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the very effence of operatical entertainments. To fay that it was got up wish true characteristic magnificence, both in point of dreffes and decorations, is, we think, fully fufficient to deftroy the malevolent tendency of the fcurrilous and ill-grounded abufe thrown out against the fuppofed parfimony of the prefent managers. As to the ballet itfelf, it certainly does the highest credit to the invention of Monf. Le Picq, who, with Madame Roffi, appeared to the best advantage in that delicate and graceful ftyle of dancing, in which they certainly are unequalled. However, as the livelier fteps are more fuited to the general tafle, we cannot but exprefs a wifh that the ballet-mafter would deviate a little more from that natural plaucidity of mind, which prevents his giving to compofitions of this kind that fro

lick fome gaiety of which dancing is fufceptible; and which, indeed, it feems to require, as its very effence: in this opinion we were confirmed by the univerfal applaufe bestowed on Do rival in her pas feul, which was, as it deferved, generally admired, and muft have obtained the moft flattering preference, had not her pas with Nivelon made it doubtful whether she was more perfect when left to herself, or when joined to fo excellent a partner. The music of the pas de deux contributed greatly to its fuccefs. It is a kind of duet, if we may fo call it, the two parts of which were executed by that inimitable couple. The airs, and indeed the whole of the mufic, is the production of Mr. Barthelemon, and is a fresh sprig added to the wellearned laurels of that compofer.

CONCERT OF ANCIENT MUSIC, TOTTENHAM-STREET. Feb. 14. The patronage of the King has induced the directors of this concert to enlarge the room, and fit it up with fuitable decorations. A fuperb gallery is erected for their Majefties and the royal family, at the east end of the room. The orchestra is on the model of the one which was conftructed in Westminster-Abbey, for Handel's Commemoration. This arrangement has been made according to the defigns of Mr. Wyatt, the architect. Mr. Bates, who has the fuperintendance of the mufical department, to fpeak technically, afficiated at, the organ. Mr. Cramer led the band, and is, without exception, the beft leader in this country. Mr. Afhly played the first baffoon, and was affiftant conductor. Mr. Borghi, fecond violin. Mr. Parke, the principal oboe. Meff. Paxton and Cervetto, the violincellos. Mr. Shield, the firft tenor. Garaboldi, the first double bafs. Key and Leander are the horns; and the other parts were filled by performers of eminence.

to their illuftrious vifitor, Handel's mufic will have a preference given to it by the directors.

The band has received the addition of twelve German musicians, imported fome years fince, to complete the Queen's band, and put the natives of poor Old England out of countenance as much as poffible.-Her Majefty is, no doubt, fatisfied of the loyalty and honefty of her fubjects--and if they cannot please her by their mufical abilities, like thofe of her own country, why, let the want of her gracious fmiles be their punishment!

This concert is the only fubfcription one that his Majeíty ever honoured with his prefence, and in compliment

A little paft eight their Majefties, the Princefs Royal, Princess Augufta, Princess Elizabeth, and Prince Edward, entered the room, when the concert commenced. The following is the order in which the pieces were played:


Act I. Overture, Efther. Handel. Glee "Canft thou love and live alone." T. Ravenscroft. Song." Dite che fà." (Ptolemy) Handel. Introduction and Chorus. Ye Sons of Ifrael," (Jofbua) Handel. Song. "Se mai turbo." Handel. First Concerto, Op. 3. Geminiani. Song. " I know that my Redeeme liveth," (Merah)


Handel. Chorus. "He gave them Hailftones," (Ifrael in Egypt) Handel. Act II. Song. "Tra caligine profonde." Handel. Fifth Concerto. Corelli. Gloria in excelfis. Negri. The pieces were performed in a mafterly ftile. Cramer was exquifite in Geminiani's Solo Concerto; the

Adagio was played with great feeling.

The folo vocal performers were Harrifon, Dyne, Reinhold, and Tafca, Mifs Harwood, the two Mifs Abrams, mon expreffion and the Mara, who fung with uncomdeemer liveth!" "I know that my Re


Feb. 3. THE regular diverfions of the town having for fome years paft been broken by the introduction of mafquerades, fashion appears at length to have given establishment to them:and as a masquerade may be confidered as a licence, under which all defcriptions of perfons are permitted to fay what they please, by way of being witty, without any regard to rank or character, or incurring any penalty, it is not to be wondered at, that a masquerade ticket meets a ready fale in London, when even at Rome they are more fought after than the Pope's indulgence. The convention of masques on this evening was, though not numerous, highly genteel; the company confifted of about fix hundred perfons. The Prince of Wales and feveral of his friends were prefent. His Highnefs

continued the greateft part of the evening with the Hon. Captain Conway. They were attacked by a brace of Nuns, veftals, no doubt veftals-they feemed and made an enquiry or two refpecting a little in the history of court fecrets, Versailles! The Prince appeared in very high fpirits, and the retort courteous was directed with good fuccefs. Black dominos were the uniform of the night. an orange girl became a diftinguished The characters were fo few, that even object: among thefe, however, a Shywere laid afide, but the character was lock was obferved, his knife and scales fufficiently frong without them. milk-woman, of the protuberance of Lunardi's balloon. A tolerable failor; a Carmelite; a hair-dreffer, and a few other grotefque perfonages; with the ufual proportion of fexes reversed!


