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the most powerfal maritime states in Europe, be thinks gs. 2do. too much, 3s. 8d. was the yer our direct trade has taken place, and our true equalization duły i when the same mem. importation of Englih lugars has sunk from 1-12 ber defends gs. 1dh. as a proper duty, he has to 1-32 part.

but little credit wich me, hiviog loft his adthoThe quantity of refined sugars imported from rity by defending a duty too ridiculous to be England, and never exceeding 1-12 of our con- oamed. fumption, far from injuring the refinery of Ireland, li seems, 35. 61. 55. 1 odh. aod gs. 2dhe are has only prevented it from becomiog a mono- all agreeable io bim: He has voted for each, he poly; the very imall competition of a 1.12, has defended each, with the lane force of argua DOW falleo to 1-32, is only to be considered as ment and confidence of calculation.

If his . guard against combination, though the policia true equalization duty, bis 35. 6d. was fafe, cian who represeats ibe weavers lays, that we gs. adh. is a monopoly-he is now voling for a hould grant our refiners a monopoly; yet I very monopoly.--He has been pleased to say, chat a much fear his conftituents would be little obliged direct trade will take place, and then he infilts' to him for depriving them of the use of sugar, now, os. adh. will se a monopoly. What thea be. become a necessary of life, for some years; comes of his argument against monopolies, and which, in his opinion, it will take co eltablith all bis appret en duos of combinations among the our West India irade, and during which interval, Irish sugar bakers, when the defence of his

own if a monopoly was granted, we should be ablo. daty is, that it gives thele lugar-bakers a moa lutely at the inercy of opr lugar refiners nopoly monopoly, if a dire& trade take.

It has been offered as an argument against the place a monopoly, ir 35. 6d. was the oquali. tax, that leveral of our lugar bakers have slop. Zation duely, even without a direct erade.-Tir ped working Goce the lait regulation dutied; therefore, I lay, that gent'eines do not appear Lut this is a calamity onder which England suf. to feel the convidion of their ową arguments, fers in a greater degree : this is to be imputed An Hon. Friend, who spoke after the Righe Ha. to the war and not from the duties, as from the Gentleman, bas said, that there are is 64. in testimony of a respectable evidence, aod from favour of the Irish refiner, even in the circuit. the teltimony of our own reason, grounded on I deny the fact : Upon calculation of fair arithmetical calcolation, we know that our day and drawback, aod expence of bringing ta refiners

have still dear 6s. advantage in the du- Ireland one hundred of refined fugar, there are ties. This cannot be controverted : We have about gs. 30. against the Englila retiner; against therefore only to preserve the advantage we pof- which balance you must let the expeace of less, by reiling our duties againit Enjlith refined bringing to breland three hundred of raw, whicla sugars, as ane English parliameat raile their at pretea are 125.-balance against the Irish rebounties on the exportation; and the English ficer, 25. 9d. parliament having since our lart duty of 95. 2dh. Thus, to an arithmetic certainty, you eflagranted a draw.back or buunty on exportation of blich by your own law, a balaoce against your 128, we, in order to 'couoteract this bounty, own trade ; but if you add incidental difadvanmust cow lay on a duty of 12. fo that the duty cages, if you add the benefits which England on importing a hundred of retined sugar will be enjoys froin being the proprietor of the islands, 17. 15. 8dh. or in the whole il. 135. 8dh. I from antient and extended habits, from cheapa therefore move you, that a duty of il. 15.8dh. pess of coale, &c. &c. if you coolider these ady u be laid on every hundred weight of refined thing, (the merchants have itated them at il.gs.) " sugar pot being battard, and on every huo you chake che maculadare to its foundations. “ dred weight of caodied that shall be imported Bui, lays my frieod, forgetting the expence “ into this kingdom from Great Britain, from of carriage, and our inhaile incidental difalvao.

the 25th of December, 1781, to the 2516 cages, you have is. 6d.co secure you. Will my " of December, 1783.".

