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Girl Scouts, Wanted-." Daddies "lor 441

Governors, New 4i>2

Grand Rapids, Mich., Investigation of, by the " Sur-
vey" 581

Great Britain, The Miners' Strike in 355

Greece, Affairs in 400, 494, 671, 743

Greece (" A Nation Upset by a Monkey ") 583

Greeks, The, Again Bearing Gifts (Referendum for

Ratification of Federal Amendments) 072

Green Hyphen, The 636

Greufell Association, The 744

Haitian Report, The 406

Haitian Situation, The 360

Haiti—The Black History of a Black Republic 642

Hamburg-American Line, Resumption of Business

by the 7,216

Hamsun, Knud 582

Harding, President-Elect, Courtesies from President

W ilson to 489

Harding, Senator:

Address at the Minnesota State Fair 130

American Business, On 130

Declares His International Policy 45

Election of, The 467

League of Nations, On the 60.366, 480

Panama, In 067

Self-Portrait of, A 454

Speeches of 310

Valedictorv to Senate 067

Harvard Glee Club, The 706

Hays's (Will H.) Official Testimony 46

Hazing, A Proposed Remedy for 581

Hearing, the Hard of, A League for the Benefit of... 450

Hoover, Mr., and the Administration 310

Hoppe, William, Billiard Cliampion 706

Horton, Lieutenant Floyd 747

Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel, The 405

Hylan, Mayor, of New York City 561

Hyphen and Pacifist Allies 710

"I Came Not to Judge the World" 135

Illinois, The Primary Battle in 177

Immigration (" At the Gate ") 748

Interohurch Commission, The, on the Steel Strike.

135, 157

Ireland, Lawlessness and Lynch Law in 210, 703

Ireland, The Hunger Strike in 86, 636

Ireland, The Rule of Unreason in 1 269

Ireland, The Troubles of 636, 710

Irish Situation, Discussion of the, in Parliament 577

Irish Situation, The English Prime Minister on the.. 312

Italian Views of Italy's Troubles (Cartoons) 669

Italy, Co-Responsibility versus Syndicalism in 176

Italy's Industrial Problem 133,270

Italy, The Earthquake in 132

"JaneClegg" 182

Japan in Business for Herself 704

Jones BUI, The President and the 218

Jutland, The Battle of 671

Kansas, Missouri, and Hudson Rivers, All la Now

Quiet Along the 51

Labor and Industry (" Turn In the Tide ") 750

Landia, Judge, The New Leader of the Baseball

Leagues 536

Language of the Gutter, Use of the, by City Admin-
istrators 581

Law, lathe President Above the? 218

Laying-Up Time 362

League of Nations Assembly 87, 495, 538, 677, 743

League of Nations, The, and the Constitution 92

League of Nations, The, and the Presidential Can; -

palgn 220,356

Lenine Strikes Three Snags 355

Leyguee, Premier 2l6

•' Lightnin'" 182

Lind, Jennie, The Centenary of 180

Lindsey, Judge, The Re-election of 636

Lodge, Senator, on Article X and One-Man Power.. 400

Lucas, E. V., a Visitor to America 92

Lunch, The Portable 213

Mabie, Hamilton Wright 498

MacSwiney, Terence, Lord Mayor of Cork, 49, 133, 400,


Maine, The State Election in 129

Marquis, Don 183

Mesopotamia, Secretary Colby's Reply to Lord

Curiou Regarding 068

Michigan, The Parochial School Question in 489

Migration, War-Impelled 620

Miilerand, M.. Candidate for the Presidency of

France 175,215

Miners' Strike in Great Britain, The 366

Missions, Foreign, Conferences on 632

Morley, Christopher 183

Mosley. Lieut. C. C Wins the Pulitzer Airplane

Race 629

Myers, H. L, on the Democratic Party in Montana. 358

Nation, A (Greece), Upset by a Monkey 583

Near East Relief, A Convincing Defense of the 496

New Hampshire, The Primary Kesults in 130

New York Assembly, The Five Socialists and the... 176

New York City:

