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Hiforical Chronicle.

August, freemen escamped on the Plaine. li was matter gling who should mount the guards, and expose of much regret to those that have long admired chemielves to the inclemency of the night and of colonel Stewart's independence and uniformity the weather : aod after been drenched with'tor. of conduct, that the corps commanded by himn renis of rain, wrapping their bodies in a blun. Mouldve hole only who were not under canvais, ket and making a wilp of itiaw their pillow and at the most glorious display of military self ap- bed, prelented a scene that the prelent age may pointment that any nation, either ancient or mo- glory in-the succeding revere, and yet pottering dern, ever could boast. On Wednesday the are will doubt the lurviving grandson's izle. - Such my, after leaving a trong guard in camp on the was the Belfalt camp, where discipline prefided, plains, marched to the review ground, which hospitality furnished the table, and through was distant about a mile, the same which was in which lemperance, supported by freedom; mira ole lalt season ; here they were joined by the and good honour, prelerved an unbounded troops from towa.

(way. About twelve, the approach of the general, “ It must be observed, that the cents, eren of the earl of Charleipont, was announced. His every company of privates, were made of the lordhip was attended by his aids de camps, co- very best fail canvais, the propriety of which Jonel T. Dawson and caprain Moore. The ge. was mort len Gbly felt by their pot admitting, Deral rode along the line, which received him rain ; while the troops were on the ground le. with prelented arms, and afterwards cook faci. veral nighes there fe'll prodigious corrents--du. on in front. The army was divided in three ring the day and time of review the weather was brigades, as the ground did not ftretch fufficient. exceedingly favourable. ly in front to accommodate the whole. The “ Friday was allolled for the mock fight, plan of the ieview was rather short, intended, which consisted of an attack upon the camp of Do doubt, that the three brigades might be re. the garrison of Belfast. The ground in front of viewed the same day.

the camp was skirted by Cromack wood;" There was little exhibited more than the through ihischere are several very extensive and usual marchings and brings : hui chis gave a. wide viltas that were the oply pallages by wbich bundance of opportunity to the attentive eye of the camp on that Gide was asailable ; to obtain the spectator to judge of the amazing proficien- these it was necessary for the Barrilon to secure cy fince the former year. The deeds of last the wooden bridge over the Salt Water river a séalon comparatively seemed only the blossom of the Paper- mill, where only they could pass over. that perfection which now displayed the rich a body of men. Colonel Stewart commanded fulnels of ripened maturity. The marchings the Belfast garrison ; colooel Banks ebat part of were amazingly Neady; the ranks dreiled uni- the line of the camp which were to oppose the formly firin, not a man out of line ; whether post of the bridge ; here the heat of the action she movement was rapid or now time, the dile on this side lay, and was dispuled moft obftioue. cipline ftill thewed the mothed veteran, the eo- ly till the forces from camp were attacked in thusiasm of freedom, and the caule in which flank by a detachmeat from the garrison, who each freeman armed,

had paired with one field piece by a bridge of " In paling their beloved general they with boars thrown over the river below the wooden dpright port and conlcious digniey boldly eyed bridge. that diftinguished character, whole great and “This immediately turned the scale, 2od o. perlevering abilities have been lo uniformly ex. bliged the troops from camp to repals the bridge crted in their caule-a caule which they had re from which they had dinodged the other, and Solved to abandon only with lite.

with difficulty lecure a retreac ; they afterwards “ Two brigades were this day reviewed : it rallied in the wood, and made leveral very brik was difficult to lay which behaved most to the attacks, bue being so galled by the field pieces satisfaction of those that were judges of milita• of the garrison 'hey were obliged to secure themry perfection. Though the corpshad scarce any felves within the lines of the camp, which was Opportunity of before mancurring together, they attacked with such impetuosity by the others, get acted in lach unilon, that they rather ap: that they were obliged to beat a parley. The peared as parts of a brigade that had been ea victorious army leemed to take advantage of camped and daily practiled in the field.

