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pp. 956.

A Universal and Critical Dictionary of the English Language; to which are added Walker's Key to the Pronunciation of Classical and Scripture Proper Names, much enlarged and improved; and a Pronouncing Vocabulary of Modern Geographical Names. By Joseph E. Worcester. Boston: Wilkins, Carter, & Co. 1846. Imperial 8vo.

Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern; with an Historical Introduc and Notes." By William Motherwell. Boston: William D. Ticknor & Co. 1846. 2 vols. 12mo.

Shakspeare's Dramatic Art, and bis Relation to Calderon and Goethe. Translated from the German of Dr. Herman Ulrici. Lon. don: Chapman, Brothers. 1846. 8vo. pp. 554.

Lyrica Sacra; or War-Songs and Ballads from the Old Testament. By William Plumer, Jr. Boston: Crosby & Nichols. 1846. 12ino.

pp. 68.

Lectures to Young Men on their Moral Dangers and Duties. By Abiel Abbot Livernore. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 1846. 12mo. pp. 160.

Incentives to the Cultivation of the Science of Geology, designed for the Use of the Young. By S. S. Randall, Deputy Superintendent of Common Schools for the State of New York. New York: Greeley and McElrath. 1846. _12mo. pp. 189.

The Eton Latin Grammar. From the Twentieth London Edition. Revised and corrected by T. W. C. Edwards, A. M. With Additions and Improvements from Zumpt, and the Appendix to the Latin Accidence, by James Hinton, A, M. Edited and adapted to the Schools in the United States, by the Rev. William Morris, Rector of Trinity School, New York. New York: H. M. Onderdonk & Co. 1846. 12mo.


229. The Miscellaneous Writings of F. W. P. Greenwood, D. D. Boston: Little & Brown. 1846. 12mo. pp. 393.

Wiley & Putnam's Library of Choice Reading. Nos. LXV. & LXVI. Italy, Spain, and Portugal, with an Excursion to Alcobaça and Batalha. By William Beckford, Author of Vathek. New York. 1846. 2 vols. 12mo.

The Farmer's Library and Monthly Journal of Agriculture. Edited by John S. Skinner. For September, 1846. New York: Greeley & McElrath. 8vo. pp. 144.

Brief Memoir explanatory of a New Trace of a Front of Fortification in Place of the present Bastioned Front. By William H. Chase, Major of Engineers. New Orleans. 1846. 8vo. pp. 9.

Ultramontanism, or the Roman Church and Modern Society. By E. Quinet, of the College of France. Translated from the French third Edition, with the Author's Approbation, by C. Cocks, B. L. London: John Chapman. 1845. 12mo. pp. 184.

The Mission of the German Catholics. By G. G. Gervinus. Translated from the German. London: Chapman, Brothers. 1846. 12mo.

pp. 66.

pp. 220.

pp. 116.

Christianity, or Europe. By Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg). Translated from the German, by the Rev. John Dalton. London: John Chapman. 1844. 12mo. pp. 34.

The Nature of the Scholar and its Manifestations. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German, with a Memoir of the Author. By William Smith. London: John Chapman. 1845. 12mo.

The Destination of Man. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German, by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. London: Chapman, Brothors. 1846. 12mo. pp. 128.

The Worship of Genius, and the Distinctive Character or Essence of Christianity. By Professor C. Ullman. Translated from the German, by Lucy Sanford. London: Chapman, Brothers. 1846. 12mo.

The Philosophy of Art: an Oration on the Relation between the Plastic Arts and Nature. By F. W. J. von Schelling. Translated from the German, by A. Johnson. London: John Chapman. 1845. 12mo. pp. 34.

Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury. By George Gibbs. New York : Printed for the Subscribers. 1846. 2 vols. 8vo.

Ecclesiastical Reminiscences of the United States. By the Rev. Edward Waylen, late Rector of Christ Church, Rockville, Maryland, eleven Years resident in America. New York: Wiley & Putnam. 1846. 8vo. pp. 501.

The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United States, Inaugural, Annual, and Special, from 1789 to 1846: with a Memoir of each of the Presidents, and a History of their Administrations; also the Constitution of the United States and a Selection of Important Documents and Statistical Information. Compiled from Official Sources, by Edwin Williams. Vol. I. New York: Edward Walker. 1846. 8vo. pp. 728.

The Library of American Biography, conducted by Jared Sparks. Second Series. Vol. X. Life of Nathanael Greene, Major-General in the Army of the Revolution. By his Grandson, George W. Greene, late American Consul at Rome. Boston: Little & Brown. 1846. 12mo. pp. 403.

