The Secrets to Sensational Foreplay: The Hottest Ways to Touch Your Lover for Incredible Pleasure, Stronger Orgasms, and Longer, Better Sex

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Fair Winds Press, 1. 2. 2011 - Počet stran: 160
The Secrets to Sensational Foreplayteaches you toe-curling touch techniques, creative kissing and mouth moves that will drive your partner crazy, and sultry seduction skills that will stoke all of your senses for maximum responsiveness and pleasure. You’ll learn how to take foreplay to the next level with sensual and daring activities that put you in the mood or build the excitement.

—Add Adventure and Excitement: Explore edgier foreplay with sex toys, bondage play, and erotica.

—Stoke Your Fantasies: Role-playing and sexplay that lets you see your partner in a new way.

—Get the Action Out of the Bedroom: Indulge in sensual shower and bathtub play, hot and heavy (yet still hidden) touching in public, and dirty talking and texting.

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O autorovi (2011)

Laura Rossis a writer, editor, and literary agent specializing in provocative nonfiction and illustrated books.While much of her current work reflectsherparticular interest in sexuality and women’s issues, she has produced a wide range of magazine features, anthologies, textbooks, and evenan occasional celebrity biography.She lives inNew York Citywith her happy husband and two very frisky cats.

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