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tries, is not an effect of chance, or yet of calculation; but an event which has a higher cause, and a more imperishable foundation than either. It is a result of the strongest of all social impulses; of national character; of that which has created governments, and laws, and constitutions; has rendered permanent, institutions which human weakness had pronounced to be ephemeral, and overthrown what it had deemed eternal. That in which the French ever have delighted, in all subjects and upon all occasions, is a meteor, a blaze; which, by its overpowering splendor, dazzles those who are near it, and, by its far spread glare, astonishes those who are at a distance. In England, we prefer the uniform and steady light which comforts the eye, and guides the understanding; which illumines all, and dazzles none; and which is no less vivid at the extremities, than mild and genial at the centre.

What the effects of general education may be upon the two countries, in a century hence, we cannot pretend to say. Universal instruction, like universal ignorance, tends to equalize men and nations. Yet there is an education prior to reading and writing,-given, if not by Nature herself, at least by mean beyond the controul of Art,--and which, in the great generality of cases, is more powerful than all that men can institute. A strong difference has marked the British and the French characters for centuries; and the progress of intellect has hitherto rather confirmed than modified that difference. It is probable that the same qualities of mind and heart will exist, as long as their first causes continue to operate; and that each nation will derive from this new instrument of rational perfectibility,-from this long expected supplement to the art of printing, and a free press,-advantages not less distinct and peculiar than those which they have

already received from other sources of improvement.


From January to April, 1820.

AGRICULTURE. An Essay on the Uses of Salt for Agricultural Purposes, with instructions for its employment as a Manure, and in the Feeding of Cattle, &c. By Cuthbert William Johnson.

An Essay on the Management of Hedges and Hedge-row Timber. By F. Blakie. 2s.

On the Economy of Farin-yard Manure, and other rural subjects. By F. Blakie. 2s.

A New System of Cultivation. By Mr Beatson. 8vo. 98. bds.

An Inquiry into the Causes of the progressive Depreciation of Agricultural Labour in Modern Times; with suggestions for its Remedy. By J. Barton. 8vo. 4s. The Farmer's Magazine, No. 82. Ss.

ANTIQUITIES, ARCHITECTURE, AND FINE ARTS. Portraits of the British Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper. Royal 8vo. 12s. 4to. 16s. Proofs on India paper, 4to. 24s.

Elgin Marbles. By J. Lawrence. 31. 3s.

An Extraordinary fine Likeness of our late Venerable Sovereign. By J. Agar. 7s.6d,

A Progressive Drawing Book, in water colours, of select Rural Cottage Scenery, illustrated in a series of subjects, from an Outline to a finished Drawing, with a descriptive scale of all the Tints used throughout each Drawing. By J. Hassell. No. I. 5s. each No.

A Sketch Book. By Mr Crayon. Svo. 12s.

Hakewill and Turner's Views in Italy, No. 9. royal 4to. 12s. 6d. large paper 18s. India proof, ll. 10s.

The Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, in a series of one hundred etchings ; with historical and descriptive notices. By T. S. Cotman. Part I. (containing 25 plates) royal folio. 31. 3s.

Views in the French Capital and its vicinity. By Captain Batty. 4to. 12s.

Illustrations of Ivanhoe, a romance; by the Author of Waverley, &c. Engraved by Charles Heath, from drawings by R. Westall, R. A. Prints 8vo. 16s. Proofs 4to. 11. 5s.

Italian Scenery. By F. E. Batty. 8vo. 61. 68.

Picturesque Views of the celebrated Antiquities of Pola, in Istria; consisting of fourteen highly finished Engravings ; from Drawings by T. Allason, Architect. Folio, 31. 15s.

Views at Hastings, and its Vicinity ; from splendid Drawings by T. M. W. Turner, R. A. Part I. folio, 31.


The Practice of Drawing and Painting Landscape from Nature in Water Colours, including the Elements of Perspective, &c. with plates. 4to. ll. ls. boards.

Tab es of Discount. By Mr Evans. ll. ls.
The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal. No. 4. 7s.6d.

An Essay on Magnetic Attractions, particularly as respects the Deviation of the Compass on Ship-board, occasionied by the local influence of the guns, &c. By P. Barlow.

The Rudiments of Chemistry. By Mr Parke., 18mo. half bound, 5s.

A Commentary on the Systems, which have been advanced for explaining the Planetary Motions. By J. Burney, R. N. F. R. S. 8vo.

Sketeh of a System of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, Part First, comprehending the Physiology of the Mind. By Thomas Brown, M. D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 8vo. boards, 8s.

A Catechism of Chemistry adapted to those commencing the Study of that Science, closely printed in 18mo, with wood cuts illustrative of apparatus and experiments. 12mo. 2s.6d. boards.

A Treatise of Geometry, containing the First Six Books of Euclid's Elements, together with the Elements of Solid Geometry. By D. Creswell, M. A. 8vo. 14s.

Introduction to Solid Geometry, and to the Study of Chrystallo, graphy, containing an investigation of some of the properties belonging to the Platonic bodies independent of the Sphere. By N. Larkin. Svo. 12s.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A General Catalogue of New and Second-hand Books. By J. Dowding. 3s. 60.

The first and Second Parts of a General Catalogue of Old Books for the Year 1820, to be sold at the affixed prices. By Longman, Hurst, & Co. 8vo. 45. 6d.

A Catalogue of Books, comprising many rare and valuable articles of British and Foreign Literature, now on sale by John Smith & Son, Hutchinson Street, Glasgow. 8vo. ls. 6d.

Souter's Schoolmaster's General Catalogue of School Books, in all Languages. ls.

