Israel at the Polls, 1996

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Daniel J. Elazar, Shmuel Sandler
Routledge, 8. 4. 2014 - Počet stran: 288
The 1996 Israeli elections were the first elections by direct vote for the position of prime minister in which a newcomer - Binyamin Netanyahu - defeated the most veteran Israeli politician, Shimon Peres. The result indicated not only a transition of power from the left-centre to the right-centre, but also the decline of the major parties and the ascendance of the smaller parties. Israel at the Polls, 1996 looks at the parties, election campaigns and the processes that determined this outcome. Major issues such as religion and politics, Israel as a Jewish state, the peace process, and the 'new politics' are analysed by outstanding Israeli political scientists.

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Netanyahu TakesOver Efraim Inbar
The Religious Parties and the 1996 Elections
The Radicalization of Politicization? Hillel Frisch
The Case of Yisrael BaAliya the Russian
External Influences onthe Israeli Elections Barry Rubin
Women inthe 1996 Elections
Peace Security and Terrorinthe 1996Elections Gerald M Steinberg
The Candidates and the New Politics
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