Cleveland Medical Journal, Svazek 5

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Cleveland Medical Journal Company, 1907

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Strana 190 - DEMONSTRATIONS IN ANATOMY. Being a Guide to the Knowledge of the Human Body by Dissection.
Strana 189 - By L. Duncan Bulkley. 8vo, Cloth, 272 Pages $1.50 net. BULKLEY: COMPENDIUM OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN. Based on an analysis of thirty thousand consecutive cases. With a Therapeutic Formulary, by L. Duncan Bulkley, AM, MD Physician to the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital; Consulting Physician to the New York Hospital. 8vo, Cloth, xviii+286 Pages $2.00 net. BULKLEY: DIET AND HYGIENE IN DISEASES OF THE SKIN.
Strana 340 - FOOD AND THE PRINCIPLES OF DIETETICS. By ROBERT HUTCHISON, MD Edin., MRCP, Assistant Physician to the London Hospital and to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street.
Strana 456 - A Compend of Operative Gynecology, based on Lectures in the Course of operative gynecology on the cadaver at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School...
Strana 36 - A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amory Hare, MD, Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. Octavo, handsomely bound in cloth, 400 pages, 13 illustrations.
Strana 38 - Manual of Chemistry. — A guide to lectures and laboratory work for beginners in chemistry. A text-book specially adapted for students of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.
Strana 155 - MD. Professor of Chemistry in the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and in the Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia ; Pathological Chemist Jefferson Medical College Hospital ; Vice-President, 1901, Society of Public Analysts, etc.
Strana 38 - Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book, specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Strana 180 - No address or paper before the Association, except those of the president and orators, shall occupy more than twenty minutes in its delivery ; and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than once on any subject.
Strana 113 - The essential requirements to securing an invitation are that the applicant shall be a citizen of the United States, shall be between twenty-two and thirty years of age, a graduate of a medical school legally authorized to confer the degree of doctor of medicine, shall be of good moral character and habits, and shall have had at least one year's hospital training as an interne, after graduation.

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