Ignoramus comœdia; scriptore Georgio Ruggle, A.M. aulae Clarensis, apud Cantabrigienses olim socio nunc denuo in lucem edita cum notis historicis et criticis: quibus insuper praeponitur vita auctoris, et subjicitur glossarium vocabula forensia dilucide exponens : accurante johanne sidneio hawkins, arm

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The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2006 - Počet stran: 318

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Strana xxviii - ... tun in five days. He lodged and kept his table at St. John's college, but his lady and her retinue at Magdalen college, whereof his grandfather Audley was founder. The king and prince lay at Trinity college, where the plays were represented ; and the hall so well ordered for room, that above two thousand persons were conveniently placed.
Strana xxxiii - I muft crave pardon not to be of his opinion. Though I endured a great deal of penance by the way for this little...
Strana xxx - Compton's son, though least, yet was not worst), but more than half marred with extreme length. The third night was an English comedy called Albumazar of Trinity College's action and invention, but there was no great matter in it more than one good clown's part.
Strana xxviii - Ratcliffe, a foolish tutor of physic, which proved but a lean argument; and though it were larded with pretty shews at the beginning and end, and with somewhat too broad speech for such a presence, yet it was still dry.

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