Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Svazek 16

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Longmans, Green, 1877

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Strana 452 - Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
Strana 505 - Writers on Political Economy profess to teach, or to investigate, the nature of Wealth, and the laws of its production and distribution: including, directly or remotely, the operation of all the causes by which the condition of mankind, or of any society of human beings, in respect to this universal object of human desire, is made prosperous or the reverse.
Strana 270 - BUSY, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I; Freely welcome to my cup. Could'st thou sip and sip it up. Make the most of life you may, Life is short, and wears away. Both alike are mine and thine, Hastening quick to their decline ; Thine's a summer, mine's no more, Though repeated to threescore; Threescore summers, when they're gone, Will appear as short as one.
Strana 481 - Parliament ; shall be construed to extend to any person or persons dissenting from the church of England, that shall take the oaths mentioned in a statute made this present parliament, entitled, an Act for removing and preventing all Questions and Disputes concerning the assembling and sitting of this present parliament...
Strana 478 - Protestant Subjects dissenting from the Church of England from the Penalties of certain Laws...
Strana 478 - Forasmuch as some ease to scrupulous consciences in the exercise of religion may be an effectual means to unite their Majesties...
Strana 222 - Marcobad, who, prostrating himself, said, " 0 king, live for ever ! In ancient times, as hath been delivered by our ancestors, Persians were instructed in three accomplishments — to ride, to draw the bow, and to speak the truth. Persia still rides and shoots ; truth-speaking (praised be Ormuzd !) she hath discontinued as unbefitting an enlightened nation. Thou needest not, therefore, scruple to circumvent Aurelian. Offer him that which thou knowest will not be found in his treasury, seeing that...
Strana 222 - For them the Ceylon diver held his breath, And went all naked to the hungry shark; For them his ears gush'd blood; for them in death The seal on the cold ice with piteous bark Lay full of darts; for them alone did seethe A thousand men in troubles wide and dark : Half-ignorant, they turn'd an easy wheel, That set sharp racks at work, to pinch and peel.
Strana 288 - Far be it from me to undervalue the help and strength which many of the bravest of our brethren have drawn from the thought of an unseen helper of men. He who, wearied or stricken in the fight with the powers of darkness, asks himself in a solitary place, " Is it all for nothing ? shall we indeed be overthrown ? " — he does find something which may justify that thought.

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