Notes on Witchcraft

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Davis Press, 1907 - Počet stran: 67

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Strana 61 - In short, when I consider the question, whether there are such persons in the world as those we call witches, my mind is divided between the two opposite opinions: or rather (to speak my thoughts freely) I believe in general that there is, and has been, such a thing as witchcraft ; but at the same time can give no credit to any particular instance of it.
Strana 9 - That there were such creatures as witches, he made no doubt at all. For, first, the Scriptures had affirmed so much. Secondly, the wisdom of all nations had provided laws against such persons, which is an argument of their confidence of such a crime.
Strana 58 - The Discovery of Witches: in. Answer to severall Queries, lately delivered to the Judges of Assize for the County of Norfolk.
Strana 9 - ... wisdom of all nations had provided laws against such persons, which is an argument of their confidence of such a crime. And such hath been the judgment of this kingdom, as appears by that Act of Parliament which hath provided punishments proportionable to the quality of the offence. And...
Strana 12 - ... he was clearly of opinion, that the persons were bewitched; and said, that in Denmark there had been lately a great discovery of witches who used the very same way of afflicting persons, by conveying pins into them, and crooked as these pins were, with needles and nails.
Strana 8 - Rutterkin) to make away those Children, out of mere malignity and thirst of revenge. But since the beginning of these unnatural Wars, there may be a cloud of Witnesses...
Strana 32 - I think not that their witchcraft is any real power; but yet that they are justly punished, for the false belief they have that they can do such mischief, joined with their purpose to do it if they can; their trade being nearer to a new religion than to a craft or science.
Strana 32 - ... Englishmen closely connected with the party dominant in the mother country, and with their minds broadened by having to deal with questions of state and European policy. After that time they sank rapidly into provincials, narrow in thought, in culture, in creed. Such a pedantic portent as Cotton Mather...
Strana 51 - ... with a great degree of warmth and vigour, as if determined to awaken and engage the powers below. I sa't at a small distance, not more than thirty feet from them, (though undiscovered), with my Bible in my hand, resolving, if possible, to spoil their sport, and prevent their receiving any answers from the infernal world, and there viewed the whole scene.
Strana 14 - A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches, and Supernatural Operations by Pregnant Instances and Evidences (London, 1672), in Christine Hole, A Mirror of Witchcraft, 31.

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