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MESSRS. METHUEN announce the issue at

IS. Det of a series of popular books, both Fiction and General Literature, by distinguished authors.

The books are reprinted in handy forma fcap. 8v0-on good paper, and they are tastefully bound in cloth.

The first volumes are

Fiction Janë

Marie Corelli Under the Red Robe Stanley Weyman Lady Betty across the Water

C. N. & A. M. Williamson Mirage

E. Temple Thurstop Virginia Perfect

Peggy Webling Spanish Gold

G. A. Birmingham Barbary Sheep

Robert Hichens General Literature De Profundis

Oscar Wilde The Lore of the Honey Bee Tickner Edwardes Letters from a Self-made Merchant to his Son

George Horace Lorimer Selected Poems

Oscar Wilde The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson

Graham Balfour The Life of John Ruskin W. G. Collingwood The Condition of England

C. F. G. Masterman, M.P.

Methuen & Co. Ltd. 36 Essex Street, London, W.C.

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First Published, at is. net, in 1911

This Book was First Published in Treo Volumes), October, 1901 ; Second Edition (in Two Volumes), October, 1901 ; Third and Cheaper Edition (in One Volume), November, 1906; Fourth Edition, January, 1908 ; Fifth Edition, June, 1910.

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