Consuelo: by George Sand. Translated by Francis G. Shaw. Boston: W. D. Ticknor & Co. 1846. 2 vols. 12mo.

Remarks on the Culture of the Grape and the Manufacture of Wine in the Western States. By Melzer Flagg, M. D. Cincinnati: L'Hommedieu & Co., Printers. 1846. 8vo. pp. 18.

The Factory System in its Hygienic Relations: an Address delivered at Boston, at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society, May 27, 1846. By John 0. Green, M. D. Boston: Published by the Society. 1846. 8vo. pp. 34.

European Agriculture and Rural Economy, from Personal Observation. By Henry Colman. Vol. II. Part VI. Boston: A. D. Phelps. 1846. 8vo.

Reply of J. P. Kennedy to the Review of his Discourse on the Life and Character of Calvert, published in the United States Catholic Magazine, April, 1846. Baltimore: John Murphy. 1846. 8vo.

pp. 104.

pp. 32.

pp. 71.

Discourse on the Life and Character of Sir Walter Raleigh; delivered by J. Morrison Harris, before the Maryland Historical Society, May 19, 1846. Baltimore: Published by the Society. 1846. 8vo.

An Address delivered on laying the Corner-Stone of the Linnæan Hall of Pennsylvania College, July 23, 1846. By 8. S. Haldeman, A. M. Gettysburg: H. C. Neinstedt. 1846. 8vo. pp. 12.

Prisons and Prisoners. By Joseph Adshead. With Illustrations. London: Longmans. 1845. 8vo. pp. 320.

A Greek-English Lexicon, based on the German Work of Francis Passow. By Henry George Liddell, M. A., and Robert Scott, M. A. With Corrections and Additions, and the Insertion in Alphabetical Order of the Proper Names occurring in the Principal Greek Authors. By Henry Drisler, M. A., Adjunct Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages in Columbia College, New York. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1846. 8vo. pp. 1705.

Progress, a Satirical Poem. By J. G. Saxe. New York: John Allen. 1846. 8vo. pp. 32.

Astronoinical Observations made at the Naval Observatory, Washington. By Lieut. J. M. Gilliss, U. S. N. Washington: Gales and Seaton, Printers. 1846. 8vo. pp. 671.


Page 295, 11th line from the bottom, for his doctrines” read “its doctrines."

296, 18th line from the bottom, dele “ But.” 6 298, 17th line from the top, for “ modest” read" utmost." " 307, 5th line from the top, for “ honor" read horror."

12th line from the bottom, for “ puffs ” read “ huffs.” The statement on page 390, that manuscripts of the Gospels written in the age of the first Christian Emperor are even now extant, is perhaps made with too little qualification. It is true that some critics ascribe both the Alexandrine and the Vatican manuscripts of the Gospels to the fourth century, in the early part of which Constantine flourished. But others, with more reason, do not give them a higher antiquity than the fifth century.





North- A merican Review.

very of, 506.

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Ashmun, Mr., governor of Liberia,

Abubekir, the companion of Moham. Augsburg, Luther brought to trial in,
med's flight, 506.

Abu Taleb adopts Mohammed, 499 — Automaton chess-player, 415.

protects him, 504.
Adams, Fred. A., Arithmetic by, no-
ticed, 260.

Addison on instinct, 92.
Air-tight stoves, pernicious effects of, Bacon, Samuel, a martyr to coloniza-

tion, 282.
Alexander, Dr. Archibald, History of Bearings, distances, &c., in Massa-

Colonization in Africa by, review- chusetts, by J. G. Palfrey, noticed,
ed, 269 - cited, 289 – commenda- 263.
tion of his work, 291. See Coloni. Beaumont and Fletcher, 74 - inci.

dents in the lives of, 75 — licen-
Ali, the follower of Mohammed, bra- tiousness of, 76 — sweet and volup.

tuous style of, 78— The Maid's
American literature, extravagant na. Tragedy by, 79 — Philaster by, 81

tionality no basis for, 376 — patri- - other plays of, 82 — comedies
otic froth about, 377.

by, 83.
Amina, the mother of Mohammed, Beder, Mohammed's victory at, 509,

Anabaptists, conduct of the, 458. Bees, wonderful instincts of, 98–
Anonymous writers ought not to deny adapt their actions to circumstan.
their works, 7.

ces, 102 — yet very imperfectly,
Appetites distinguished from in- 104 — work without consciousness,
stincts, 94.

Arabian society and religion, evils of, Berkeley's theory of vision, 110.