Concerts by the New York Symphony Society 539

Police. Tile, and Crime 745

Sum Fein Attack on British Flag 539

Wall Street Explosion, The 170

New York Dyspeptics Only, For 183

New York. The Nomination, in 177

Mvelle. General 530

"Nothing Matters" 584

Nurses. Attendant. A Training Course for 90

Obregon, Oeueial. the Neu President of Mexico.... 87

EniTORlA L. Continued

O'Grady, Mrs.. Resigns as' Police Commissioner 746

Olympic Games, The 7

Olympic Games, U. S. Naval Academy Wins Race at

the 88

"Open Door," The (In Mesopotamia) G68

-.-Parks, Our National, Threatened 633, 704

IWion Play, The, at Canisius Collage, Buffalo 8

People, The Voice of the 447

Phelps-Stokes Fund, The 313

Pilgrim Fathers, Who Were the 7 636

Plagiarism. A Case of Petty 91, 220

Plays, Three ("Jane Clegg," "Lightnin"," "The

Bad Man") 182

Plymouth Church, The Injury to 630

Plymouth, Old, Celebrates the Pilgrim Tercente-

nary 88

Poland and the Reds, The Armistice Between 312

Poland, Conditions in 6, 11, 46

Polish Patriots, The Russian Reds and 86

Post Office Department, A Good Word for the 178

Potterite, Don't bea 406

Presidential Campaign, The 180

Presidential Campaign, The: An Open Letter to

an Outlook Reader 220

League of Nations and the 60,356,489

Not a Straw Vote 372

President or Senators—An Important Issue 12

Privacy, The Death of 315

Prohibition on American Ships 706

Protestant Churches in Alliance 708

Provtncetown Players, The 710

Rainbow, The End of the 92

, Red Cross. The, Carries on 402

A Red, Talking, and Seeing Red 181

Republican Camiuigtt Advisory Committee, The... 218

Republicanism. The Flood Tide of 490

Riga. Progress at 216

Rinteleu, Franz von, Release of 030

Road Ahead, The (for Republican Administration). 540
Robertson, Alice M., Representative-Elect from

Oklahoma 492

Roosevelt, Franklin—A Vice-Presidential Disap-
pointment 12

Roosevelt, Theodore, 302 ; Unpublished Letter of.

Root vs. Cox

Russian Reds, The, and Polish Patriots

Russia, Southern, The Bolshevist Advance in

Senatorial States, Doubtful

Serbia, Relief for

Sharers, The

Shipping Scandal, The

Shore Leave (Navy Club)


"Skin Game, The"

Smith, Governor, calls Extraordinary Session .of

New York Assembly

* Smoking on Busses in New York

Socialist Ouster, The

Socialists, The Return and Departure of the. In the

New York Assembly

Spencer, Senator, President Wilson and

Spiritual Thoroughbreds

Stetson, F. L

Steward, An Accounting with the

Stop, Look, and Listen (Presidential Campaign


Stuck, Archdeacon Henry

Submarine 8-5. Rescue of Officers and Crew of the.

Switzerland, The Wealth of

"Tavern, The"

Tennessee and the Suffrage Amendment

Tlianksgiving Letter, A, from a Paris Padre (Rev.
8. R. Flaher)

Tilden, W. M , Wins in Tennis Tournament

Treaty, Shall We Scrap the?

Turk, The, on Top Again

Vice-Presidential Candidate, A, Explains and We
Partly Apologize

Vienna, Present-Day

Vote, How I Shall, and Why (Lyman Abbott)

Voter, To the Uncertain

Wanted—Heat: also Light

'' Waste, Profligate and Inexcusable " (of the Demo-
cratic Administration)

War, The Twilight of i he

Why Do They Do It [Plagiarize] .'

Williama College, Study of Politics in

Wilson, James

Wilson, President, and Senator Spencer

Wilson's (President) Appeal

Wilson's (President) Final Message

Wilson's (President) Question and Semtor Har-
ding's Answer

Wisconsin, The Primary Results hi

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island Inlands, The 176

Abbott. l.\ man. Tell* How He Will Vote, and Why. 314

Abbott, Lyman, on the Campaign Issue* '2*20, 361

Airplane Race. The Pulitzer 829

Alaska, An Airplane Round Trip to In::