friend itake the being of this trade, which is the Mr. Gratuan. I wish to koow who are the parent of many others, op such a perilous secu. objeas of this debate ?--the Irish sugar-baker- rity? Have you granted a tax for this trade of certzialy not :- The Irish consumei-cercaicly 100,000l. per annum, to be fatisfied with the not for you have laxed him nidesold: --It is wretched one of 1s. 64.7-I do not say that you then the Eoglich manufacturer, whole intereft, will never have a direct trade; but I say, shat to the exclusion of our dative commercial interest, you will not have a direct trade for owo years, engages our deliberations. They have found, which is the period of your daty. the British manufacturer has found a factor in Upon calculation, it appears that the daty is the leish minister, which the Irin manufacturer against us. Let us examine it on other grounde cannot find in the Irish parliament. Gentlemen thua calculation-les us examine the importaoo the other side have taken much pains to fhew, iono increase of refined, a decrease of raw, that they have excluded the English refiner by god a decrease of consumption--a decrease of raw ibeir calculation, and that it is just and generous dear one-third, though ihe prospect of an in. to admit him into a participation of the trade. crease of duty should have produced a fudden If it is just, and intended to admit him, what and falle infux.-The decrease of the raw proves credit are we to give to their calculatioo which to a certainly, a decline of the maofacture, but affea to exclude i There is a flagrant infincerity does not prove the proportion of that declioe, in their argument ; for if they believed it them because lugar nay be imported, and not manufelves, they must believe the English reîner ex. factured. See then the state of the macufa&ure claded by their duty, and therefore could bave iefelf--north and south-in Waterford, Cork, Bo objection to ours.

Belfalt, Newry, Dublin, &c. &c. an universai The fisA Right Hoa. Gentlemna bas told you, deslips--Iba lugar boules in these places have




Dæ. cealed to work at all, or ceased to work in the the fate of the sugar bakeries ofhered in by same prop rtion.

enquiry into the ilate of the nation-a pettica If any man who went the tour of this country of equalization converted into a claim et m-carShould ask what has brought thele leveral house's poly-a lyftem of p:ohibiions iloing from a to ruin, he would be cold- the Free Trade-If question of free trademand, last of all, in the any man should ask whal did parliament propose, difcuffion of the participation of the Britib Cr he would be roidbey meant to go on with the lonies with Ireland, to be told that Ireland has experiment, and cry how ie mighe four with every thing to fear from the gambling ipinit, the thele refineries not yet demolished.-- You talk insane speculations, and the iwiodling of bezliter of those manufa@urers as combinators and ma- kingdom.---This, he said, had do: been the bas. lelactors- we are 100 apt to indulge in a con guage of the last effion, wbeo, is the peonie: ceited Ityle towards the u'elul class of nen


genercos fintiments of their bearts, the light The penfoner thinks he is ruined, if he lays out parliameot had acknowledged the wise and samong his own manolactu. ers, the dipend beral sentiments of the British parliameat. which he gets from bis country-he de piles the Tha'e aile and liberal seoliments, he allers, people on whole contribution he feeds.-But, were conlp cuous, not only in the prelest te Sir, these men have a refuge from cur pride oals, bui ia the whole lyftem of Britih bossie and our laws-they will leave you to your offices and duties, under which lyftem twenty mil! and compliance, and leek an opener icene, and of yards of frith lioen are annually scot to Brwi a better climate-rhey will go with their wives, merchants. and their child en, and arts, where God and na He lait that the present question migte be ty'e invite.--Such are rhe tributes which the confined to three considerations : cries of Europe offe to the vistue of America : Ill, Whether the duty impoled in 1730 e Let your Jaws, therefore be luch as will not ba- refoed sugars imported, was a forficieát 18 nilh your inh. bitan18.

adequste duty of protection to the big reist Mr. Eden followed Mr. Grattan.-He said, ries? though he was by no means onprepared to enter adly, Whe:her, in fact, the Irish reposic the detail of ca'culations with which the question had not maintained fince that period, their to was cosaeeled, he was glad to think that the lative proportion of bu Goeis againit ihe Expló whole had been already lo complearly stated to r fineries? the Hou'e, as to make it uovecessary to recur 3dly, whether the night competition which to thein. He role, therefore, merely to rema: k subfilled beiween the retireries, #ss boi likes on fume expreflions which had beco incidentally to prove beneficial co the regulation of the me. dropped in the cebate. One gentleman had laju, kets, aud to the improvement and cheapaeis of

