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Hon. Lieut. Gen! JAMES



Compendium of Entertaining Kn

For JANUARY, 1782

honor they hould do, they baring at.
tempted to corrupt one of my drummers


Letiers between General Murray and the Duc de Criller ; with

General Murray.
THE Duc some time after he landed

Answer from the

ма fered, by order of the King of Spain, an « Your letter places immenfe bribe to General Murray, to give per Nation; it confirm

have always had for The following are the letters that paffed pleasure your last prep in copfequence of this bribing project.

Your Ex

B. B. I Copy of a letter written hy Gen. Murray Go.

P.S. Your drumm vernor of Minorca, to the Duc de Crillon, mixed himself with the Communder in Chief of the Spanish Forces first post: 1 Mall gia

those who have commi Fort St. Philip's, 08. 16, 1781.

complain of; I send " When your brave ance!or was de

prisoners in your poffe

B. B. DI fired by his Sovereign to assaffinate the Duke le Guise, he returned the answer

British which you should have done when the On Wednesday, Decem King of Spain charged you to assassinate

mime, called the Gbe the character of a man whofe birth is as the Indian Chief, u illuftrious as your own, or that of the Duke te Guise, I can have no further

forft time, at Covent

Dramatis communication with you but in arms. If fou have any humanity, pray fend cloath

Me ing to your unfortunate prisoners in my

Harlequin, poffesion; leave it at a distance to be

Keeper of Bridewel taken up for them, because I will ad... Lieutenant, mit of no contract for the future, but

Groom Porter, such as is hoftile in the most inveterate


Wom I am, Sir, &c.

Virtue, JAMES MURRAY. Pleafure, P. S. Your foldiers do not act with that


THIS entertainme yellerday, who was at your érít poft."

lequin himselt. from India,, alights

up Fort St. Philip's.

at Mabon.


on. Lieut. Gen. ES MURRAY.


Hib. Mag. Jan, 1781.

gaming table,

Account of a new Pantomime called, The Choice of Harlequin.. Jan. He appears in the character of an Indian and becomes enamoured of Colombine, prince, endowed with affluence, and de- who appears in the character of a virtyfirous to experience the different scenes ous girl, daughter to a sea lieutenant. and amusements of this quarter of the Many' fharpers are attempting to seduce world. Thus disposed, and not having ber from her friends, whom Harlequin hitherto formed any plan for himself, Vir- frightens away, by animating fime of the tue appears, and endeavours to persuade animals in the Museum, who afterwards him to conduct himself by her precepts form a ludicrous dance. and example. Pleasure inftantly fuceeeds, Haricquin, Itill in pursuit of Columderiding the advice of Virtue, and at bine, fecs the lieutenant arrested, and turn tempts to seduce him to her alluring from his wife and daughter. He first paths.

comforts the afflicted females, then folWhile he remains in suspense hetween lows the lieutenant to prison ; he is shockthem, Virtue dilcovers, on one side of the ed at the horrors of the place, bestows ftage, á view of. her temple, fixed on a charity among them; and learning, they Aterpafcents hard to climb, but promiting were ather confined for imprudence than immortal happiness, if he will endure the crimes, he transforms them to tailors, toil. Pleasure, on the other side, lays and the scene changes to a magnificent open her flowery hewitehing bitinis. llle view of Aripping, Neptune in luis car, is alternately tempted in a pleasing duet ; drawn bý Tritons, a lion guarding the but, after some conflict, yields to the British crown, Britannia feated on a globe, intreaties of Pleasure, not with Nanding and above all, fame and the genius of whichy Virtue is anxlous to reclaim him, England, supporting the butt of his Maand sends ari' attendant gchius to watch jcity. The new formed sailors testify their over and protect him in the perils, the delire to serve King and country, and fiknows he must encounter.

nish the scene with singing and dancing: Harlequin pursuing Pleafare, receives A most plealing view of a cottage inicfrom her a sword, poffefled with magic ceeds, supposed to be the abode of Copowers, and his first adventure' is at a 'lombine's family, to whom Marlequin re

Surrounded by a motley ftotes the rescued lieutenant; they express band of gamblers, he lotes all his money their acknowledgments, and invite Hat. at hazard, Thue beggared, they turn him sequin in. He is following, 'when Virtue out, and return to play, when he unex. makes her last trial of him in the habit of pectedly rises through the centre of the a poor beggar. He relieves her, and me table, repaire his loftes, by sweeping off is invited into the detrage; they are all the money, and disappears.

