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On the glorious Revolution of Ireland. No hand of mine Mall e'er molelte

Or rob thee of thg doway neft.
WHILST serater bords describe fierce wars

No cal disturb thy snug retreat,
Their heroes plans and mighty deeds in arms ; No other goldfinch steal thy meat.
What potent nations they, for years, with stood, Every day upon my board,
What town: they sack*d, what countries dreochid Thou will find a scatter'd hoard.
with blood;

Go got near the wicked man,
Be mine the talk to Gng Hibernia's fame, He will kill thee if he can.
Whole onlin'd sword has gaio'd a deathless Though his bags are stuff'd with wealth,

His aching body's void of health.
So long as freedom warm the human breast, Luxury consumes bis frame,
So long will Ireland's glory and confeíi'd; And riot dansps his vital dame.
While time Ma'llaft, each heart to virtue true, He, if on his foor you lit,
will hail, with joy, the glorious eighty two. Instant dooms you to the spit.
00 arcan! fi-ft of all the patriot train,

How it joys my gladden'd heart,
How shall I raise to thee the grateful ftraio ? In my ore to give thee part!
As Tally's'awful eloquence avd Rome, Every day rejoice my breast,
So thine lerne, from her flavish doom.

For a little leave thy nelt;
Nor cap my mple forget the name of Flood, Safe thou may't return again,
Who fpern'd at wealth, to work his country's Through the crevice in the pane.

A Receipt for an Afilme.
To Charlemont what mighty praise is due !
How great, how good, how resolute, how crue! LD friend, accept, at once, frem mo
Buç vain th' atteinpt to ling each glorious name, The following rules, without a fee.
Tha: nlands recorded on the list of fame; An athma is your case, I thiok:
The patriot fire, like quickest light'oing, ran, Take care then what yoù eat and driok;
And warm'd the heart of ev'ry Irishman

Tafte not of meat preserv'd in Salt,
Wheb freedom' banner was by virtue rais'd, Or any liquor made of mall;
The latent spark loon thro' the nation blaz'd. From season'd sauce avert your eyes,
As Cincinatns, on each dread alarm,

From ham. and longues, and pigeoo.pico.
Sahdo'd his foes, yet tilld his Sabine farm; If ven'lon pafties set before you,
So Ireland's fons made e'en Britannia bow, Each bit you ex-memento mori!
Yet pe'er forlook the shuttle or the plow. Por supper nothing, if you please,
No power on earth did hist'ry e'er record, Bus above all no coasted cheese :
That had loft freedom once again restor’d, Its likely now, you will observe,
Vollain'd with blood: Hibernia stande alone, What I prefcribc will make you farve.
A bright example dear fair virtue's throne. No; you may lwallow ava meal
Yet, whilst we log Hibernia's well-eara'd A neck, a loin, a leg of veal;

Youp, turkies I allow you four; Let England, too, our admiration raise:

Partridge and pullets half a score; What justice ask'd in firm, but loval straine,

Or houle-lamb boil'd eat quarters (wo,
Her candour gaves and clexos'd all former The devil's in'c if that won't do.

Now as ta liquor, why indeed,
'Twas then lerne's muchless worth appear'd, I both advise ; and send you meid;
Aod will, thro' ev'ry clime, be Atill rever'd : Gialles of wine extinguish drought,
Let us (her awful female cry'd) prepare,

Take three with water, three without :
A oum'rous hof to aid th' urequal war; Let constant exercise be try'd,
Shall Ireland's warlike fons ungrateful prove? And sometimes walk, and iometimes ride :
Forbid it honour, and forbid it love!

Healih oftener comes from Bi ckdowo bil, The boon that Britain has so kindly given, Than from th’apothecary's pill. Shall be repaid; aod aid her cause, high heav'a! Be not in halte, or thiok co do They Ipoke, and lo! a noble baod appeare,

Your bn hnets in a day or two: And joyful enter naval volunteers :

Some, if they are not well at once, No force in us'd, fo: force would here be vain, Proclaim the doctor for a donce; Tis freedom's cable that leads them to ibe Restle's from qua k to quack they range, main.