John Wylie's (of Glasgow) Catalogue of Books for 1820, consisting of Classical and Miscellaneous Literature.


- Nil scribens ipse docebo, '- Hor.

A Catalogue of Old Books, comprising various classes of Litera. ture in the English, Greek, Latin, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanislı, French, and Russian Languages. By J. Hearne. 2s.

A Catalogue of Books, Ancient and Modern, now selling at the prices affixed to each article, by John and George Todd, Stonegate, York. 2s.

BIOGRAPHY. British Genius, Exemplified in the Lives of Men who, by their Industry, or by Scientific Inventions, &c. have raised themselves to opulence and distinction ; including the lives of some distinguished Foreigners. By Cecil Horsley.

The Life of John Sebastian Bach, with a Critical View of his Compositions and Musical Examples. Translated from the German of the celebrated Dr Forkel.

The Huntingdon Peerage. By Henry Nugent Bell. 4to.

Vols. 5. and 6. of the Franklin Memoirs. By William Temple Franklin. 28s.

The Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Progress of Methodism. By Robert Southey, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 28s.

The Life and Adventures of Antar, a celebrated Bedouin Chief, Warrior and Poet, who flourished a few years prior to the Mahom. medan era, now first translated from the original Arabic. By Ter. rick Hamilton, Esq. 4 vots. 8vo. 16. 16s.

The Life of Fenelon, with other Biographical and Historical Tracts. By Charles Butler, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Memoirs of the Rev. S. J. Mills, late Missionary to the SouthWestern Section of the United States, and agent to the Colonization Society, deputed to explore the coast of Africa. By G. Spring, D. D. 12mo. 4s.

A Memorial of Mrs Mary Westbrook, wife of Mr Z. Westbrook, and daughter of the Rev. J. Cooke. By John Cooke. Is. 6d.

Memoirs of Mrs Hutton. 18. 6d.
Memoirs of Mrs Joanna Turner. 12mo. 4s.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de Camoens. By T. Adamson, F. S. A. 2 vols. 8vo.

11. 4s.

CLASSICS. The Delphin and Variorum Classics, Nos. 11 & 12; containing the Conclusion of Cæsar and the Commencement of Juvenal. 8vo. 11. Isi small; and 21. 2s. large paper.

Cornelius Nepos, with English Notes, and Historical and Geographical Questions for Schools. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 35. 6d.

Cæsar's Commentaries from Oberlin's Text, wit all he Delphin Notes, but without the Interpretation. Plates. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Greek and English Lexicon. By M. Bass. 18mo. 48.
A Greek Selection. By W. Hodge. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Terence's Andrian, a Comedy in Five Acts ; translated into Enge lish Prose, with Notes. By W. R. Goodluck jun. 12mo. 78.

A Translation of the Works of Virgil ; partly original, and pattly altered from Dryden and Pitt, by T. King. 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 28.

DRAMA. Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. By William Hazlitt. 8vo. 12s. The Antiquary, in three Acts. By Daniel Terry. 38.

Montrose, a National Drama, in three Acts, founded on the “ Le gend of Montrose,” in the Tales of My Landlord. 1s.


The Cenci, a Tragedy, in five Acts. By Percy B. Shelly. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

Dramatic Scenes. By J. Cornwall. 12mo.
The Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Poem. By H. H. Milman,
M. A. Author of Fazio. 8vo.

Ivanhoe. By Mr Beazley. 8vo.
Too Late for Dinner, a Farce. 2s. 6d.

EDUCATION. A Syllabic Guide to the true Pronunciation of the French Lapguage. By the Rev. John Till. 28.

An Introduction to the French Tongue, precisely on the Plan of the Eton Latin Grammar. By W. S. Kenny 3s.

National Reader. By the Rev. T. Clarke. 12mo. 3s.

The Governess, or Little Female Academy. By Mrs Sherwood. 1 2mo. 53.

A complete Treatise on the Present and Past Participles of the French Language. By M. Maillard. 12mo. 35. 6d.

La Prononciation Angloise rendue facile par Analogie. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Nouveau Recueil de Contes et Anecdotes, Françoise & Italien. 12mo. 6s.

Chefs-d'œuvres of French Literature, consisting of Extracts froma the Classic French Writers, in Prose and Verse. 2 vols. 8vo. 12s. each.

The Mercantile Letter-writer, or Commercial Correspondent; con• taining a Series of Letters on Business, comprehending almost every subject which occurs in the Countinghouse, for the use of Commercial Schools. By James Morrison, Accountant. 12mo.

Letters from a Mother to her Daughter at or going to School, pointing out the Duties towards her Maker, her Governess, her Schoolfellows, and herself. By Mrs J. A. Sargant. 18mo. 38.

Considerations on the System of Parochial Schools in Scotland, and on the Advantage of establishing them in Large Towns. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. 6d.

Dr Neilson's Edition of Moore's Greek Grammar, greatly enlarged, wherein is given a short View of the irregularly formed Verbs, inde clinable Parts of Speech, peculiar Rules of Syntax, Prosody, A cents and Dialects, in Latin, and very copious Notes throughout the Work in English. 8vo. 5s. 6d. bound.

The Third Edition, considerably enlarged, of Prosodia Græca ; sive,, Metrorum Græcorum per Regulas et Exempla Expositio. To which is added, a Dissertation on the Use of the Digamma in the Poems of Homer, in which also the Rules and Principles upon which his Verse appears to have been constructed are pointed out. By George Dunbar, F. R. S. E. and Professor of Greek in the Univer. sity of Edinburgh. 8vo. 5s. boards.

Elements of Latin Prosody, containing a complete System of Rules of Quantity in English, with a full Account of Versification; also

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