Tales of the Peerage and the Peasantry, Svazek 2

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Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street., 1835

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Strana 228 - And ruder words will soon rush in To spread the breach that words begin ; And eyes forget the gentle ray They wore in courtship's smiling day ; And voices lose the tone that shed A tenderness round all they said; Till fast declining, one by one, The sweetnesses of love are gone...
Strana 62 - Cancel all our vows! And when we meet at any time again, Be it not seen in either of our brows That we one jot of former love retain. Now at the last gasp of Love's latest breath, When, his pulse failing, Passion speechless lies, When Faith is kneeling by his bed of death, And Innocence is closing up his eyes: Now, if thou wouldst, when all have given him over, From death to life thou might'st him yet recover!
Strana 237 - The path of sorrow, and that path alone, Leads to the land where sorrow is unknown ; No traveller ever reach'd that blest abode, Who found not thorns and briers in his road.
Strana 83 - Than aught in love the like of us can spy. See yon twa elms that grow up side by side : Suppose them some years syne bridegroom and bride ; Nearer and nearer ilka year they've prest, Till wide their spreading branches are increas'd, And in their mixture now are fully blest: This shields the other frae the eastlin blast, That in return defends it frae the wast.
Strana 28 - The playful humour ; he could now endure (Himself grown sober in the vale of tears) And feel a parent's presence no restraint. But not to understand a treasure's worth Till time has stolen away the slighted good, Is cause of half the poverty we feel, And makes the world the wilderness it is.
Strana 196 - LORDLY gallants, tell me this : Though my safe content you weigh not, In your greatness what one bliss Have you gain'd, that I enjoy not ? You have honours, you have wealth, I have peace, and I have health ; All the day I merry make, And at night no care I take. Bound to none my fortunes be...
Strana 102 - Whom call we gay? That honour has been long The boast of mere pretenders to the name. The innocent are gay — the lark is gay, That dries his feathers, saturate with dew, Beneath the rosy cloud, while yet the beams Of dayspring overshoot his humble nest.
Strana 150 - THE soote season, that bud and bloom forth brings, With green hath clad the hill and eke the vale: The nightingale with feathers new she sings; The turtle to her mate hath told her tale.
Strana 17 - ... suoi duci nel benedetto rostro fu tacente; però che tutte quelle vive luci, vie più lucendo, cominciaron canti da mia memoria labili e caduci. O dolce amor che di riso t'ammanti, quanto parevi ardente in que' flailli, ch'avìeno spirto sol di pensier santi!
Strana 21 - The children of the poor are allowed a latitude of speech unknown in the higher orders, and they are free from the salutary restraint imposed by what is termed company. When in the enjoyment of full health and strength, the ungoverned temper of the poor is one of their most striking faults, while their resignation under affliction, whether mental or bodily, is the point, of all others, in which the rich might with advantage study to imitate them.

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