When 'tis themselves they ought to change: Sood mult their foes, tho'com'rous, yield she Nature haces violence and force, day,

By metbind led, and gentle course, To glorious Britain and Hibernia.

Rules and restraint iou must endure, Suill may the Gifter nations live in peace! What cornes by time, 'tis time inult cure, Seill may their love and harmony increase! The use of vegetables try, They then may lan at ail their foes alarms,

And prize Pomous in a pye; And bid defiance to the world in aring!

Whate'er you eat, put lumething grodin,
LEONARD WALKER. And worthip Ceres in a pudding.

For bieakfast ic je my advice,
Ode to a Gol'finch.

Bat gruel, lago, barley, rice ;
TOME, sweet bird, with wings of gold,

Take burilock root, and by my.troth
All thy yellow plumes unfull;

I'd ning le daisies in '

my broth, Hop abope from chair to chair,

Thus you with ease may diaw your breath, Picking op thy lleader fare.

De uding, what you drend nut, death;



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And would not life (she cried)my woes increak! From which one virtue only could retire,

The shepherds mouro'd, and cuo'd the plainike To fing of Adga's charms, and Anga's late. And every nymph chas'd Damon (roin the nei, Visit ye shepherds, and ye nymphs her gravel


That you may laugh, look clear, and thrive, He found the maid his Aart'ry would despise,
Enrich'd by those whom you survive:

Thae lace and intel could not charm her eyes
Young Bacchus' riles you most avoid,

Aod bade his song in virtuous strains wile,
And Venus must gò voenjoy'd.

Aad feiga'd to ladguilh, sed ia secret figh.

Atleogth her eyes confelt a mutual Aame,

'Twas then be boldly poke of ardent love: A Paftoral Elegy.

Woo'd ber the with'd for, bridal day to come

And Aana's praise, resounded thro' the groven
EE Anoa's flocks they stray along the glade,
Whicher poor wand'rers is your mistress The milk-white lawn, lele spotless than her mind;

She (artle's maid) prepares her litele jems,
That thas ye joyless tread be Aow'ry mead? Her kerchief gay, sod hooda me nimbly hemi;
That thus ge bleating, make your geotle moun;

Yet thinks she's down to her undoer kiod.
Why does the fanw.drop hang its pen live head? And Damoa leads ber to the groves

The eve preceding th' expected day arrived,
Why do the vernal breezes dse away?
Or che loro swain, by melancholy led :

She hears the throshes from their ev'ning (prasy
To notes of sada ss why altare big lay?

Responsive answer, ev'ry note of love.

A yielding loftness sole upon her soul,
Alas I the gentle Aona is no more!

Whilst to the foothing tale the leat an ear;
The sweeteh nymph that ever touch'd the lyre. She saw her lover, jealous of controol:
Her hapless fate each shepherd fhall deplore, Allume the semblance of a wild dilpair.
And grief, and pity, shall his song inspire.
Poor ruin'd Anna ! lovely blighted bod!

Thy fall, lamented shepherdels, I'll weer,

A sweeter viding Venus ne'er farvey'd,
Too foon the envious tomb thy beaoties are ;

Her soul was whiter, even than her theep :
For thou were gentle as the lucid food,
And as the hawthorn blossoms, thou wert fair,

Thal dow untended, Niray along sbe glade.
Not the white rose rego'd by morning dew,

The poddy morn arole to Anna's pies,

Damon had vow'd to meet her in the grove,
Nor the pure lilly could with her compare ;

There Hymen Ibou d his cender vons renew!
Oft mild inftrudion from her lips I drew,
Her lips a thoudand! thousand charms were

He iwore, and bade her never doubt his lore.

She fought the grove, but Damon was not

there, Streight as a tender elm she grew apace.

