United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court at ... and Rules Announced at ..., Svazek 207

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Banks & Bros., Law Publishers, 1908
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Cook County Treasurer v Peoples Gas Light and Coke
Kane Erie Railroad Company v 593
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company Blakely v 592
United States Armour Packing Company v
New Jersey Lee v
Security Mutual Life Insurance Company v Michaelson 588
Oklahoma Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railway
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Strauss 2
Trust Company Royal Goshorn v
Union County National Bank of Liberty Ozan Lumber
People of Porto Rico
Porto Rico Buitrago v
United States v James A Hayes Company
Cassatt Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Company
State of Indiana ex rel The City of South Bend Vandalia
Bank German Nat Arkansas Southern Railroad
Webster Coal and Coke Company v Cassatt
Bank Petaluma Sav McIntosh v
Chapman Trustee in Bankruptcy of McCoy v Bowen
Territory of Arizona
State of Kansas
Bank Union County Nat Ozan Lumber Company v
Bank of Kentucky v Commonwealth of Kentucky
Treasurer v
Lauchheim Company v Boyd 593
Chicago Union Traction Company Raymond Treasurer
Weiss Haight Freese Company v 594
Bank of Timmonsville Fidelity and Casualty Company
State of New Jersey 67
Sheriff of Cook County Illinois ex rel McNichols v
Railroad Commissioners of the State of South Carolina
Railroad Company Eric v Kane
Vandalia Railroad Company v Indiana ex rel The City
Comptroller of the State of New York Tilt v
State of Texas 597
South Chicago City Railway Company Raymond County
United States
Hygienic Chemical Company Rumford Chemical Com

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Strana 521 - Resolved, that each branch ought to possess the right of originating acts; that the national legislature ought to be empowered to enjoy the legislative rights vested in Congress by the Confederation, and moreover to legislate in all cases to which the separate states are incompetent or in which the harmony of the United States may be interrupted by the exercise of individual legislation...
Strana 493 - It is the power to regulate; that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. This power, like all others vested in congress, is complete in itself, may be exercised to its utmost extent, and acknowledges no limitations other than are prescribed in the constitution.
Strana 296 - The author, inventor, designer, or proprietor of any book, map, chart, dramatic or musical composition, engraving, cut, print, or photograph, or negative thereof, or of a painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, and of models or designs intended to be perfected as works of the fine arts...
Strana 456 - ... that he has not, directly or indirectly, made any agreement or contract, in any way or manner, with any person or persons whatsoever, by which the title which HP might acquire from the. Government of the United States should inure, in whole or in part, to the benefit of any person except himself...
Strana 325 - Corporations may be formed under general laws ; but shall not be created by special act, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where, in the judgment of the legislature, the objects of the corporation cannot be attained under general laws.
Strana 507 - ... external concerns of the nation, and to those internal concerns which affect the states generally ; but not to those which are completely within a particular state, which do not affect other states, and with which it is not necessary to interfere for the purpose of executing some of the general powers of the government. The completely internal commerce of a state, then, may be considered as reserved for the state itself.
Strana 493 - It is not intended to say that these words comprehend that commerce which is completely internal, which is carried on between man and man in a state, or between different parts of the same state, and which does not extend to or affect other states. Such a power would be inconvenient, and is certainly unnecessary. Comprehensive as the word " among " is, it may very properly be restricted to that commerce which concerns more states than one.
Strana 491 - Act to recover damages for personal injuries to an employee, or where such injuries have resulted in his death, the fact that the employee may have been guilty of contributory negligence shall not bar a recovery, but the damages shall be diminished by the jury in proportion to the amount of negligence attributable to such employee...
Strana 194 - State, exerted within the limits of those fundamental principles of liberty and justice which lie at the base of all our civil and political institutions...
Strana 531 - Its nature, therefore, requires, that only its great outlines should be marked, its important objects designated, and the minor ingredients which compose those objects be deduced from the nature of the objects themselves.

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