Albania, The New 704

Alexander. King of Greece, Death of 40U

American Bankers' Association, Resolutions ui Hie.. 404

American Lesion, The Convention of the 268

American Ships for American Goods 178

Americans, Un-American 073

Annapolis, Hasing at 581

Armistice Day, Honors to Unknown Dead 536

•Bad Han, The" 182

Baliai Temple, A, in Chicago 579

Ball Players, The Gamblers and the 267

Barnes, William, on " Republicanism In 1920" 5

Baseball Players, Charges Against 219

'• Bat, The," Appeal of 272

Beethoven, In Honor of 750

Bergdolls, The, and Mr. Baker 8

Blue Law Agitation. The 630

Bolshevism and Britain's Problems (Cartoons) 401

Bolshevist Advance in Southern Russia, The 494

Bolivia and the Sea 270

Bolt, The Right to 309

Borah. Senator, on the League of Nations 268

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Strike, The 85

Bruch.'ltax 272

Building Trade Scandal, The 493

llurch, Bishop, Death of 747

Burton, President, of Michigan University 403

Campaign Charges 85

Campaign Gossip 447

Campaigning by Slander 133

eacanal Zone. Welfare Work hi the 708

Cartoons of the Week, 9, 47, 89, 131, 179, 217, 271, 311,
359, 401, 449, 491, 637, 580, 031, 609, 705, 745

Census Report of 1920 404

Children, Help for Kuropeau 539, 744

China, Famine in 313

Chinese Mission Field, Denominationalism in the... 494

Christmas Advice, Some, and a Word to the Unwise 035

Christmas Drives 744

Christ, Portraits of 58-.'

Churches of Christ, Federal Council of the 708

Church Union in France and Belgium 8

Cilicia, The Crv from 577

■«X'ities, Great, The Tragedy of 749

Colby's (Secretary) Reply to Lord Cunon Regarding

Mesopotamia 008

Congress, Changes in the Membership of 190

Congress, The Duty of 668

Connecticut Legislature Ratines the Suffrage

Amendment 176

Connecticut, Nominations in 178

Constantlne, King, of Greece 671, 743

Constitution, Amendments to the 672

-Contagion 273

Cork, Ireland, Fire at 708

Corruption Funds 45

Court of international Justice, The Proposed 7

Cox, Governor, In New York City 399

Cox's (Governor) Charges 5,133

Crane, W. M 268

Crimea, The Victory of the Reds in the 538

Crowell, Mr. B., on the Presidential Candidates.... 268

Cuban Elections, The 493

Current Events illustrated. 16, 62, 96. 138, 188, 224, 278

310, 304, 412, 512, 544. 580, 040, 714, 754

Daniels, Secretary, on the Navy Programme 744

Deschanel, President. The Resignation of 176

Drama on Strings, The 751

Dust of the World. The 61

Egypt, The New Status of, 48; The Old Status of.. 49

Election, Results of the National 447

Election, The:

Congress. The Next 448

Metropolitan Press on 455

New York State, The Result In 447

North Dakota, Wisconsin, and some Democratic

Worries 448

Senate, Probable New Republicans in the 450

Election, The Great 405

England. The Labor Crisis in 402

English Coal Miners' Strike, Postponement of the.. 215

Entente, The Little 450

"EnterMadame" 221

Esperanto, The, Wins International Race 461

Evans, Charles, Golf Champion 132

Fairs, Traveling 10

Farmers' Strike, A 747

-«*v*ear 673

Fellow, The Other 12

"First Tear, The" 582

Fishermen's Race, The, International 451

Fhune 53K, 743

Football 405,541,032

Ford Motor Conijainy, Price Reduction Announced

bytha 219

Forest Hills, Aviation Tragedy at 88

Fort, J. F 679

France, Presidential Elections in , 176

Franco-Italian Understanding, A 310

(isme. The Big 541

(ieddes. Sir Auckland, Addresses American Bar

Association 88

Geneva, The Home of the League of Nations at 496

Georgia. The Primary Results in 129

Oermauy and the League of Nations 670

(lerster. F.telka 270


Air Tangle, America's Cuthbert Hicks "Hi

Air, The Law of the W. C. WUlisma 144

Akron Town, Treating Men White in.

F. M. Davenport 4i 7

American Note-Book, From an E. V. Lucas 99. I4<:

Athlete, Is the. sn Ass ".'

I—A Cliallenge from the F-aay Chair.N. A. Fuessle 5911

11—A Response In Perspiration.... H. T. Pulalfer 592

Easy Chairs, Asses, and Athletes.C. W.Crampton 761

Blial Baiell Amelia J. Burr 507


Bishops of the Anglican Church, Conference of the.

