Useful Information for Practical Men Compiled for E. I. Du Pont de Nemours Powder Co., Wilmington, Delaware

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E. I. Du Pont de Nemours powder Company, 1908 - Počet stran: 216

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Strana 4 - Square Measure. 144 square inches 1 square foot, 9 square feet 1 square yard, 30J square yards 1 square rod, 40 square rods 1 rood, 4 roods 1 acre.
Strana 214 - DON'T take dynamite into or near a blacksmith shop or near a forge on open work. DON'T put dynamite on shelves or anything else directly over steam or hot water pipes or other heated metal surface. DON'T cut or break a dynamite cartridge while it is frozen, and don't rub a cartridge of dynamite in the hands to complete thawing. DON'T heat a thawing house with pipes containing steam under pressure. DON'T place a hot water thawer over a fire, and never put dynamite into hot water or allow it to come...
Strana 184 - States in perpetuity all islands within the limits of the zone above described and in addition thereto the group of small islands in the Bay of Panama, named Perico, Naos, Culebra and Flamenco.
Strana 178 - Treat the patient instantly on the spot, in the open air, freely exposing the face, neck, and chest to the breeze, except in severe weather.
Strana 4 - ANGULAR MEASURE. 60 seconds (") = 1 minute ('). 60 minutes = 1 degree (°). 360 degrees = 1 circumference.
Strana 179 - Substitute for the patient's wet clothing, if possible, such other covering as can be instantly procured, each bystander supplying a coat or cloak, etc. Meantime, and from time to time, to excite inspiration, let the surface of the body be slapped briskly with the hand. 9th. Rub the body briskly till it is dry and warm, then dash cold water upon it, and repeat the rubbing.
Strana 182 - CINDERS IN THE EYE —Roll soft paper up like a lamplighter, and wet the tip to remove, or use a medicine dropper to draw it out. Rub the other eye. FIRE IN ONE'S CLOTHING.- Don't run— especially not downstairs or out-of-doors.
Strana 172 - In using an imperial measure of capacity, the same shall not be heaped, but either shall be stricken with a round stick or roller, straight and of the same diameter from end to end...
Strana 174 - Rules for the course to be followed by the bystanders in case of railroad injury, when surgical assistance cannot be at once obtained.
Strana 128 - FRICTION OF WATER IN PIPES. Friction loss, in pounds pressure per square inch, for each 100 feet of length of different sizes of clean iron pipe discharging given quantities of water per minute.

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