their fituation, and generously granted them the “ Thuriday the third brigade marched from use of their arms, and the Atridtett orders were camp, and convinced every eye, that though the issued to preserve private property in the general leps of freedom may excel in arms, yet perfectio wreck. on is not confined to any particular body of the “ Another part of the garrison had been de

tached by bye roads to attack the camp on the " After the review of each day, the troops Lisburn fron-but advancing op cowards Frye marched to camp, where the most exact disci- ar's Bulh to secure that height, which commandpline chat marks the soldier was uniformly puted the camp, they found to their no small more in practice. The different guards were all cification thac the enemy had takea poffeffioa mounted-centinels placed sod relieved all the and fortified it in the nighe-this occafioned ! routine of camp discipline enforced without the most obftinate dispute, contcited with much lpie smallest relaxation or indulgence-from the co ric by both armies, but was al latt yielded co the Jonel to the private all dined and Nept in camp, perlevering exertioos of the garrisoo, who have it leave was not fint obrained from his superior ing taken poffeffion of the guar, turned them on officer. A body of wealthy independent men, the foe, and under the cover of the artillery, bred in all the comforts of life,'submitted to formed iwo solid columns, and advanced boldly to kuch restraints without sepiaing ; rather frog. storm the camp in two places, where they met

volunteer army.

Colonel O'Neill.

on Royal Ulter

Ulfter Regt.
Red Battalion
Ulster Regt. Colc Rowley,

viner Regt.

Blue Bat.

a re listance frong and unexpected-which must Second Line fronting Libura.
have the proper effect but from the thunder of Artillery
the artillery on the heights, that galled the Braid
camp, and threw them into confusion, which Cullybackey
was farther improved by the columos immedi. Portgleaore
ately reducing and forming in front, and after a Aotrim
general volley, charging with bayonets, which Coonor
completed the victory.

Randalltowa “ The garrison of Belfast after generouny Aghogill giving up the Spolia Opima, returned to lowo. Broughthane, " The regiments in camp were afterwards

Ballylessan drawo up in front of the lines, and fired a graad Bellypure feu de joy of three rounds.

Drumbridge " The general, who was in the camp during Dunmurry the whole of the day, after the feu de joy palled Purdidurne in front of the lioes, attended by his aids.de. Litburo Fufileers camp and the exercising officer, and made the warmeft ackoowledgments for the satisfaâion Lisburn True-blue Grenadiers they had given him, aod the amazing scene le Battalion Comp. do. bad been witness of. Joy (pas kled in every eye, Light lofaoiry do and pleasure Mode in every countenance at the Lambeg appearance of the general of their choice--a Dromore Charlemont who had three times fuccellively and Maghiagell woanimoully been elected to review the bands of Uller Regt. Artillery. self-armed, self-appoin:ed, high spirited, and

Cantoned in Town and fo ming the Garrison. iode pendent Northeros. The general was received with acclamations that almost reat the

Commanded by Colooel Stewart.
Comber Company

kies, which were echoed to Belfast, and caught
by the garrison, who were drawn up in two

Gille ny

lines shrough the principal streets, and who also
fored a feu de joy of three rounds to reverberate

Newtown, ist.

2d. the glorious found to the first free and indepen

3d. dent camp that any country on earth ever could boast of

Bangon “ This day, lord Charlemont left town els Donaghadee

Dundonald corted by the Belfalt troop and Newry horse.

Newlown Artillery " The Belfalt blae volunteers were under Arms, and the artillery fired, upon bis lordhip's Killead Company departure to review the volunteer army in Aghadee Ditto Munster."

Belfalt Horse

Newry Horse The following is a corre&t List of the Volunteer

Newtown Horse Army, reviewed at Belfast, amounting to 4000 O'Neill's Horse. effective mer.

