The Pathfinder: Or, The Inland Sea

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J. G. Gregory, 1862 - Počet stran: 471
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Strana 183 - That it may please thee to forgive our enemies, persecutors, and slanderers, and to turn their hearts; We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.
Strana 407 - Hearing no answer from her companion, Miss Temple turned her head, and beheld Louisa standing with her face whitened to the color of death, and her finger pointing upward, with a sort of flickering, convulsed motion. The quick eye of Elizabeth glanced in the direction indicated by her friend, where she saw the fierce front and glaring eyes of a female panther, fixed on them in horrid malignity, and threatening to leap. "Let us fly," exclaimed Elizabeth, grasping the arm of Louisa, whose form yielded...
Strana 407 - At the sounds of her voice, the rage of the Mastiff, instead of being at all diminished, was very sensibly increased. He stalked in front of the ladies and seated himself at the feet of his mistress, growling louder than before, and occasionally giving vent to his ire by a short, surly barking. "What does he see?" said Elizabeth; "there must be some animal in sight.
Strana 119 - For here the exile met from every clime, And spoke in friendship every distant tongue : Men from the blood of warring Europe sprung Were but divided by the running brook...
Strana 407 - Ins huge frame on the ground, and await their movements, with his eyes closed, and a listlessness in his air that ill accorded with the character of a protector. But when, aroused by this cry from Louisa, Miss Temple turned, she saw the dog with his eyes...
Strana 408 - A quarter-grown cub, that had hitherto been unseen, now appeared dropping from the branches of a sapling, that grew under the shade of the beech which held its dam. This ignorant, but vicious creature, approached...
Strana 20 - ... it contained. The larger end was fitted ingeniously and securely with a wooden bottom, and the other was stopped tight by a little plug. A leathern pouch hung before him, from which, as he concluded his last speech, he took a small measure, and, filling it accurately with powder, he commenced reloading the rifle, which, as its butt rested on the snow before him, reached nearly to the top of his foxskin cap.
Strana 246 - The ancient amusement of shooting the Christmas turkey is one of the few sports that the settlers of a new country seldom or never neglect to observe. It was connected with the daily practices of a people who often laid aside the axe or the scythe to seize the rifle, as the deer glided through the forests they were felling, or the bear entered their rough meadows...
Strana 20 - His face was skinny and thin almost to emaciation but yet bore no signs of disease on the contrary it had every indication of the most robust and enduring health The cold and the exposure had together given it a color of uniform red his gray eyes were glancing under a pair of shaggy brows that overhung them in long hairs of...
Strana 406 - Such things frequently happen," returned Louisa. '' Let us follow the sounds ; it may be a wanderer, starving on the hill." Urged by this consideration, the females pursued the low, mournful sounds, that proceeded from the forest, with quick and impatient steps. More than once, the ardent Elizabeth was on the point of announcing that she saw the sufferer, when Louisa caught her by the arm, and pointing behind them, cried —

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