Feb. 8. THE various apartments of this fuperb ftructure were this evening laid out in a moft brilliant ftyle, for the reception of mafques. The dome was beautifully illuminated, and every part of the building lighted up, fo as to produce a grand effect. A curious new balloon, belonging to Lunardi, was fufpended from the cupola. It contained the union device, and the arms of Great-Britain. The company began to meet at an early hour, and continued increafing till after three in the morning, at which time about twelve hundred perfons were affembled. His Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales did not enter till the night was far advanced. The early part of the evening had been dedicated, with a felect party, to Lady Berwick, whose


houfe was open for the reception of

Lord Jerfey and Lord Corke; Col.
Among the fashionable vifitors were
North, Sir J. Nugent, Capt. Conway,
Capt. Gardner, Mr. Hanger, &c. &c.
Mrs. Haftings appeared amidst the affem-
bly with a difplay of brilliant trappings!


Amongst them were a phyfician, who The characters were numerous:propofed, as the only means of ferving the CONSTITUTION, that certain limbs of the State fhould be amputated; a Methodist Preacher, who spoke too familiarly of Dr. Pretty man, ever to obtain church preferment; a commumottos, which affimilated in a curious tation Tea-Man, hung round with



The following are a part of


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"The poifon of the floe tree made to pafs for bohea."

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"The Governor-General's fcheme to procure a majority in parliament.' "This cheft contains the beft gunpowder!"

An admirable Mungo, who faid he was as ufeful to the Don Diego who employed him, as Wilberforce was to Pitt. A native Arab, who, in the fimplicity of his manner, fmoaked his Calimut, the fumes of which, a lady obferved, were not of "Arabia the bleft!" Merlin, in a mechanical car, as Jupiter feretrius, was, in his imperial courfe, attacked by a drunken failor, and, hurled headlong to the earth-his godhead, however, laid afide his fulmen, and by taking to his fift, knocked down in return his mortal adverfary.-A Philofopher, who boafted of his being poffeffed of the late magnetical difcovery; two active Harlequins; a difmal Werter; a Touchstone and Audrey, both well in character; an adroit hair-dreffer; a bustling Cook; a Gypfey, without a vizir, by Mr. Fazakerley; a very excellent Punch; a merry old woman with Gingerbread; a lady in the character of Night; a fimilar mafque, who, on the appearance of the Prince of Wales, obferved fhe only wished for one ftar, to enable her to become bright. Paftoral nymphs, fhepherds, and orange girls appeared in battalions.


The fupper difplayed an affortment of excellent difhes. The wines, which were exceedingly good, were fupplied in great plenty; and the utmoft feftivity continued till the company feparated, which was between fix and feven in the morning.

Feb. 17. The entertainments of this place of fashionable refort commenced laft night, with a grand concert, in which the firft powers of compofition and execution were forcibly combined, Madame Mara, who is herself a tower of mufical ftrength, fung two airs, the firft a rondeau of Grefwick, which was much admired; but her fecond " Veggo in Ciel le Nube infaufte," compofed by Rufti, was heard and applauded with enthufiaftic rapture!Bartolini's stile of finging likewife gave general fatisfaction.-Salomon's violin concerto was an excellent performance, particularly his adagio movement; Fifcher and Crofdill difplayed their ufual abilities; and Abel's new pieces, his Conetante in particular, were highly extolled. The new gallery was much admired for the elegance, as well as convenience, of the ftructure. The company, though not numerous, was very fashionable, and well dreffed. Among the reft appeared his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Queensberry, Lords Afhburnham, Cholmondley, Brudenell, Stawel, Palmerfton, Dillon, Fairford, Exeter, the Duchefs of Beaufort, Ladies Brudenell, Ashburnham, the Hon. Mrs. Walfingham, &c. &c.