16. About two o'clock in the morning, the

most dreadful fall of rain commenced that ENCAMP E D.

was ever remembered, and continued for upThe Camp commanded by the Right Hon. Col.' wards of fourteen hours with a violence enO'Neill.

tirely unknown to this climate. The floods oco

calioned by this event, and the consequent disa Firft Line froosing Belfelt.

tresses of the johabitants in different parts of

Dublin, are beyond description : part of Ringla Belfalt Artillery

end bridge was carried away about eleven o'clock Belfalt firft Volunteer Company

at night. Donegore

19. The journeymea of the corporations of Larne

taylors, smiths, bakers, butchers, and shoemak. Holywood

ers, and a number of sawyers, perambulated Whitehouse

this city, according to triedoial custom, and Belfalt Union

made a handsome appearance.

Some idea may be formed of the Gtuation of Belfast Volanteer Blog

the besieged ia Gibraltar, from a passage in a lece First Holywood

ter from thence lacely received io this cits: “A Carricklergus

long confinement to falt provisions has increased Tyrone and Adon

the scurvy, and damped the spirits of the garrie Killilcagua

fon. Norwichitanding the glory of defending

this rock, and the ardour of the governor, we Lilburo First Company

look at one apother with dismal countenances. Rolevale

You may conceive the perpelual fire kept up a. Ballynabiocla

gainst this place, when I affure you a parapet leMoira

en venteen feet high, and two hundred long, has

been raised gear Willia's battery, coplifting

Colonel Stewart. Co. Dowo Regimento

Pirn Independent

lion. Belfast Batta.










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A Town, Co. Meath, "Eig; 10 Mia Dunne, of peace for the co. of Kildare.

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Historical Chronicle,

Auguft. Doching else but the shells and ball thrown in Mrs. Lane, filter to the lord bishop of Kilmore.by the Spaniards.

At Raford, co. Galway, in the 18th year of his BIRTH S.

age, Denis Daly, Eiq; ftudent of Trinics.col. He lady of the rev. Dr. Smyth, of a son. lege.--A6 Aghmore, co. Leitrim, Mr. Stephen

At the Castle of Duoboyne, the lady of Reynolds.
James Willoo Esq; of a daughter.-10 Greate

George's-street, the lady of William Power

Trench, to be a juitice of the the lady of covolellor Husband, of a lon.-lo Scou, of Ballycommon, in the co. Wicklow, Merrion-square, the lady of viscount Allen, of a the honour of koigh hood -Edward Crofton, daughter. -At Rathmiges, the lady of the tev. Etq; a governor of the co of Roscommeo. Dr. Dabzac, of a daughter.-In Sackville-ttreet, Charles O'Neill, William Caldbeck, Robert the lady of Samuel Yates, Ely; of a daughter. Lloyd, James Chaltertoo, Richard Sheridan and -The right hon. the countess of Bellamont, of John Currin, Efqrs, barristers at law, lo the a daughter.- At Eonis, the lady of Richard rank of king's-council.-- Jerome Fitzpatrick, Wall, Esq; of a son.-lo Great George's-steet, Etq; M. D. tne honour of knighthood.-Denis the lady of captain Brooke, of a daughter. O'Keeffe, of Kilcies, co. Cork, a juftice of the The lady of Jobo De la Molte, eiq; of a daugh. peace for laid couny. - Henry Jebb, Esq; M.D. ter.-Ai Ardels, co, Permanagh, the lady of the io the honour of knighthood.- Robert Scott, rev. Dr. St. George, of a loa.

Esq; M. D. to the honour of knighthood.-Lau. MARRIAGES.

