and yet the volume contains only four leaves, each of which has 20 three-penny stamps impressed upon it!

No 8. paper-folio “Register of Baptisms," printed forms throughout-extending from Jan. 13, 1813 to Dec. 12, 1837. At the beginning of the volume is the Marriage Act, LIInd


of George lll, chap. cxlvi, and on the first leaf of the book is the followjog note in MS.

Memorandum — The origin of the name of MOUNT-OWEN was follows : Some persons were passing by, when the cottage at the top of the Hill was in building; among whom was an eccentric old shoemaker named John Neal, and he was asked to give it a title. He said it must be called Mount Owen, the Rev. Hugh Owen being vicar of one of the portions of Bampton at that time.

No. 9. "The Register-book for births, Christenings, &c. conformable to an Act of the 23rd of Geo : III, &c.--stamped on the edges, as before, contains -Baptisms from June 19, 1791 to Aug. 7, 1795, -then-- Marriages from Dec. 5, 1791 to Nov. 19, 1810. In the beginning of the book is the note: “This book bought by J. Shingleton, June 12, 1791. price £5. 0.0."

No. 10. “Register-book for marriages &c. contains entries from Jan. 14, 1811 to Dec. 14, 1812, which occupy only four or five leaves, the rest of the volume being blank


No. 11. “Register of marriages &c. from Jan. 18, 1813 to June 20, 1837. The last half of the volume is blank.

No. 12. “ Register of marriages in the Chapelry of Shifford &c. from April 22, 1813, to Oct. 27, 1835; occupying only seven or eight leaves : the rest of the volume is blank.

No. 13. A quarto volume, of parchment, containing at the beginning Baptisms in Shifford church from Oct. 23, 1783 to Dec. 27, 1812. At the end of the volume are Burials from Oct. 23, 1783, to Dec. 23, 1811, with the following note annexed.

Jan. 1, 1811. The register of the burials having been irregularly kept during the operation of the tax on bonds, and many of the names having been obliterated by the damp, as many as were legible, were collected together, and entered into this book. We, whose names are undersigned, have carefully collated the above list with the old book, and found it a faithful copy. G. Richards, vicar, Edw. Lindsey, John Townsend, Thomas Bartlett.

The greater part of the volume is blank.

No. 14. A paper volume in quarto, containing, at the beginping, Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages from 1783 to 1787, mixed together in great confusion : in the latter part of the volume, beginning at the end, with the book inverted, are banns of marriage from 1785 to 1811.

The registers, which belong to a later period than the foregoing, are kept by thc clerk with the cushions and other furniture of the church in a large deal chest.

§ 9. OF THE VESTRY-BOOKS. The Vestry-books of the parish, which are no longer in use, are kept in a large iron chest, together with deeds concerning the public charities and other matters, of which we shall speak more fully hereafter. The last vestry-book, still in use, is kept in the deal chest with the registers and churchcushions.

The following account of these books and extracts from their contents may perhaps be amusing to some of my readers who take interest in parochial matters.

No. 1. contains minutes of select vestries from Jan. 28, 1822, to Feb. 27, 1828, concerniug paupers, loans made to ditto, and promise to repay, &c.

2. Accounts of paupers.

3. Overseers' book of Bampton and Weald, bought Ap. 29, 1718, contains entries from May, 11, 1718, to 1734.

On the back of the first leaf is the following memorandum.

April 3rd, 1719. It was agreed by us with John Carter that in consideration of clearing the church from sparrows and pigeons, he shall receive from the churchwarden ten shillings at present, and five shillings hereafter yearly, to be paid on Easter Tuesday : Provided that, if at any time hereafter there be just complaint of his neglect to destroy them, he shall be content to receire nothing of this yearly stipend

Tho. Snell, Will. Stephens VicarsJo. Sandelands, Ralph Fowler, Tho. Hamersley, John Carter. 4. Accounts of Charity-lands from 1786 to 1821. On the first leaf is the following: The Charity lands lett for three years, entered on Lady-day 1787.

The Moor-close and Lake Reddy close to Mr Shingleton at £12 per ann.

The close (lately occupied per Mr Hawtrey) to B. Green at £10.
The upper close to R. Clarke at €9. 10. ö.
The estate at Appleton at £20.

The three years expired Ap. 5th, 1790, goes on at tho Old Rent. April 29th 1790.