discovered there, and after giving food to The hero is next discovered at the Pan- the borgar woman, with great tenderness, theon, where, after a variety of tricks they are interrupted with maufic-: Virtue and events in his progress thither,' he takes drops her rags, and appears in her own a Venus from among the marks, and fol. character. She praises Harlequin for his lows her to her lodgings. This proves to attention to her inttructions, and in rebe a miserable place, and a plan is laid to quital, promiles to transport him to his ynb änd murder him, between her and a swn country, where he is to be united to grenadier, whom he cills in puo with his .bis beloved. Colomnine. The facile ac. magical sword, and immediately renaụnc- cordingly is changed, and the piece con ing her enticements, change the scene to .cludes with an exact representation of a Bridewell, where bis masquerade enamo procefligų at, an caliern marriage. I rata receives the punilliments due to her Tacitory, we find, is new and natur: wickedness,

and, couldering where ihe scenes are lait An humoureus song by the keeper, and dramatically powerful. Contrary to the chorns between the persons coafined in ulual cultom of pantomime, it holds ou Bridesvell, conclude the first part of the an excellent moral, which.certainly ough 'entertainmeot.

to be the aim of every tbcatrical exhibi At the commencement of the fesond tian, part, Harlequin is fecu repenting of his In point of scenery, perhaps, there'nez purfist alter Pleasure, ahd abandoned to ver was fa splendid a lipectacle. The views despait, is attempting to put an end to of the temple of Virtue, and the temple Daireself when Virtue again come to him, o Pleasure, were admirably, contrafted,

profelice to kaye delight in his penitence, and beautifully palited. The garden and promilce to him every hledick, if he fcene imtes with dealure ferodaces Harwill tread io lier paths.

Plequin, is also a very rafkerly work. The His next vidt ia to the Mafeume, where vaval perspective, withi' Britantial holding cautigyAg avgide the looker femalek, out an oliye branch folike belligerent


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formers, are entitled to great praite for
air allotted to the keeper of Brideweil, drums used in proclainations and re-
upward, we fhould have suppoied, he had
um was an excellent representation of the the whole procession.
criginal, and the wild beasts, that were distact igeu the Afiatic world has observed
animated by the motion of Hirlequin's the custom of employing women trained
magic dagger of lath, did the property up and bired for the purpose of tinging and
Brong marks of applaufe, by a very mix. vid was returntd from the slaughter of

Ch, a xory apily, and a very troublesome the Philifistes, tie orct cinc qui of mire called, The Choice of Harlequin.

le Account of a new Pantomime całkd, The Choice of Harlequin. 3 Indian and becomes enamoured of Colombia

powert, is capital beyond defcription : audience. As a thew, we repeat it. The nd de who appears in the character of-a vitae

and the two lati scenes of all are reinark. Choice of Harlequin, far out does all the scenes ous girl, daughter to a fra lieutenar: able grand and picturefqne. The music pantomimes that have yet been fern.-As of the Many harpers are attempting to irden?

i pirt of it excellent, and worthy of the aftage entertainment, it has contiderable huving ber from her friends, whom Harkqua Son of Dr. Arne. There are scenes of claim to apprebation; and we add with f, l'ir- frightens away, by animating í me of the this pantomime that discover an intimate pleafure, it hands as high in the public rfuade animals in the Museum, who afterward knowledge of human nature, and do the favour as any, the moit popular afterccepts form a ludicrous dance.

contriver of them infinite credit. The piece of the theatre. Ceeds, Harlequing till in pursuit of Colua procelliən also is ftriking, and totally new

'A list of the characters that appear in at bine, fees the lieutenant arreted, andton of its kind. In getting up the choice of the procession at the end of the new panluring from his wife and daughter. He furt Harlequin, the managers have evidently tomime entitled, The Choice of Harlecomtor's the affiliated females, then fol

. {pared no expence to entitle it to public quin, or the Indian Chief. ween lows the lieutenant to prison; lic is that.

applauée ; and we shall be much mistaken 24 Cooleys carrying different articles. f the ed at the horrors of the place, befiori if it does not draw large receipts to the

$ Spearmen. on a charity among ihem; and learning, they treafury of the theatre.

