The Gift of Fire: Aggression and the Plays of Christopher Marlowe

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P. Lang, 1995 - Počet stran: 225
Critics have complained that Christopher Marlowe's plays lack -wholeness- or -completeness-. This book presents a fresh alternative to familiar textual explanations, or to psychological explanations that focus primarily on Marlowe's homosexuality. Instead, the author centers on Marlowe's aggressiveness as a disruptive force in his creative process, while discussing aggression's thematic implications in his major works. After a review of biographical data, aggression theories, and creative process theory, the study innovatively suggests that as Marlowe moved through his dramatic production he tried several strategies to control his aggression and channel it into his artistic process, thus giving increased, if imperfect, formal control to "The Jew of Malta, Dr. Faustus," and "Edward II.""

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The Author: Matthew N. Proser is Professor of English and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the English Department at the University of Connecticut. He received his doctorate in English at the University of Washington, Seattle. During 1983-1989, he was President of the Marlowe Society of America. In addition to his book on Shakespeare, The Heroic Image in Five Shakespearean Tragedies, he has published a variety of articles and reviews on Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Pirandello in journals, newsletters, and anthologies.

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