She found the Thade, but fongbt ebe roub in
Not beauty's queen could boat so sweet an air ;

All the soft graces blooming in her face,
She was the lorelelt of the village fair. Not more affrighted, Aies the tim 'rops hdre,

Thon frantic Anna, o'er the flowry plain!
For ber each shepherd gayly trirrid his crook,
With fresher flow'rets to atract the


A rival nymph insulte the weeping maid, Love glow'd in ev'ry glance, and ev'ry look ; And tells her Damop from the vale is Howa While from their bosoms 'scap'd the tender ligh! And bade her hafte, and leave the peaceful glede:

Where her ugdoer, and her fame were known. The blooming maid ne'er triumphd is their

She flies, Me leaves the scene of former blišta pain,

No friend to guide her foot, or footh her woe!
But in mild accents, chilled the young desire,

No geotle heart l'alleviate her dillreis, ,
Thodail, follow'd by a Fighing train,

Whole foul with heav'nly pity learnilo glow.
She never firove to keep alive the fire.

I bore the lovely mourner to my bome,
Free as the lark ere springs inspiring ray, I ftrove to looch ber wounded soul 10 perce.
Allores to love, and melody his brealt.

Is not my honopr and my virene fowo?
And as the kidlin, innocently gay;
Was the, whole charms each rival nynsph confeft,

She droop'd ! he died ! the earth receju'd ker
Wben ah! too soon, a chilling blast fucceeds;

form, The veroal breeze that bade her beauties blow,

That plealing form, she object of debre;
Her virtue totters and her bosom bleeds! Clos'd were her eyes, her breast no longer #1
Her roses vanish, and her tears they flow,

Damon, well killid in each angentle art,
That leigning lovers vle to lure the fair.

Damon, whose Rudy was the female heart,
For lovely Anna, laid his vagrant inare.

And with soft piny ! ev'ry bolom beato
In waving ringlele graceful flow'd' his hair,
His smiles engaging, and his manners fice:
He could command i he ready starting tear,

Add let each fwain learn confiancy and ereli,
Buc ill his person and his mind agree.

Each virgin prize the virtue heaven gave:
To be the lovlief blu Dom of her youth.


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Conftantinople Aug. 9.

as well on the banks of the royal canal, as epon

ocher canals aód rivers. This rebellion, the HE plagve, whịch bad broke out here a. mifliooaries say, may be attended with fatal coa

bout 20 days ago, has been totally check. sequences to the peaceable reign of the prefent ed by the uncommon warm and dry weather emperor, fon of the fage Yong Tehenga which is now let jo ; the fame effects have been

Vienna, Aug. 15: The maiefactora who were produced at Ceres, and in the cavirons of Salo- condemned to the public works, were formerly inica; bue, the distemper Nill rages in Cuban confined in the foriresses, or houses of correcti.

Tartary, particularly at Taman, where great on, and by that means shame, that tcuching part numbers of people fiave perished.

of punishineni, was entirely obviated : the EmpePeter fourgh, Aug. 12. This day tbe brafs

ros has therefore ordered, that in fuluré luch equestrian talue of the Emperor Peter the first malefactors thall be confined in different prifon, was opened to public view. About five o'clock and shall be obliged to clean the lives of the in the afternoon her Imperial Majelly, after bava city; and to expose them the more, they are,

ing dined at the hermitage, came in ber barge, after wearing their own dresses for three days, to attended by several of the first oobiliny, and land have their heads shaved, and wear a charle habit.

ed on the New, Quay; from whence, on a plat. They are to liave their irons on their legs, and to form covered wiib red baize, the proceeded to the be chained i wo and two. This order is to be obe Senate-house, where, from a balcony, banda served in every province. Homely filled up for her Majesty's reception, the Aug. 21. His Imperial M jesty has issued an had a ful view of the ftatue, the royal yachte og ordonnance, enacting that all persoas employed the river (of which these were leveral, all dref.