R. Bearcroft moved the court of Exchequer for a rule to fhow caufe, in Sutton and Johnstone, to fet afide the last verdict obtained by Captain Sutton. Mr. Bearcroft urged the following arguments in fupport of his motion. First, that an action would not lie against a commanding officer for an arrest upon a fuppofed breach of duty. Secondly, that Captain Sutton was not acquitted of the whole of the charge by the court-martial: and, thirdly, that as it was alledged that the plaintiff, Captain Sutton, was deprived of the benefit of a confiderable capture by fuch arreft, yet his fubfequent acquittal restored him to his primæval ftate. In the laft pofition thelearned advocate must have


been mistaken, as the act of parliament diftributes the prizes to the actual captors only; and a prifoner is never deemed an actual captor; and as fuch the courts at Doctors'-Commons have determined. A rule to show cause was granted. SATURDAY, 29.

This morning, between the hours of two and three o'clock, a fet of daring villains, called water pirates, broke into the back part of the houfe at Whitehall inhabited by the Speaker of the House of Commons: they cut a hole in the window-fhutter of the dining-parlour, and having entered the house, took from thence the Speaker's rich gold gown, or robe of state, several fuits of clothes, filk breeches, a number of filk ftockings, about two dozen filk handkerchiefs,


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two gold fnuff-boxes, one of which had been made a prefent to the Speaker by Mr. Flood, and was remarkably elegant; they took likewife a fmall fum of money in a purfe, which, we have been informed, was rather under even pounds: they afterwards had the audacity to break open the next houfe, but being disturbed, made a hafty retreat to their boat, and got clear off.


A fhocking fpectacle was exhibited before the debtors door of Newgate, where twenty miferable wretches were, in one moment, plunged into eternity. The malefactors who fuffered were, John Hamilton, William Attell, John Kelley, William Finder, William Steward, Melvin Simmonds, George Goldfmith, Richard Hobfon, Lawrence Hall, and John Jones, for burglaries-Edward Johníon and John Evans, for privately ftealing-James Dunn, for publifhing a forged feaman's will-William Abbot, for publishing a counterfeit bill of fale--Allen Williams, John Shaw, Thomas Tabbs, George Harris, Thomas Battledore, and John Moody, for robberies. The oldeft of thefe poor wretches was not above thirty years of age. So great a number have not been executed at one time fince the year 1740, when Jenny Diver and twenty

others were executed.

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WE, the Committee appointed by the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of London, in common-council affembled, to prefent you with the freedom of the city of London, voted unanimoufly in one of the fulleft courts ever remembered, chearfully embrace this oppor

unity of repeating our fentiments of fatisfaction and confidence which we entertain, refpecting your principles, and perfeverance for the good of your country.

"We repofe in your abilities and firmness for the permanent fecurity and extenfion of our commerce, as citizens, and our happiness, as Britons.

"The Committet feel, with fatisfaction, the honour conferred upon them, in being thus delegated to fo pleating and diftinguished a com

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Be affured, Sir, that the city of London

will ever ftand foremoft to fupport the measures of government, whilst they continue to be fo manifeftly founded in wisdom and integrity." Mr. Pitt received them with great politenefs, and returned an anfwer, the fubftance of which was as follows:

"He must first (he faid) thank Sir Watkin Lewes for the very flattering manner in which he had conveyed the fentiments of the committee. He trusted the city of London would do him the juftice to believe, that the fecurity and extenfion of their commerce, and the maintenance of the true principles of the conftitution, would continue to be the first objects of his attention."

The box which contained the freedom is of English manufacture, and fo exquifitely wrought, as to teftify that we have artists in England no way inferior to thofe of furrounding nations. The following is an exact defcription of it:

In the centre of the cover is a medallion (encompaffed with an enamel imitation of pearl) in which the city is gracefully represented receiving Mr. Pitt as a free citizen, the while the prefents him with a civic wreath; her attendants are Liberty and Power. In the fore ground, with the city's regalia, is the emblem of Industry, with the cornucopia of Plenty, her concomitant; on each fide is a tranfparent enamel, through which is feen an engine turned round of the greatest correctness, bounded by a polished gold moulding; the finish or border on the top is a curious twifted band of gold, interfpered with blue enamel, binding a white border spotted with gold. The body of the box has in front the city arms behind Mr. Pitt's, both in medallions of the fame talte as the cover at one end Juftice, the other Britannia.

The bottom alfo correfponds with the top, only the medallion is painted with a most beautiful representation of the cenotaph erected to the memory of the late Earl of Chatham, in the Guildhall of this city.

Within the cover is the following infcrip

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About eight o'clock in the evening, a man knocked at the door of Mrs. Abercrombie, in Charlotte street, Rathbone-Place, calling out 'Poft,' with a very loud voice; the maid fervant immediately opening it, the man, accompanied by fix others, armed with fwords and piftols, rufhed into the houfe, and threatened the girl with the most horrid punithment if the fpoke a word. They then went into the parlour, where the miftrefs was fitting alone, and took from her all her jewels, to a very confiderable amount, between fifty and fixty guineas in mo ney, and all the clothes and linen they could get. While they were thus employed, the girl got out of the boule by a back-door, and gave the alarm to the neighbourhood, which preyeated

vented their taking the plate, which they had begun to pack up.

