The Tennis King Equation

Přední strana obálky, 2008 - Počet stran: 180
The Tennis King Equation teaches an intense focus technique that creates the player's optimal perspective. The concept of "mind over matter = time over space" allows the player to escape the "event level". At the "composition level" of the game there is a quantum scale of recognition that exists only in "time". The Equation shows the player how to access this time dimension and generate the responses of "physical space". This is the ultimate tennis book - a lifetime of tennis lessons and will improve your game faster then you ever thought possible. The Tennis King Equation is 172 pages and loaded with illustrations. There are over 90 black and white, graphically definitive illustrations and costs less then a half of a 1/2 hour lesson with your neighbor tennis pro. If you believe tennis is a "mental game" and the physical play is a reflection of the state of mind. Then this book was written just for you. Want to talk tennis? Visit me at -

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