A History of the United States Navy, from 1775 to 1893, Svazek 1

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Strana 159 - Will it not then be advisable to begin, without delay, to provide and lay up the materials for the building and equipping of ships of war; and to proceed in the work by degrees, in proportion as our resources shall render it practicable without inconvenience ; so that a future war of Europe may not find our commerce in the same unprotected state in which it was found by the present ? Congress have repeatedly, and not without success, directed their attention to the encouragement of manufactures.
Strana 426 - The public will learn, with sentiments which we shall not presume to anticipate, that a third British frigate has struck to an American. This is an occurrence that calls for serious reflection, — this, and the fact stated in our paper of yesterday, that Lloyd's list contains notices of upwards of five hundred British vessels captured in seven months by the Americans.
Strana 109 - I had lost my boats and people through my imprudence in sending boats to take a prize ! He persisted in his reproaches, though he was assured by Messrs. De Weibert and De Chamillard, that the barge was towing the ship at the time of elopement, and that she had not been sent in pursuit of the prize. He was affronted, because I would not the day before suffer him to chase without my orders, and to approach the dangerous shore I have already mentioned...
Strana 118 - About half-past nine, a cartridge of powder was set on fire, which, running from cartridge to cartridge all the way aft, blew up the whole of the people and officers that were quartered abaft the mainmast...
Strana 396 - I cannot receive the sword of a man who has so bravely defended his ship, but I will receive your hand.
Strana 119 - Richard, there being the most essential difference in their appearance and construction. Besides, it was then full moonlight, and the sides of the Bon Homme Richard were all black, while the sides of the prize were all yellow.
Strana 457 - ... beyond the power of interfering with us, and meet you wherever it is most agreeable to you, within the limits" of the undermentioned rendezvous, viz.
Strana 119 - ... third in the middle, in a horizontal line. Every tongue cried that he was firing into the wrong ship, but nothing availed; he passed round, firing into the...
Strana 450 - ... every day, for about an hour and a half in the forenoon, when not prevented by chase or the state of the weather, the men were exercised at training the guns, and for the same time in the afternoon in the use of the broadsword, pike, musket, etc.
Strana 123 - ... a person must have been an eye-witness to form a just idea of the tremendous scene of carnage, wreck, and ruin that everywhere appeared. Humanity cannot but recoil from the prospect of such finished horror, and lament that war should produce such fatal consequences.

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