E. C. Chorley 53

Black Diamonds Die Game of .1. A. Wetzel 593

Blaine, The Phrase that Beat R. D. Harlan 649

Britain's Credit P. W. Wilson 185

Business Man, An Amateur J. Q. Frederick 303

Canterbury and Zion:

I—The Bishops at Lambeth Palace..E. C. Chorley 53

II- The Hope of a New Palestine.

Dorothy Thompson ."4

Chicago's Midway. Immortalizing—R. H. Moulton 43:1

Clean Slate, A Elsie Singmaster 040

Clown, Uplifting the Maria Moravsky 084

Coffee-House. The Old English F. C. Lockwood 1 12

• College Presidents Answer The Outlook's Question,

How Will Ton Vote and Why? 318

Contentment Leonard Hatch 718

Cost (of the Great War). The Harry- Botsford 01 4

Cox and Harding as Seen by Associates.

Richard Barry 193

Cox or Harding, Will Tou Vote for? Answers of
Eight Leading American Novelists : Owen Wister,
Stewart Edward White, Mary Roberts Rinehart,
Emerson Hough, Ida M. Tarbell, Joseph C. Lin-
coln, Reginald Wright Kauffman, Gertrude Ather-

ton 280

Czechs, The Courageous. Eleanor Markell 540

1 teuiocracy hi the Home Kstella M. Place 758

Despot, The. Troubles Troubles of Benevolent.

W. E. Pulliain 758

Diana's Tenants H. T. Pulaifer 505

diplomacy, American Andrew Ten Eyck 724

Doty, Edward, Pilgrim Father 1*. G. Perrin 038

Fanner, Eastern, Wliat's the Matter with the'.'
J. M. Gatbauy:

Agricultural Plight, Our KC»

Agricultural Revolution, The 1UG

Food Prices—Must They Stay Up 7 280

Alliance for Prosperity, An 042

Fanner's Wife. A, Speaks Anne Gilbert 589

Financial Clouds, The Rainlxm in the...T. H. Price 003

Flying—Is It Dangerous? L. La T. Driggs 40(1

(Jumpers, Samuel, President of the American Fed-
eration of Labor Sherman Rogers 277

Gracchi, Visitors to the Margaret S. Hard 103

Greek Expansion, Tlie Eleanor Markell 450

Harding and Cox as Newspaper Men..Ricliard Barry 140

Harding and Cox as Seen by Associates.

Richard Barry 103

Harding's A11- A merican Plan R. W. Montague 235

Harding, the Man of Marion Samuel Colcord 551

Hawaii's Serious Problems R. W. Neal 95

Head Masteis, An Open Letter to A Bub-Master 327

Homer and Vergil, To-Day in the Lands of:

I - The Greek Expansion Eleanor Markell 450

II The Italian Lock-ln Bnino Roselli 45*

Hope of the World, The Bessie Locke 523

Horsehair C. G. Hall 290

Immigration (" The Incomparable Migration ")-

Harold Knutson 763

Italian Lock-In, The Bruno Roselli 458

I. W. W.,The:
The Under Dog—" And They Wonder Why We're

Red" C. L. Fry 19

Japan, Liberal Movements in Modern.

Kuutami Ukita 078

Jungle, Clearing the Sherman Rogers 227

Justice and the Court Martial System A Regular KM

Knoll Papers. Lyman Abbott:

Christmas and the Universal Madonna 713

Church's One Foiuidatiou, The 94

Concerning Hair Shirts 14

"God's Way of Doing Things" 187

Why Not? 50

Labor Leaders and Direct Action—A Contrast:

I—Robert Smillie, Leader of the British Miners.

W. M. Tippy 270

II—Samuel Gompers, President of the American

Federation of Labor Sherman Rogers 277

Lambeth Palace, The Bishops at E. C. Chorley 53

Leaders in Industry, Business, and Finance Tell How

They Will Vote and Why 372

Lean Years and Fat (on the Farm).

Harriet W. Ashby 082
Lincoln Statue, A New, and a Lincoln Story.