at court who may be proved to be in debt, shall rd in the various colou's of ditfe, ent nations), be fulpended from their office; and in case, dur. ind if she prodixious concourse of people allem ing the time of such fufpenfion, they should see

led on the occalion. On her arrival, her Majes, gleal to seltle matters with their creditors, to ly foand she Natue ericlosed with a screen, on lose their places. which were painted, rocks, uncultivated spaces,

Copenhagen, Aag. 24. A Aeet of men of war lind other emblems of the rude Itale in which the is ordered io be filled out as loon as pollible, ia pamperør found his country. Her Majelly bad order, as it is said, to protect their 'Eat-India hor'been long on the balcony, when, on a signal ships against the piratical vesiels which swarm in

iven by a rockel, the screen which concealed that part of the world at this time, and to retalia befatue, on a (uviden, and as it were by onagic, ate upon the Dutch for some ingulis which have Pill, and discovered one of the most exquisite pie teen offered to the Danish lodia Mips, which, it es of workmanship that was ever known to any is thought, will cause o ruplure between the ge or counlry. The lodrien appearance of the Danes and she Durch, as a memorial has been bately figure, big with majestic fire, galloping delivered by the Daoith amball.dor at the Hague, ra precipice on a furious fleed, mult exquifle. Co their High Migheinelles, complaining of come finished, in all, the action of contending eager. All treatment of the goveroor at the Cape, 19 Ts, together, with the firing of cannon from their tips; to which the states have got thought le calie, admirally, and yachis, and a nning fire of about 10,000 soldiersos produced proper sorire a satisfactory antwer.

Hague, Sepi. 17. Leliers frem Paris of the effe a, on the mind a c easily to be delcribed. 13th init. allure that Ms. Fitzbe bere proposed's Ster ihe firing ceased, ana the empress had con- few days ago, 'in a coofereace, that some place mplates the Halve for some rime, with the might loon be appointed for the meeting of 4 calent seeming fasisfaction, all the regiments of congress, lo treat of a general perce; and that Jardin, the regiment of artillery, and three other he received from Comte Vergeines the following giments, which were drawn up on the occalie antwer, “That the king his matte: baving our

marche round ir, lowering their colours as thing to triuch at heure, as to accelerate the hapo by parted by the balcony wbere ibe empreis was

py aod neceliary work of peace, “would readi'y d. Atter it is part of the ceremony was

agree to any arrangenient that tended to that ded, her Majelty was rowed back to the her- great end, and particularly to the oaming of some ilage in the lame manner the, came. To the place for the meeting of a congr is; but that as

Ening the city wasilluminated, and every place it was neceffity that plenipotentiaries from the nifefted joy at the happy remembrance wf the United States of Anerica thould be admitted to her of their country,

the congress, the Bric sh govercment mult of Paris, Aug. 14. Prince Doria Pamphili, the coure, by way of preliminary, acknowledge ibe e's nuncio at this court, received a few days invependence of America lo coolequence of Several letters from China, addrelled to him this aolwer, "Mr Fitzherdet dispatched ani express Come millionaries ; according to which the

to London, and waits with impatience for fare ntars of the province of Canton have vileo "ther inftruétions. iuft sbe imperial authority, which bad antri

Hague, Sept. 18. Letters from Paris of ihe 8th ed to the province of Pekin certain rights and inttiay that Comte D'Aranda, amb. T.dor from vileges, wbich the Tartars only enjoyed Goce the court of Madrid 19 thal of Verlailies, had at

eitablishment of the dioally of the Tarlar length received full powers from his rivercign ta yces on the throne of China, in 1640. These treat with Mr. Filzherbert, to whom his excel. as and privileges extend to the importation lency has given a copy of the intructions or com.

exportațion of divers commodities, sod 10 miffino, he received on that hend. cuitems which the commerce of China pays 2 2%!

BRITISH Da, 1783.



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