Honored Feathers of Wisdom: Attributes for Personal and Organizational Growth

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iUniverse, 2004 - Počet stran: 180
A timeless connection exists between Native American wisdom, leadership development, and business survival. Chiefs were emotionally intelligent leaders. The secret of their success was that they acted as bestowers, companions, and guides.

Bestowers are benefactors who give freely to others without asking for something in return. The bestower practices the attributes of compassion, kindness, patience, respect, sacrifice and sharing.

Companions know you for who you are, overlooking your flaws while celebrating your strengths. The companions attributes include appreciation, cheerfulness, dialogue, honesty, humility, and loyalty.

Guides are catalysts of change. They are the doers and the visionaries who instill entire organizations with a sense of purpose. The guides attributes are courage, determination, experience, justice, knowledge, leadership, and vision.

Honored Feathers of Wisdom provides practical leadership lessons from the Native American past. Those who practice the functions of the chief, and the attributes of wisdom, are destined to become legendary leaders.

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O autorovi (2004)

Dr. Robert L. Boggs, BA, MA and Ph.D. in Organizational Development is President of the Legendary Performance Consortium. He has over 30 years of practical and leadership experience, conduting numerous seminars, lectures and consultations in organizational management and leadership development. Dr. Boggs, whose ancestry is Native American, is a Colonel designate in the Air National Guard and is Executive Officer for the 121st Air Refueling Wing in Columbus, Ohio.

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