M. C. DeK. 180

Log Cabins—Past and Present... O. E. McGillicuddy 381

Mac: The Story of a Dog of Honor.. -T. D. Carman 410

Mental Motor, The One-Boy-Power... .H. V. Coryell 080
Metropolitan Silhouette: At the " Musical Intime."

J. G. Anioth 250

Migration, The Incomparable Harold Knutson 703

Military Discipline Richard Welling 402

Mistral's Opinion of Roosevelt W. A. Paton 309

Musical Missionary, A L. F. Abbott 752

Officer. Concerning the C. C. Hathaway 158

Oil- Well Shooters, The Harry Botsford 509

Outlook, This Week's J. M. Gathany

28, 70, 114, 150, 204, 242, 294, 330, 380. 424, 474, 51G,
500, 002, 050, 092, 732

Palestine, The Hope of a New.. .Dorothy Thompson 54
1'arliament and Treasury on Trial:

1—Soviets in England Frank Dilnot 184

II—Britain's Credit P. W. Wilson 185

I*arty Platform, The— Its Present Function.

H. W. Jessup 585

Peking-Hankow Diuing-Car, In the..Gregory Mason 59

Pictures from Outlook Readers 98, 152. 200, 220, 290,

370, 420, 4ti8, 550, 59S, 052, 088. 728, 700

Pig, The. and the Primary H. T. Pulaifer 19

Pilgrim Fathers—What They Left Behind Theni.

Sir A. E. Shipley..404

Pilgrims, Tlfe, " Three Centuries Ago:"

1—Edward Doty, Pilgrim Father P. G. Perrin 038

II—Puritans Going to Church A. W. Abrams 039

Plain Glass Eleanor J. Little 231


Childreu, The Martha H. Clark 011

Colin Clout's Come Home Again..Edward Davison 042

K.arth-Song Louise A. Garuett 710


Great Beech Tree, A Mary P. Parsons 300

Norah en de Ark Louise A. Garnett G83

Pilgrim Mothers , Daniel Henderson 110

Sonnet Theodore Maynard 419

Sonnet, A K. W. Weimar 389

Sunken City, The Edward Davison 404

Terence, the Man Louise A. Garnett 485

To a Friend in the Woods Marion C. Smith 59

Youth B. P. Clark, Jr. 15

Polish Army. With the Major R. S. Davis 21

Presidential Campaign, The; Its Problems and Per-

Pig. The, and the Primary' H. T. Pulaifer 19

Presidential Campaign. The: Leaders in Industry,

Business, and Finance Tell How They Will Vote

and Why 372

Profiteer. The Confessions of a. Lawrence McCouuell 04
Prosperity, An Alliance for: The Government, the

City, and the Country ?. M. Gatliany 042

P. 8. 8 C. t. Hall 290

Puritans Going to Church A. W. Abrams 039

Republican Avalanche. What Started the '.'

An Emotional Electorate C. H. Howell 499

A Vote of No Confidence H.J. Haskell 500

An Aggrieved Electorate Bent on Punishment.

F. P. Olds 501

A Vote of Mistrust W. H. Cowles 502

Yote-lt-Straight Independents A. W. Stace 503

The National Sweep Against Wilsouism.

F. M. Davenport 503

Rheiius, A Hospital at ("The Story of a ResuiTec-

tion "l Margaret Shirley 750

Roosevelt, Mint rat's Opinion of W. A. Patou 309

Roosevelt, Theodore, at Harvard. ..Richard Welting 300

Roosevelt with Children Margaret Wentworth 010

Russia. Southeastern, The Situation in.

George Renuan 130

Santo Domingo ("The Troubles of a Benevolent

Desist ") W. E. Pulliam 758

Sense iiiid the Psychic Winifred Kirkluud 5>*>

Smillie, Roliert, Leader of the British .Miners.

W.M.Tippy 270

Snared J. G. Frederick 285

Socialist Ouster, The Second, at AlUtuy and the

Housing Crisis in New York City.

