The New Instructor Clericalis: Stating the Authority, Jurisdiction and Modern Practice of the Court of Common Pleas

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Eliz. Lynch, 1785 - Počet stran: 695

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Strana xvii - A custom to pay two-pence an acre in lieu of tithes, is good ; but to pay sometimes two-pence, and sometimes three-pence, as the occupier of the land pleases, is bad for its uncertainty. Yet a custom, to pay a year's improved value for a fine on a copyhold estate, is good ; though the value is a thing uncertain : for the value may at any time be ascertained ; and the maxim of law is, id certum est, quod certum reddi potest.
Strana xvi - To this head may most properly be referred a particular system of customs used only among one set of the king's subjects, called the custom of merchants, or lex mercatoria : which, however different from the general rules of the common law, is yet ingrafted into it, and made a part of it (¿) ; being allowed, for the benefit of trade, to be of the utmost validity in all commercial transactions : for it is a maxim of law, that " cuilibet in sua arte credendum est (13).
Strana 2 - I. c. 10. which abolished the court of star chamber, effectual care is taken to remove all judicial power out of the hands of the king's privy council; who, as then was evident from recent instances, might soon be inclined to pronounce that for law, which was most agreeable to the prince or his officers.
Strana i - II, (re) with a delegated power from the king's great court, or aula regia, being looked upon as members thereof; and they afterwards made their circuit round the kingdom once in seven years for the purpose of trying causes.
Strana xxii - Secondly, in an action of debt the plaintiff must prove the whole debt he claims, or recover nothing at all. For the debt is one single cause of action, fixed and determined; and which therefore, if the proof varies from the claim, cannot be looked upon as the same contract whereof the performance is sued for. If therefore I bring an action of debt for...

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