Graded Classics: First reader

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B.F. Johnson Publishing Company, 1901 - Počet stran: 143

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Strana 142 - Old King Cole Was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, And he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three!
Strana 122 - Twas built in a wood, Where an owl at the door For sentinel stood. This is her son Jack, A plain-looking lad, He is not very good, Nor yet very bad. She sent him to market, A live goose he bought, Here, mother...
Strana 106 - Nineteen times as high as the moon. Where she was going I couldn't but ask it, For in her hand she carried a broom. "Old woman, old woman, old woman," said I, "O whither, O whither, O whither so high?
Strana 117 - Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep, And can't tell where to find them, Leave them alone, and they'll come home, And bring their tails behind them.
Strana 45 - Hickory, dickory, dock, The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, The mouse ran down, Hickory, dickory, dock.
Strana 69 - I," said the Sparrow, "With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin." Who saw him die? "I," said the Fly, "With my little eye, I saw him die.
Strana 81 - As soon as the cat had lapped up the milk, the cat began to kill the rat ; the rat began to gnaw the rope ; the rope began to hang the butcher ; the butcher began to kill the ox ; the ox began to drink the water ; the water began to quench the fire ; the fire began to burn the stick ; the stick began to beat the dog ; the dog began to bite the pig; the little pig in a fright jumped over the stile ; and so the old woman got home that night.
Strana 79 - But the rope would not. She went a little farther, and she met a rat. So she said : — " Rat ! rat ! gnaw rope ! Rope will not hang butcher ; butcher will not kill ox ; ox will not drink water ; water will not quench fire ; fire will not burn stick ; stick will not beat dog ; dog will not bite pig ; pig will not jump over the stile ; and I shall not get home to-night.
Strana 87 - Little Boy Blue Little Boy Blue, Come blow your horn. The sheep are in the meadow, The cows are in the corn.
Strana 90 - What a great tree that would be ! And if all the axes were one axe, What a great axe that would be ! And if all the men were one man, What a great man he would be ! And if the great man took the great axe, And cut down the great tree, And let it fall into the great sea, What a splish splash that would be!

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