that a general resistance to all commercial the marufacture in qu:ftion? subjects is adopted by the preleat adininiltra All these questions, he said, had been fol's tion." Another gentleman said, " that the proved in the affirmative. It had allo beea ce whole bus finess had been conducted with a fie monftraies, that we had made a progress in the grant iosincerity.”-M. Eden appealed to the free trade beyond alt expectation; and yet, is pacient and relpectful attentioo with which, dure: the infancy of our efforts, we were the wing: ing four days, he had heard the preleat invefti- discontented impatience to arrive at a tute of gation, and this too notwithstanding he thought manhood. abe question extremely cenfioed in its Oature and The quelling being now loudly called for, confequences; though it had been attempted to Mr. Neige moved an additiooal duty of 21.102 fwell it into magoitude by description and decla. per hundred, to the duty moved by tbe Asteracy mation. As a question which concerned a lma!! General. The Houie divided, proportion of the Irish refinery, it certainly de.

A yes, ferved respect, because the interests of manufac.


Noes, turers should always be dear to the feelings of

144 parliament. But he had beco astonished to hear

(To be continued.)


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P 0
Ode to a fair Penitent.
"He swallow speeds its annual Aight,

Tbe forelt fades upon the ligha,
Dread wioter (hews his furious forin,
His ieigo aosovocing with a florm.
Where now, ains! the blooming bow'r,
The fiuiiful field, the fragraoc How'?,
The Srivan long, the filver stream?
All, all departed, like a dream!
All, all the charms that raromer yields,
All, all the beauties of the fields,
Ale now po mote : wilt winter reigns,
Triumphaoi on the pensive plaios:
Yet will the plains again look gay,
When welcome Spring resumes her (was,

For winter will not always last,
Nor ever blow the bitter blast.
Nor will thy tears for ever Aow,
Deserted Delia, child of woe!
Nor will thy fighs for ever prore
The wouada of ioauspicious love.
A day will come, a glorious day,
When Heav'o shall wipe your leart swej;
And Delia gain, io better skies,
What man, sad what the world denies.
Rise then, fair penite ot, to pesce,
Repentance marks the reign of grice :
Rile, lovely mourner, and be gay,
While wedded wisdom guides your way.



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A corre& (in numerical Order) of all the sol. Prizes and upwards, in the

English State Lottery, for the rear 1782. Taken from Walker's Numerical Book. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize, 190 ki so

7576 £ 50 13920 £. 50 / 20651 f. 5o | 28024 £. 5o 390 50



824 50 119 50 411 50 50 | 14035



100 545 50 50 99 50 982

100 976 50


50 / 21007 50

723 5 92 slastdr.2000


53 50


5 952 50 531 5000 434


902 IQO 964




50 29016 50 1 006


50 397

IOOO 57 100 77 50 1000 721

100 521 20 70 50 103 50

852 50 ist dr 4th d.500 280

So 215 50 9069 1000 941

50 925 Іоо

293 304 50 131 500! 15090

50 22001 100 419

50 337

JOO 156 Ico 102

50 153
20 219

5 346 50 Idr.stha.500 50 & ift drawn 266

521 50 so 21 ft day 3000 537


50 522 SO Іоо 258 50 632

573 So 745 ICOCO 50 273 500


50 852

Ico 269 JCOO 287

100 840
892 100

50 414 50


940 50

30205 50 419 50 449 50 369 50


SO 479

50 | 23064 Іоо

100 50 721


sa 769 50 796


50 979


771 50

So 3396 50 915 50

50 947 50! 31029 $27 Ist drawn

500 978

so Ist day 500 10026 Іоо 17114

50 | 24128

50 539


100 148 50 550 se 717 50

325 50

50 770

50 449 50 635

ICO 907 So 937

50 5511/tdrawn


500 4025 ift drawn

50 446 SO

zd day Soo 352

50 473 500 669 5° 32024
50 448
ICO 498 500

50 247
50 493


50 793 50 296 soo $82 50 6co




501 656 100 787



975 50 549 5 722 50 848 50


729 50 5120 10000

so i8037

50 | 25029

501 33178 50 569 50


197 501 -251

50 452

604 1000

50 589 50



50 512

JOO 631


50 232 579

50 941 500 | 26036


ICO 708 Ico


19011 5000 434 go 257 59 801 50 229


SO 595 52 920 50 343 so 422 50 678 50 286

50 932 50 366 So


TO) 6761


783 50


ICO 877



2000 915 1000 840




$ 7021 50 952 100


785 TS3 5013251


971 501 969 So 154

256 ist drawn 20005

loc 27036

875 244

18th day 2000 151

50 68 10 999 333 it drawn i. 305 50 193

95 Іоо

34013 5) 15th day 1000 $25 I OOO

100 350

500 210 Sa 337 20CO


So 613 50 255
382 if drawn


50 loth day 1090

724 500



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No. 94389

621 628





Dialogue.- Presence of Mind of a Traveller.

