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neglects it. There is some trouble in it, to be NOTES AND QUERIES.

sure; but in what good thing is there not? The nature and design of the present work and what trouble does it save! Nay, what have been so fully stated in the Prospectus, mischief ! Half the lies that are current and are indeed so far explained by its very in the world owe their origin to a misplaced Title, that it is unnecessary to occupy any confidence in memory, rather than to intengreat portion of its first pumber with details tional falsehood. We have never known more on the subject. We are under no temptation than one man who could deliberately and conto fill its columns with an account of what we scientiously say that his memory had never hope future numbers will be. Indeed, we

deceived him; and he (when he saw that he would rather give a specimen than a de- had excited the surprise of his hearers, espescription; and only regret that, from the wide cially those who knew how many years he had range of subjects which it is intended to spent in the management of important comembrace, and the correspondence and contri- mercial affairs) used to add, — because he had butions of various kinds which we are led to never trusted it; but had uniformly written expect, even this can only be done gradually. down what he was anxious to remember. A few words of introduction and explanation But, on the other hand, it cannot be denied may, however, be allowed ; and, indeed, ought that reading and writing men, of moderate to be prefixed, that we may be understood by industry, who act on this rule for any conthose readers who have not seen our Pro- siderable length of time, will aceumulate a spectus.

good deal of matter in various forms, shapes, “ WHEN FOUND, MAKE A NOTE OF," is and sizes ----some more, some less legible and a most admirable rule; and if the excellent intelligible — some unposted in old pocket Captain had never uttered another word, he books some on whole or half sheets, or mere might have passed for a profound philosopher. scraps of paper, and backs of letters — some, It is a rule which should shine in gilt letters lost sight of and forgotten, stuffing out old on the gingerbread of youth, and the specta- portfolios, or getting smoky edges in bundles cle-case of age. Every man who reads with tied up with faded tape. There are, we are any view beyond mere pastime, knows the quite sure, countless boxes and drawers, and value of it.

Every one, more or less, acts pigeon-holes of such things, which want lookupon it. Every one regrets and suffers who ing over, and would well repay the trouble.

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