Parlons, Esq; M. P. for the university of TriT Brofells, Henry Osborne, of Dardins- nity college. --Rev. Joha Hill, a justice of the the Queen's county. -The rev. Mr. Powell, of Thomas-treet, to the widow · Harrison, of Anecdote of the Corint De Gralle. Meath-ttreet.-Captain Pratt, of the royal Irich THE comie de Grasse is the son of the ekleit artillery, to Mits Vallancey, daughter of colonel branch of a noble family, who have long Vallancey. -The right bon. lord Caftleitew- enjoyed a confiderable paternal estate and a tive wart, to Miss Sarah Lill, lecond daughter of the in France. He was very early in life destined in hon. judge Lill.-Benjamin Ball, Llą; to Miis the marine service of his country, in which be Hawkins, eldest diughter of the lord bishop of is grown old being in the 69th year of his age, Raphoe. - At Woodsock, co. Galway, captain Towards the clole of the last war he role to the Robert Sbaw, to Miss Ma:y Hart.-At Role rank of captain. In the course of the preless garland, co. Wexford, Ponsonby Toiteabam, war, the comte has been chiefly employed on the Efq; M. P. to Mits Leigh, daughter of Robert Welt-India sation, but, if we are rightie' isLeigb, Esq; M. P.-Mr. James Cartland, to formed he was second in command of the fleet the widow M‘Mahon.-Nicholas Archdall, Elq; under M. de Barras, which eogaged rear-admi. of Greal-George's-street, co Miss Meade.- Johoral Graves and Sir S. Rood, in the Chesapeak ia Fagan, Esq; to the widow O'Reilly, of Athboy. Sept. 1781, and from superior numbers, guided -joleph Dowdall, Efq; of Athboy, to Miss "v trilling advantage over ihe British fieer. Elizabeth O'Reilly of said place.

At length the decisive day arrived, when this
H S.

gallant Freochman was obliged to surrender his I Donore, co. Kildare, the lady of the right laurels to the immortal Rodney. From the A

hon. chief baron Burgh. -In Kilkenny, number of killed and wounded on board La James Robinson, Esq; a member of the Kilken- Ville de Paris, the count's ship, from the length ny Rangers.-- At Ballyrone, in the Queen's co. of time that he fought, and a variety of other Charles Firzgerald, Esq.- At Ballymena, in the circumstances, it is evident, that the count er. 82d year of her age, lady Spinola, relict of 'hibited the strongest proofs of personal valoar the lace marquis of Spinola.in Cork, the and perfeverance; if therefore his countrymea relia of the late rev. James Weeks; and the have any well-founded charge to bring against rev. Mr. Pick, minister of ebe French church.- him, it must be upon some deficiency, or error In Carlow, Mark Prim, Esq.–At New Garden, of judgment. From the time of his surrender, on. Carlow, Mrs. Williams.-la Crow street, to that of his departure from Londen for France, Mr. Turney.-lo William-treet, Goff, he was created with every mark of respect aod Erg; supposed to be the largest man in Ireland, attention, which characterise the generous fons or perhaps is Great Britain, since the famous of Britain. His noble conqueror aod, his officers Bright of Malden, who weighed 46 stone rolb. set the example; to every person who the wed avoirdupoise. Mr. Goff was Icarce inferior, if him ady civoties, his returns bespoke the geoa judgment may be formed from the dimensions tleman and the man of feeling. of the coffin, which measured 6 feet 8 inches ia The comie is one of the 80 knights of the arleogth, and one yard and half a quarter over the der of the grande Croix of St Louis, and wears brean. The body, when brought out of the a red ribbon, much in the same manner as our bearse, was with great difficulty supported by knights of the Bath. He is tall in ftature, mes twelve strong men At Lanelborough, near furing exactly 6 feet 4 inches, and very robot Cashell, Ambrose Lane, Esq.--At Caitlebar, in bis make, but has contraded a habit of stoopin the 86th year of her age, the reli& of the..ing, from long service on board a frigate, che late Dr. Thomas Bell, of Athlone. -At Lime, low cabia of which must have been very troublerick, John Wight, Esq; one of the aldermen of some to him. Preparations are making in France that city.-- At the Cantle of Thurles, Joho Ma. for the trial of the comte, and of M. de Berthew, Elq.- At Bristol Hot wells, colonel Caulo gainville his second in command, as they recie held, of the 56th regiment.-Jo Heorietta-Areet, procally exbibiced charges against each orber.



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