Dec. Piize. No, Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Priz. £100 35771 £50 | 37322 4100 3860 50 39346&so 50



36223 ipo


500 525


39054 50 574


SO 891 so 965


50 38003


50 40249
167 JOO


SO 293
Joo 170 50 427


127 so 417
SO 202
50 534 so 277

50 492 50 50

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A Dialogue between the Author * and Time. cah, &c. to a very great amount, the

Joss of which would bave been bis etter THO art thou ? and to what mir. ruin. He had not a minute to refice

fortunes are the paleness and and yet, with astonishing composure 291 deep furrow's in thy forehead owing?

" I am old Time-I bave seen thou. presence of mind, he instantly hit upur Sands and thousands of generations ; and his danger: he told the robbers that he

an expedient, which extricated him from it is for that reafon Lam pale. " And wby doft thou carry this crooke might take it themselves, or deliver him

life was doubly in their hands, as they ed scythe in thy hands? " It is the scythe with which I lay the could not be released but by death, as he

into the hands of justice, out of which he houses of the mighty low, by mowing

was the unfortunate General Macartesy, down the very foundations of them.

for the apprehending of whom, on at: “ What are the drawings upon the ta.

count of the death of the Duke of Hamiblet thou halt in thy hand? and what do

ton, the queen had, by proclamation, the characters written on it mean?

fered fo great a reward : be implored, “ The drawings upon the tablet are therefore, their compaflion, and entreated drawings of thirty thousand cities, not a

them not to take his money, as, by be veltige of which any one of you can find ing deprived of the means of escape, be -of Troy, of Babylon, of Perfepolis, and must unavoidably be apprehended. The Memphis. The characters declare the robbers consulted for a few minutes, and number of men who bave died : this is so then informed him, that they had agreed large, that all those now living could not speak it with all their tongues-Why dont to iake his money from him; but ca the

to grant part of his request, namely, mi thou weep, thou fool ? " Wert thou then born pityless ?

other hand, as money was absolutely ne. “ Born! I was not born, but am from cessary to them, and as they could get

more by apprehending than by robbing everlasting. . As to pity, my pity is for the living (not the dead) and it is for him, they laid he must submit to be care

ried before some magistrale, as they were that reason I go about with these monuments of things that have been, faying to ward offered for his apprehenfion. The

determined to deserve and claim the re: all I meet, Ye are men, be moderate.- gentleman rejoiced at hearing the intelliI say the same to thee-thou art to re.

gence, and having been carried before a move. 56 Whither?

jorlice of the peace, who happened tv " To the abyss which expects thee.

know the person of General Macartpes

, * And I will remove with chearfulness but the two highway men were, on his

he was discharged, not being tbe personwhen I am called upon by the Gods."

ftory, committed Presence of Mind of a Traveller.

Anecdote, N the reign of Queen Anne a gnetle

man was driving post to London over Hounslow-heath, when his chaise was

"He late Earl of Chatham, who bere

good will to a certain kopped by two highwaymen, who with was rallying him one day about the iro dreadful imprecations called out to him to efficacy of his prescriptions. To which deliver his money. The ger, man hap the doctor replied, “ He defied any of pened to have in the chailc, at the time, his patients to find fault with him."Ν Ο Τ Ε.

I believe you (replied the witty earl) • George Kaac Huptingford, A. M.

for fly ere all dead."

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to present them to the Freach and Spanish courta. Peterpurgki Aug. 27.