6 Tom-toms. iting were mather confined for imprudence than

The Choice of Harlequin is not only 12 Cooleys carrying lights and tranfpet the crimes, he transforms them to bilussa

beautifuliy ornamented by the pencil of rent lanthorns. lays and tht for ne changes in a magnitcex the artits, but most elegantly dressed, 12 Dancing girls. Ik view of thipping, Neptune in l.is car

and very ably acted. Mrs. Martyr fung

4. Ticktaws.
iet; drawn by Tritons, a lion guarding the her airs delightfully; and, confidering 16 Spearmen, with lances and targets.
the British crown, Britannia feated on a glob,
that Mrs. Morton undertook her part at

18 Seapoys, in the uniforms. ilig and above all, fame and the gentes of a very short notice, on account of the

8 Hircarrars. fudder illness of Miss Morris, the deferves M, England, fiipporting the butt of bis Ma.

8 Chubdahs. ch juity. The new formed sailors tellily tbeir

the manager's warmeft thanks, for ac 8 Chuta Chubdahs. he defire to serve King and country, and fi

qui:ing herself to respectably. Bates did The bridegroom, mounted on
nith the icene with finging and dancing.
ample juftice to the part of Harlequin ;

and Mics Matthews made as much as it
A most plealing view of a cottage fuc-

6 Cormadors.
was possible for her to do, of the part of
c ceeds, supposed to be the shade of Co.

6 Debershes of the family. Colombine. Stevens alto merits consideà Iombine's family, to whom Harlequin re

8 Sons of the Deberes. table praise, for his fingular ingenuity in y flores the refoued lieutenant; they express

8 Slave boys. contriving to reader so very birren a chay their acknowledgments, and invite Hat. ra&er, as that of Malter Jackey, the

12 Boys and girls to carry beetle-out n lequin in. He is following, when Virtue

and rose-water. beutenant's son) for a moment laughable, - makes her lafi trial of him in the habit of We know not who Mr. Darkey, the re

A woman richly dressed.

12 Women in white. is invited into the dirige; they are all presentative of the old lieutenant, is, but

The bride, carried on a palanquin. dilcovered there, and after giving food to We feel ourselves obliged, in justice to a

4 Girls with chowries. franger, to declare, he exhibited a fine the borgar won:ali, with great lendermels ,

4 Ditto with cross pote. manly voice, and a better taste, than is they are incerrupted with music ; Virtur

12 F13-bearers. etery day to be met with, in his finging drupscher rags, and appears in her own the air in the second act. Mrs. Kennedy's

3 Men linging very loud. wurstier. She praites Harlequin for his Soand pipe, was a powerful aid, though

12 Women, followers of the bride, tication to her inltructions, 'yd in it was used but for å fingle fong; Roblon,

6 Trumpeters. wal, promiles to transport bien

6 Men with ticktaws. Baker, Doyle, and the reit of the per

! Man, bearing English colours.

Cooleys are common porters, or care rdingly is changed, and the piece des with an exact representation

the catch, and supported the whole of ground, and perform other menial offices, celliou at an caliera marriage, The story, we find, is new and natur: ful in a great part of his wo comic litua: otit hy their titles.

Spearmen bave the employment pointed tions. Edwin was to characteristic in his

Tom toms are drummers. Tom tom toiling and daliy manner of finging the is the name vulgariy given to the Indian that biad we not known him from his youth joicings,

Dancing girls. Though these are by no

means the most splendid, they are péro The cene of Sir Ashton Levers viure

. Dips as entertaining personages as any in

From the most dancing at public festivals and religious was received with ceremonies. 'We find that, “ when Da

a poor lieggar. He relieves tier, and the

wn country, where he is to be used to s bcloved. Colomiine. The faci: *

been both born and bred in that prilon.