A great crowd immediately affembled about the houfe, and the ruffians fallied forth, with dreadful menaces, waving their fwords, and pointing their piftols at the mob, who tamely fuffered them to escape, without making the leaft oppofition.


The high-bailiff of Westminster was called to the bar of the Houfe of Commons, and examined touching the progress made in the Westminster fcrutiny. From his evidence it appeared that nearly an equal number of votes had been ftruck off the poll on both fides; and that, according to the progrefs that had been already made, it would be more than two years before it could be concluded. Mr. Hargrave and Mr. Murphy, the high-bailiff's affeffors, were alfo examined, who spoke very clearly as to the inefficacy of the fcrutiny. The latter in particular gave it as his opinion, that the most effectual way to shorten the matter, and to terminate the bufinefs, was to put a stop to the fcrutiny, and commit the matter to a committee of the Houfe.


The bufinefs was refumed, and a motion was made that the high-bailiff be ordered to make a return with all poffible difpatch. To this an amendment was moved, and carried by a majority of 39. In confequence of which the following order was made, and a copy of it delivered to the high-bailiff:

Ordered, "That the speaker do acquaint the high-bailiff, First, That he is not precluded, by the refolution of this Houfe, communicated to him on the 8th of June laft, from making a return, whenever he fhall be fatisfied, in his own judgement, that he can do fo; and, fecondly, That this Houfe is not fatisfied that the fcrutiny has been proceeded in as expeditiously as it might have been: that it is his duty to adopt and enforce fuch just and reasonable regulations as shall appear to him moit likely to prevent unneceffary delay in future--that he is not precluded from fo doing by the want of confent of either party-and that he may be aflured of the fupport of this Houfe in the difcharge of his duty."

THURSDAY, 10, Major Archibald Brown was brought into the court of King's-Bench, to receive judgement for fending a challenge to a gentleman, whofe name is Archer. The court ordered him to pay a fine of 100l. to be imprifoned fix months; and to find fecurity for his good behaviour for five years.


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fix paffengers, told them they must deliver their money. Capt. Swaine, of Newnham, and Lieutenant Houghton, of the 53d regiment, were in the coach, with no other arms than their fwords. Captain Swaine made a stroke at the fellow on his fide, but his fword ftruck the roof of the coach, and the blow was ineffectual: the villain inftantly fired at the Captain's head, who had just time to clap his hand before his face, and received the ball in the thick part of his palm, from whence the Captain extracted it with his penknife. Lieut. Houghton jumped out of the coach, and the other fellow fired fo close to his face, that his cheek was finged by the fiath, but the ball luckily paffed him He then made a thruft, and run his fword about three inches into the fellow's breaft The villains then fired another pistol, and ran off. MONDAY, 14:

At the breaking up of the mufical concert in Tottenham-street, fuch a number of thieves and pick-pockets affembled, as to bid de fiance to the conftables prefent, and to rob almost every one of the nobility in getting to their coaches and chairs. Several ladies had their jewels forcibly torn from their hair, and the gentlemen were plundered in the fame daring and violent manner.


A remarkable indictment against a furgeon and the late matter of a workhoufe, for a con fpiracy in conveying dead bodies from the workhoufe to the furgeon's for diffection, was tryed before Lord Mansfield, at Westminster-hall. After a tryal of about an hour and a half, both the defendants were found guilty, to the fatisfaction of a very crowded court. They will be brought up for punishment next term.


In the Houfe of Commons counfel were called to the bar in fupport of a petition prefented by the electors of Westminster. A mo tion was made for reflricting the counfel to fuch circumftances as had tranfpired fince the order of the Houfe on the 9th, which was carryed by a majority of 58. Under this reftriction the counfel declined fpeaking. The high-bailif was again examined, and gave evidence to the following purport

On the 11th intt. did you not declare, in the veftry-rcom of St. Martin's parish, that whilst the fcrutiny was going on in St. Anne's, Mr. Philipps, leading counter for Mr. Fox, made a propofal to the counfel for Sir Cecil Wray to go next into St. Margaret's and St. John's (the parish in which Mr. Fox's fictitious votes were faid to have been chiefly polled) which propofal was not accepted; and that the retufal caufed a furprize in you?-Answered in the affirmative.

Was the offer made at any other time?—Not that I know of.

Did not the propofal on one fide, and the refufal on the other, caufe you to doubt of what you had first heard of the parish of St. Margaret's and St. John's containing the molt bad votes against Mr. Fox?-I did not fay that Mr. Morgan refufed; he did not ac cept.


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