Australian Kelpie

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i5 Publishing, 16. 10. 2012 - Počet stran: 155
A nineteenth-century Australian creation, the Kelpie is a working dog through and through. Handsome and trainable though he may be, the breed rarely excels as a house pet and is truly at “home on the range.” The breed’s intense herding instincts, pulsing through the brain and veins of every dog, directs the Kelpie to round up, race and rally every moving thing in his path. Here is an intelligent, independent-thinking dog with a one-track mind: the Kelpie has irrepressible devotion to his work.

Written by award-winning canine journalist and author Charlotte Schwartz, this Special Rare-Breed Edition tells the unique story of the Kelpie in its homeland Down Under, detailing the breed’s characteristics, origin and description. As the breed’s working standard describes, the Kelpie should be “a medium sized, lithe, active, strongly muscled dog” who possesses an “open, friendly, active but placid disposition.” The author discusses the selection of a Kelpie puppy and the general maintenance of the dog, including feeding, grooming and exercising. The key to keeping Kelpies is keeping them busy and avoiding boredom at all costs. The author warns pet owners about the potential behavioral problems that can develop in the bored Kelpie and advises how to avoid these issues. A thorough, up-to-date chapter on canine healthcare by veterinarian Dr. Lowell Ackerman provides essential information about inoculations, infectious diseases, parasite prevention and much more.

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