, couldwing where the scenes are lait matically powerful. Contrary to th 1 culiom of pantomime, it holds ou xcellent moral, which certainly ough = the aim of every Lbcatrical exhibi point of scenery, perhaps, there ne, as to splendid a spectacle. The views e temple ef Virtue, and the temple blure, were admirably contrafted, beautifully painted. The garden into which Hitature i urodacos Har, is allo á véry malterly work. The verfpcake, sitt Britantial holding aliye branch to itkie Beligere ai


Din great credit.
This pantomime

Account of a new Paxtomime called, The Choice of Harlequin. .. Jan. all the cities of Israel hanging and dancing the writ, and hurried away to a coach to meet king Saul, with tabrets, with joy, which he and the bajliff enter. Before it. and with instruments of mulic."

drives off, the lieutenant's son has a scuffle It is still an universal practice among the with the coachman, in hopes of rescuing Gentoos, to entertain a number of such his father, but that not availing him, he women for the celebration of their folemn fetches Harlequin, and craves his affift. festivals; and in many parts of the Decan ance. The motley bero draws his dagger a band of them is kept in every village at of latb, and changes the coach into a the public charge; and they are frequent- pamp, by which means the lieutenant cf. ly dispatched to meet any person passing capes, and the bailiff is feised by the son in a public character, exa&ly conforma and the mob, and pumped most heartily. ble to the reception of Saul, by the wo. We next see the old beau arrive at his men of Israel. Probably, their being ex- door with the monkey, and just as he enposed to general view, and to a free con- ters, the other bailiff comes on, and enversation with men, (so contrary to the deavours to procure admittance, under reserve and privacy of the rest of their pretence of delivering a letter ; but the sex in Asia) firft betrayed them into prof- beau's servant knowing him to be a catchtitution. In former ages, indeed, a wan pole, will not open the door; the bailiff ton seems to have been no fich despicable thereupon retires, and dressing himself character as at present, since one of the like a baker's man, comes on with a loaf first acts of Solomon's government that under his arm, and thus disguised, is sufwas thought worthy to be recorded, was fered to enter the house. The scene is a decision from the throne, upon the suit then shifted, and the beau and the monof tio harlots. In Afia, however, the key appear in the former's dressing cham, profeílinn of singing and dancing, by dif- ber. The beau undrefles himlelf, and tine sets or companies, has formed these fiaving put on his night gown and cap, women into a kind of community. Now retircs to bed. As soon as he is gone, the as the policy of a good government will monkey, who had watched the beau's always look with an eye of regard upon actions, puts on his cioaths and rocolaur, every branch of society, it was but just and wig; while he is diverting himself and proper to enact laws for the security with the reflection of his figure in the and protection of this public body, as looking glass, the bailiff enters, and milwell as of the rest of the state; partica- taking him for the beau arrefts him, and Jarly as the fex and employment of those hurries him away to prison. The old who composed it rendered them more than lieutenant is next' seized once more, and usually liable to infult and ill usage. Their conducted to jail. As soon as the monwages, privileges, and immunities, were, key is delivered to the keeper; be puts off therefore, minutely settled by statutes the cloaths, jumps upon the jailor's neck, formed equally as a check on their own and, after throwing the whole prison into conduct, and the improper freedoms to confusion, is at length carried off by the which they might be liable on account of turnkeys, to the great diversion of the their venality.

prisoners, and the no small ridicule of the An alteration was made in the conduct bailiff. of the proceflion, the second night, which The idea of these additions being pera had a good effe&t. The duet sung by fectly pantomimical, and the effect pro, Virtue and Pleasure, was introduced juft vokingly laughable, they arengthen and in that part of the pageantry where Co. improve the entertainment more than can lombine is brought forward in her palan- be conceived. Now the whole of the quim, and after the two characters bad pantomime is a rich performance, as well concluded their several parts of the air, as a moft fplendid spectacle, and will, we the orchestra resumed the march.

doubt not, continue to draw crouded The leventh night the following altera: houses for many, many nights to come. tions and additions were made, and in. There having been some mistakes in the troduced in the fecond act. Among the paper, with regard to the appropriation company present at Sir Anton Lever's of the respective scenes to the artiits who Museum, an old beau is seen, who pur- really painted them, we take this oppor. ebafes a monkey, which he leads home to tunity of doing those gentlemen the justice, his house. As soon as the scene changes, which their respective merits and happy iwo bailiffs appear in the street, with a exercise and display of talents, in decocouple of writs in tbeir hands, which rating this paptornime, ifo well deferve, they gave us to understand, are designed The firft scene, (with the two beautiful for the separate arrests of the old lieute- views of the Temple of Virtue and the want and the old beau. As soon as the Palace of Pleasure) comes from the powFermer comes forward, be is served with erful pencil of Mr. Richards. The land:


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