Bethune, George W., Sermons by,
Arithmetic, by Fred. A. Adams, no- noticed, 262.
ticed, 260.

Bible, common version of the, 202 -
Arm chair of Tustenuggee, inaccurate and lame, 203 - Dr.
Simms, cited, 362.

South's eulogium on the, 295.
Arnold, Dr. Thomas, Lectures on Blackstone, William, first inhabitant
Modern History by, reviewed, 334 of Boston, 246.

merits and defects of, 335 – on Blackwood's Magazine, version of the
the progress of society, 336

Iliad in, 157, 162.
the mythical theory, 412.

Boston less favorable to negroes than
Arts, progress of the useful, 346. Liberia, 289.




roy, 193–

Bouillon, Duchesse de, escape of, 129. of Ireland, 181 — retires in disgust,
Buchanan, T., governor of Liberia, 182 — failed, because selfish and

artful, 183 — his treatment of his
Bunker's hill, contradictory accounts illegitimate son, 184 — himself the
of the battle of, 392.

cause of that son's failure, 185 —
Bush, Prof., reasons weakly about

personal integrity of, 186 — incon-
Mohammed, 507, 511.

sistent, 187 — as an orator, 18€ -
as a scholar and patron, 190 — his
affair with Dr. Johnson, 191 -
as a statesman, 192 — an able vice-

- as a writer, 194 — on
Cadijah, the wife of Mohammed, 500. duelling, cited, 195 – and on the
Caietan, Cardinal, Luther brought be use of time, 196 — his melancholy
fore, 443.

when old, 198 blasted and
Canticles, G. R. Noyes's new trans- wretched, 199— his maxims cited,

lation of the, reviewed, 201 - sub. 200.

ject and character of the, 210. Chivalry, origin of, 343.
Capital punishment, 15, 24.

Christ, German infidel theories of a,
Cardinal virtues, list of the, 5.

428 use of the name of, 428,
Carey, Lott, the African colónist, 287. note.
Carolina Sports, by W. Elliott, re- Christendom, state of, in the Dark
viewed, 316 — Devil-fishing in,

Ages, 355.
317 — Drum-fishing in, 327 - Christian ordinances, Whewell on,
Bass-fishing in, 329 — the American 17.
Revolution sometimes regretted in, Christianity, Greenleaf and Strauss
330 — what she has gained by it, on the Truth of, reviewed, 382.
331 — slavery in, ib.

defended by theologians and meta-
Chapman, George, the dramatist, 69 physicians, 383 views of a sound
rough grandeur of, 70 — trans.

lawyer about, 384 — denied by
lates the Iliad, 158.

Strauss, 385 — records of, com-
Charles I., Dr. South's eulogy of, 296. pared with profane history, 386 -
Charles II., obliquely censured by more external testimony for, 387

South, 306 the depravity of his Paul as a witness for, 388 -
age exposed, 307 — the sins of its

mentous external results of, 389–
literature, 309.

vouched by the institution of the
Charles V., chosen emperor, 444 Eucharist, 390 — alleged discre-

appoints a diet at Augsburg, 455 - pancies in the early accounts of,

begins to favor the Protestants, 457. 391 — minuteness and harmony of
Chess-player, the wooden, 415.

these records, 396 — the external
Chesterfield, Letters of the Earl of,

testimony in favor of, must be ac-
edited by Lord Mahon, reviewed, counted for, 399— theory of Pau-
166 — aspired to be great, 166 - lus for this purpose, 400 — and of
acted on false maxims, ib. — aimed Strauss, 401

his theory refuted,
only at worldly success, 168 —- self- 402 arose in a civilized an
ish morality of, 169 — studied only fined age, 411 — no time for form-
to shine, 170 — failed in political ing a myth of, 412 - its records of
life, 171 - deficient in heart, 172 miracles, 413 — these records must

- fair auspices of, in early life, 173 be accepted as they are, 417 — its
- fails as an orator and with the miracles not inconsistent with the
king, 174 — enters the House of divine attributes, 419 — are even
Lords, 175 - disliked by George probable, when fit, 420 — miracles
II., 176 - cited, ib., 187, 189 occurred before man was created,
courts the king's mistress, 177


antecedent probability of
marries the king's natural daugh. miracles in, 422— not a failure, ib.
ter, 178 — joins the opposition to itself a miracle, 423— funda.
Walpole, 179 — receives a large mental assumption of, 425 – Ger-
legacy, 180 — made lord lieutenant man infidel theories of, ib.-Schlei.

- mo-


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