The Utah State Constitution: A Reference Guide

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Greenwood Press, 1998 - Počet stran: 231

The constitution of Utah, born of religious conflict, is explained in detail in this addition to the Greenwood series: Reference Guides to the State Constitutions of the United States. It represents a comprehensive review of the unique historical background and the 100-year development of the Utah State Constitution. Written for the beginning of statehood in 1896, the original constitution survived until the early 1970s with little change. Since that time it has responded to a wave of constitutional reform that has produced change in virtually every article. This reference guide shows these changes section-by-section and explores their purpose and meaning. This book will be of interest for students of government and law.

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O autorovi (1998)

JEAN BICKMORE WHITE is Emerita Professor of Political Science at Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah. She is the author of Charter for Statehood: The Story of Utah's State Constitution (1996) and several articles and monographs on Utah's constitution, government, and politics.

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