The Present State of the Republick of Letters. ...

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William and John Innys, at the West End of St. Paul's., 1729

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Strana 45 - The chasm would be imperceptible to an eye that could take in the whole compass of nature, and pass from one end of the creation to the other...
Strana 183 - Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Strana 48 - Though the whole creation frowns upon him, and all nature looks black about him, he has his light and support within him, that are able to cheer his mind, and bear him up in the midst of all those horrors which encompass him.
Strana 46 - It would be an imperfection in him, were he able to remove out of one place into .another, or to withdraw himself from any thing he has created, or from any part of that space which is diffused and spread abroad to infinity.
Strana 24 - ... out his play without minding the plot or beauties of it. And yet how few are there who attend to the drama of nature, its artificial structure, and...
Strana 47 - Brutes and men have their sensoriola, or little sensoriums, by which they apprehend the presence and perceive the actions of a few objects that lie contiguous to them. Their knowledge and observation turn within a very narrow circle.
Strana 202 - To draw the Eye, or to allure the Heart, Poor were the Praife in Fortune to excel, Yet want the Way to ufe that Fortune well.
Strana 48 - ... and enliven all the powers of man. How happy therefore is an intellectual being, who, by prayer and meditation, by virtue and good works, opens this communication between God and his own...
Strana 201 - As if Britannia now were funk fo low, To beg that peace fhe wonted to beftow. Be far that guilt ! be never known that...
Strana 2 - Faith, in the Year of our Lord 258. Together with his Life. Written by his own Deacon Pontius. All done into English from the Oxford Edition, and illustrated with divers Notes.

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