Warsaw, Oct. 1y. The marshal of the dieta B EING appoioted for the solemn inaugbra. count Kralinki, having opened the feflion the

tion of the monument to the memory of 12th inft. expressed, in the name of the public, Peter the Great, her Imperial Majetty of Ror the general fatistaction of the oation at the choice ha resolved to commemorate that day by some of the members of the new permaoent council, dißinguishing mark of her grace and clemency, and also of that of the

two respectable characaod accordingly issued a proclamation in wbich ters chosen to fill the offices of marshal and lep the grants pardon to all criminals under sentence cretary of the council; and as the judges of the of deach ; l'uspends all luies for movies due to different tribunals of the grand diet had beca -the crowo; gives general releases to the heirs already elected in the proviocial allemblies, he of those who died indebted to the crown; pare desired that their names should be read in full don to all deserters who shall return to their diet, and that they should immediately take the respective corps within a limited time ; The vual oaths of their uffice : this was accordingly fime to those under prosecution for carrying on

done, and then were read allo che names of the any illicit trade; crimioals condemned to the different persons of bech nations (Poland and gallies have liberty to return to their relpeclive Lithuania) who had offered themselves candi. places of residence, provided they have not been dates for the places of comprisoners of the guilty of murder; and finally, a general pardon trealary. This ceremony having been finished, to all delinquents, who being employed by go- the eccleßafic secretary of the crown read to vernment, bad abused their trust. The procla. the diet the Pacla Conventa ; as soon as he had mation concludes with an exhortation to repen. done, the high chancellor of the crown read tance and amendment: enjoining them at the the following propositions, by way of addrels same time to put up their prayers to the Almigh- or speech from bie majesty': ly for the repole of the soul of the great mopaich itt. His majesty in lifts, in the most presling to whose memory these marks of clemency are. manner, that the limits between Poland and dedicated.

New Servia be finally and speedily determined ; OET.9. On the 3d icftant, being the anniver. as for want oi that, and the ratification on the sary of her Imperial majetty's coronation, there part of the diet, the empreis of all the Ruffins was a very brilliant court, both in the morning will annul ali that has been done on that head. and evening. Immediately after divine service, 2d. His majıfty presents to the states allema. MonGeur 'Berberodk, her Imperial Majesty's bled in grand diet, a plan for working the falt secretary, read the larutes of a new order, call. mires; in which it is demonstrated, chal with ed St. Woledimir, and her Imperial majelly in out any new lax, the present public revenues. vested herself with thein. This new inftitution uoder proper and economical regulaticos, will is created in favour of thole who serve in civil be iu fticieat lo defiay the expence of this great employmenrs; and it is nearly on the fame foot w pk. jog as that of St. George, with respect to the 30. His majesty having been' for these 18 salaries annexed to itre different classes. The e years pas, enti uited wie ihe management of are to be teo great croller, twenty of the fecond the mini, defires now to be relieved from the class, thirey of the third, and lixey of the fouith, care attending ic; and propo'es to the Atates btfiues a lifth for thole who have served thirty. that in future the mint hall be under che direcfive years, which gives them a right to wear

tion of the commissioners of the trealury. it.

Ath. As lo what concerns the army of the Re. 10. As our cabinet is made acquain:ed by the public, his majelly refers to the paperarhat he loft letters from Conitantinople, that the bulk will take care Thall be laid before ine diet, from of the people, supported by the juris.coolules, the war office. exprels their wishes for a war, on account of 5th. His majesty recommends to the most lewhat has larely happened in the Crimea; pre. rious consideration of the diet, a plan which parations are carried on here in cale of a rupture their masthal will lay before them, relative to Amongst the rest of the lupplies, 66,000 roubles the actual hiuarion of many districts and juris. have been issued out for dray.hortes, to answer diction of Lithuania, where the cumber of sethe purpose of the cope of areillery. It has alio narors is too small. been ordered to corol every hundredth man 6th. As his majesty considers the plan adopted throughout the empire, by which means about by the permaneni copacil under the head o: Des 90,000 men will be procured. The filing off creia Executionis, for the fupport of public jura of several regiments has been suspended on ac tice and good order, as indispensably necessary, count only of the lacier leason of the year, but he earnestly defines that is may be thoroughly a great number are now assembled at Manilow, investigated b, the lates. from whence they are in rotation to march 10 zin His majelty repeats bis former propofitinu wards the frontiers of Turkey.

on the necetlily at making a hanitome provision Rome, 07, 16 His holiness will perform the lo defray the expences of the teputies returned benediction of the costly child bed linen deltined to the diets ; of annexiog pro er la'aries to the for the dauphia and infant D. Carlo Dominico, offices of ma: ihale of the dicks; and also of alJoo to thit Priace of Asturias, in the 61st weck rigning the receflirylums tur the lupport of the of November; after which it will be delivered guards of the Itaolis, &c. to the relje@ive Nuncios, whole bubaeís it is

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