The International Who's Who 2004

Přední strana obálky
Psychology Press, 2003 - Počet stran: 1888
This book and online combination offers the quality of content of the print edition with all the advantages of searchability and accessibility of an online database.
* Free access to The International Who's Who online with a purchase of the print edition
* Includes around 19,000 biographies of some of the most influential men and women worldwide.
* Entries are included on merit, achievement and for their continuing interest and importance.
* 19,000 biographies
* Each biography includes details of: nationality, date and place of birth, education, marital and family details, past career and current position, honours, awards and publications, leisure interests, current address and telephone number, email and internet address, where available
* A section on reigning royal families
* An obituary list of entrants who have died since the publication of the last edition
* The online edition is fully searchable and regularly updated
For a free trial of the International Who's Who online, visit the website at http: //

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