At the end of the book (inverted) is the following:

1802, July 23. At a meeting of the Trustees of the Charity-lands, holden in the vestry-room of the Parish of Bampton, it was resolved ;

1. That Mr. Shingleton shall be appointed to receive the rent of the Charities.

2. That Mr Whitaker and Mr. Shingleton be requested to let the Shilton estate upon the best terms, according to their discretion.

3. That this meeting be adjourned to Wednesday the 13th of October next. -G. RICHARDS Vicar, T. Burrow vicar, Edw. Whitaker, Joseph Andrews, Joseph Walker, B. Green, John Fludger Salisbury, Joseph Shingleton.

1802, Oct. 13. At a meeting of the Trustees of the Charity-lands holden in the Vestry-room of the parish of Bampton, present the Rev. Mr Richards, the Rev. Mr Burrow, Mr Andrews senior, Mr Salisbury, Joseph Shingleton, it was resolved that Joseph Shingleton should apply immediately to the present tenants to pay their rents with no abatement, and in case of non-payment, should put it into the hands of Mr. Macey.

l'hat this meeting be adjourned to Wednesday the 10 of Nov. next. G. Richards vicar, T. Burrow, vicar, J. Andrews, senior, John Fludger Salisbury.

5. Overseers' accounts from 1797 to 1806. 6. Do. from 1769 to 1796.

7. Do. from 1734 to 1744. In this book Yelford appears as part of the parish liable to assessment for poor-rates.

8. Do. from 1735 to 1792.

Jan. 27, 1733. At a vestry this day held, and application being made to the said vestry by John Reynolds, of Hagbourn in the county of Berks, blacksmith. for payment of the sum of thirty-four pounds

due to him for making a new clock and chimes in the parish church of Bampton, he having performed his said work according to his agreement, aad to the satisfaction of this vestry, therefore it is ordered by this vestry, that the church-wardens of this parish for the time being do forthwith pay unto the said John Reynolds the said sum of £34, according to agreement of this vestry for that purpose, except 10 shillings, which is to be left as a caution till the clock is further proved. John Dewem Richard Coxeter—Richard Sandelands—John Johnson-John Pawling -Richard Hoskins-William Pryor,

Oct. 3, 1741. At a vestry this day here held it was unanimously agreed to allow the following sums to the ringers for ringing on the following days: viz:' on the king's birth-day 10s., on the coronation day 10s., on gunpowder treason 15s., on the 29th day of May 10 s, and it was further ordered that the church-wardens should give the said money to the ringers to dispose of as they shall think proper. And there we re present-J. Dewe-J. Nabbs-W. Lisset-Hen, Church-Ric. Fowler Rich. Malan-D. Watts—E. Seary–J. Pawlin-E. Aweberry Sam. Johnson-Jos. Hoskins-Fra. Sims.

Sept. the 29th, 1742. By virtue of a faculty empowering the ministers and church-wardens, bearing date 1725, to dispose of the front-seats in the gallery in the north isle, be it observed, that the right honorable Lord Coventry hath given 10 shillings to the church-wardens for the use of the parish, for a third seat from Mr. Coxeter's gallery in the front above mentioned. Witness hereto Tho. Snell. vicar-David Carpenter, churchwarden.

Agreeable to the circumstances above, Thomas Jeeves of Aston, purchased of the church warden of the same, one seat next to the door of the....wing,....price......, to be annexed to the house in Lew, late the property of Wm. Jeeves.

Also, Thomas Townsend, of Aston, purchased the second seat from the door, of the churchwarden thereof upon the same terms as above, to be annexed to his dwelling-house. Thomas Snell, vicar - Thomas Bartlett, Churchwarden.

Whereas five seats or places are already purchased in the front gallery in the north isle; there remains but one more to be disposed of, now left to the choice of Edward Collingwood or his landlord, bearing date as above.

Mr Middleton, one of the churchwardens of this parish having had notice to produce the key of the chest in the vestry, in order to inspect the deeds and writings belonging to the free school, and not attending or producing the same; we, whose names are hereunto subscribed, in vestry assembled do hereby order and require the said Mr. Middleton to produce the key or keys of the said chest, in his custody, next Sunday after Evening Service. Witness our hands this 15th day of Sept. 1754 -Tho. Snell-E. Taunton Gas. Frederick, War. Lisset—Jas Elly - John Minchin-Peter Hill—John Collingwood—Tho. Fox-Joseph Rogers.

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