F. M. Davenitort 222

Socialists, The Expulsion of the.. .. A. E. Stevenson 274

Soviets in England Frank Dilnot 184

—•Speed Thirst Satisfied L. La T. Driggs 57

Stearns, Frank, The Faith of Bruce Barton 00

Strike, How the Square Deal Beat the. W. E. Brooks 518
— jjnlnmy Elevated, and Airplane, The, from a Senti-
mental Point of View Maria Moravsky 328

Sunday Night Mary L. ttosse 15

Sunset, The N. A. Fuessle 700

Taxation, Painless T. H. Price 190

Teacher Scarcity—The Crumbling Second Line of

Defense C.N. Kendall 548

^Vemper. How to Lose Your Margaret Wentworth 110

- Than He That Ruleth a City Richard Welling 402

Turks. The, on Trial Eleanor Markell 074

Uncle Sam's Tin Halo Andrew Ten Eyck 724

Westminster Abbey, To Repair H.T. Sudduth 521

Whiting, Arthur (" A Musical Missionary").

L. K. Abbott 752
Wilson's Foreign Policies:

I—A Defense of President Wilson. W. C. Williams 234
11—Harding's All-American Plan.

R. W. Montague 235

Wings, Clipped L. La T. Driggs 554

Yellowstone Park, Senator Walsh on Exploitation of 08


Alsace in Rust and Gold (O'Shaughneasy) 064

America, My Three Years in (Benistorff) C90

American World Policies (Hill) Ill

Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920 (Braithwaite) 707

Bliss, Daniel, The Reminiscences of....... .■ 421

Bok, Edward, The Americanization of.

R. D Townaend 514

Bolshevism: An International Danger (Miliukov).. 67

Bolshevism: Practice and Theory (Russell) 707

Book of Susan, The (Dodd) 07

Books, On the Recommending of T. L. Massou 20

Borneo. Central, Through (Lumholtx) 333

Burroughs, John (Barrus) 000

Cadenza, The Critic's L. R. Morris 409

Canteening Overseas (Baldwin) 378

Cape Cod, Old (Bangs) 47<i

Chapin's (Charles) Story 334

Character and Opinion in the United States.

Lloyd R. Morris 729

Children's Reading Sidonie M. Gmeuherg 557

China the Mysterious (Murdock) 708

Christ, The Life of (Lees) 707

Church, The, and the Churches .Lyman Abbott 089

Church, The Doctrine of the, and Christian Re-

union I Headlaiu ) 089

Church, The Great, Awakes Ideas and Studies Cou-

<remhig Unity and Reunion (Palmer) 089

Collecting, The Pleasures of (Teallt 378

Connecticut Wits, The. and Other Essays (Beers)... 47<i

Contemplative Davs, The 089

Darkwater fDu Bois) 090

Democracy After the War (Holw*on) 558

Democracy and Government (Peterson) 558

Democracy, Education for (Cope) 334

Democracy, Real, in Operation (Bon jour) 558

Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsneld. The Life

of (Buckle) 202

England, The Industrial History of (Usher) 07

Enslaved, and Other Poems (Mansfield) 154

Farmers, The Abandoned (Cobb) 7(iS


Age of Innocence. The (Wharton* 6f*5

Americans All (Heydrich) -01

Black Knight, Tin- (Sidgwick and Garatin) * 01

Blind: A Story of These Times (Poole) 153

Trot Book Table.— Ctmthiued

Captain Macedoine's 1 laughter (McFee) 515

Devil's Pawn, The (Oppcnheim) $£;

Ditte: Girl Alive (Nexo) 238

Kgan (Hall) 202

Erakine I>ale, Pioneer (Fox) 333

Famous Psychic Stories (McSpaddeii) 333

For Better, For Worse (Maxwell) 333

Gateless Barrier. The (Malet) 202

Henry Elizabeth (McCarthy) 238

Hidden People (Miller) 37a

Homespun and (told (Brown) (#u

In Chancery (Galsworthy) 653

Little House, The (Ihiwson) 333

Little Pierre (Fiance) '558

Lucinda (Hope) 55s

Main waring (Hewlett) 333

Mary Wollaston (Webster) 47()

