Hillary's Angel: The Mcgovern Campaign in Dallas, Texas, 1972: What Happened to Hillary Clinton Thirty-Five Years Ago

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Ross Nicholson, 2008 - Počet stran: 200

What was Hillary Clinton like when she was just starting out in life?  What part did Almighty God have in her selection for American leadership?  How is she a part of the American clique that evolved for and against the Bush-led Plumbers assassination of JFK?  


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Strana 6 - Country roads! Take me home! To the place I belong! West Virginia!

O autorovi (2008)

Nicholson provided (from his Boy Scouting experience) the latest in leadership training to George W. Bush in May, 1971, and to Bubba & Hillary Clinton, Ron Kirk (twice Dallas mayor and former US Trade Representative), Strobe Talbot (president of Brookings Institution), Robert Reich (former secretary of Labor), and David Kendall (Clinton family lawyer and former presidential counsel), Steven Spielberg (the great movie producer), Ann Richards, and Marybeth Rogers of Texas.

Developed the modern meaning of the word "Inclusive"

Proposed the HOPE Scholarship Programs educating millions of Americans, the Tuskegee Presidential Apologies and Compensations, "Don't Ask--Don't Tell", "Quantitative Easing" extension of monetary policy which saved the American and world economies, "Deadbeat Dad Laws" and interstate compacts and many more.  Nicholson suggested filming "Star Wars" and has worked on more that 300 film and television projects for Spielberg and his associates including Schindler's List, UP, Inception, Avatar, Titanic, Forrest Gump, Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, The Aviator, Mystic River, House, Glee, Justice, Kings, Lost, Elementary, you get the picture.

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