Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Maine

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Includes special sessions.

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Strana 20 - ... the widows and orphans of those who lost their lives in the...
Strana 53 - Ordered, that a joint select committee of three on the part of the senate, with such as the house may join, be appointed to consider the governor's message and report the reference of its several subjects to appropriate committees.
Strana 107 - Resolved, That the committee on the judiciary be directed to inquire into the expediency of...
Strana 80 - Houses concerning the election of a Senator in the Congress of the United States for the term of six years from the fourth day of March next.
Strana 132 - Resolved, That the committee on education be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law for the...
Strana 56 - I have stated, he was made the chairman of a committee of seven, on the part of the House, with such as the Council might join, " to consider and report a general plan of union of the several Colonies on this Continent, except those of Nova Scotia and Georgia.
Strana 349 - an act to provide for the relinquishment to the United States in certain cases of title to lands for sites of light-stations on the coasts and waters of this State...
Strana 80 - An act to regulate the time and manner of holding elections for Senators in Congress...
Strana 86 - ... convene the legislature at any other time than that prescribed in the constitution, and that in case of invasion or danger from the prevalence of contagious diseases at the seat of government, he may in like manner convene it at any other suitable place within the state.
Strana 244 - That the Committee on the Judiciary inquire into the expediency of so amending the judicial system of the United States, as that each and all the States may equally participate in its benefits.

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