Middle Passage, The (Tooker) 333

Mitch Miller (Masters) COO

Modern Greek Stories (Yaka and Phoutrides) 238

No Defense (Parker) 333

Noon-Mark, The (Watts) 090

One After Another (Aumouier) 333

Poor Man's Rock (Sinclair) 558

Poor Wise Man, A (Rinehart) 515

Robinson Crusoe, A New (Gardner) 202

Samuel Lyle, Criminologist (Crabb) OOfl

Sandman's Mountain. The (Dodge) 515

She Who Was Heleua Cass (Itising) 378

Tension (Delaneld) GOO

Terrible Island, The (Grimsliaw) GOO

Top o' the Morning (MacManus) 378

Vacation of the Kelwym, The (Howells) 333

Valley of the Silent Men, Tli? (Curwood) 378

Wang the Ninth (Wealel 238

West Wind Drift (McCutcheon) G00

Wind Between the Worlds, The (Brown) Ill

Wounded Souls (Gibbs) 515

Young Heart* (Buckrose) 07

Youth iu Harley (Gerould) 333

France and Ourselves (Gil it tons) G54

France, History of American Field Service in (Hall

and NordhorT) 054

Freethinkers of the Nineteenth Century (Courtney). Ill

Friction, Points of (Repplier) 470

Fuller. Margaret (Anthony) 515

Gresham. Walter Quintin, Life of, 1832-1895 (Grea-

ham) (ion

Hispanic Anthology (Walsh) 237

Hour. The Advancing (Hapgood) Ill

Humorous Verse, The Rook of (Wells) 708

Ideals, American (Roosevelt) 690

.lob. The Book of (.lastrow) 767

.Journalism, A Preface to the Profession of.

Christopher Morley 599

".lust Issued," The. of Fifty Years Ago.

W.J.Price 153

Lafayette Flying Corps, The (Hall and Nordhoff)... 654
Latin America, Contemporary' Literature iu.

L. R. Morris 237

Life and Literature. Memoirs of 1 Mullock) 238

London, The Great Fire of, in 1000 (Bell) 654

Magic Casements, Of L. R. Morris 377

Mind-Energy (Bergson) 767

Navy, Fifty Years in the Royal (Scott) 768

Negro, The Voice of the (Kerlin) 690

New England Houses, Old (Robinson) 202

Novels, Among the 333

Novels Not for a Day R. D. Townsend 653

Novel, What Are Requirements of a Good ?,

T. L. Maaton 11"

Opal, The Story of (Whiteley) 201

Panama. The Great Adventure of (Bunau-Varilbv) . 708

Peace Tangle, The (Baas) 470

Pilgrim, The (Temple) 767

Pilgrims, The Pastor of the: A Biography of John

Robinson (Burgess) 238

Pioneer, The Story of a (Daniel Blias).Lymau Abbott 421

Poetry', A Study of (Perry) 377

Poetry, The Kinds of and Other Essays (Erakine).. 377

Poet Mortem Opinions (Roosevelt) 202

Prohibitionist, A, Sliakes Dice with Poe (T. P.

Stearns) 25

Reading, On the Art of (Quiller-Couch) 690

Roads to Childhood (Moore) 558

Roosevelt, Concerning Biography and Certain Biog-

raphers of 291

Roosevelt's (Theodore) Letters to His Children

(Bishop) 291

Roosevelt, Theodore (Pearson) 202

Roosevelt Theodore: An Intimate Biography

(Thayer) 291

Roosevelt, Theodore, Impressions of (Abbott) 291

Roosevelt, Theodore, Life of (Lewis) 291

Roosevelt, Theodore: The Man as I Knew Him

(lgleliart) 291

Socialism iu Thought and Action (Laidler) 653

Sovietiam (Walling) Ill

Spanish America : Its Romance, Reality, and Future

(Knock) 654

S{>aitish American Literature, Studies in (Goldberg) 237

"Steeplejack" (Huneker) 409

Tahiti Days (MacQuarrie) 558

"That Damn Y " (Mayo) &>

Tracks of the Trades, In the (Freeman) 470

T. R., Bill Sewall's Story of (Sewall) 291

T. R., Talks with (Leary) 291

Tussaud, Madame, The Romance of (Tussaud) 654

United States. The (Becker) 334

United States, The. iu the World War (MeMaster). 3R!

Universe, Accepting the (Burroughs) 515

Victorians. Eminent (Strachey) 21*1

Washington, George, Life of (l^odge) 690

West Indies, Roaming Through the (Franck) fiW

West, Seeing the Far (Faris) 654

Winning of the West. Stories from the, 1709-1807

(Roosevelt) ftW

Worker's Mind, What's 011 the (Williams) 334

Writers, Talks to (Heart)) 470

"Y, That Damii " (Mayo) GO

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