England and the English in the Eighteenth Century: Chapters in the Social History of the Times, Svazek 1

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Ward & Downey, 1891

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Strana 90 - ... high, that at present want some inches of five: how they came to be thus curtailed I cannot learn ; whether the whole sex be at present under any penance which we know nothing of, or whether they have cast their head-dresses in order to surprise us with something in that kind which shall be entirely new ; or whether some of the tallest of the sex, being too cunning for the rest, have contrived this ^method to make themselves appear...
Strana 90 - THERE is not so variable a thing in nature as a lady's headdress. Within my own memory I have known it rise and fall above thirty degrees. About ten years ago it shot up to a very great height, insomuch that the female part of our species were much taller than the men.* The women were of such an enormous stature, that "we appeared as grasshoppers before them...
Strana 180 - Thames' full urn rolls down his plenteous waves ; From every penthouse streams the fleeting snow, And with dissolving frost the pavements flow. Experienc'd men, inur'd to city ways, «* Need not the calendar to count their days. When through the Town, with slow and solemn air, Led by the nostril, walks the muzzled bear, Behind him moves majestically dull, The pride of Hockley-hole, the surly bull; «>• Learn hence the periods of the week to name : Mondays and Thursdays are the days of game.
Strana 28 - Fleet Ditch with disemboguing streams Rolls the large tribute of dead dogs to Thames, The king of dykes ! than whom no sluice of mud With deeper sable blots the silver flood.
Strana 277 - Last Friday was Valentine's Day, and the night before, I got five bay-leaves, and pinned four of them to the four corners of my pillow, and the fifth to the middle ; and then, if I dreamt of my sweetheart, Betty said we should be married before the year was out.
Strana 182 - Jones' immortal hands, Columns with plain magnificence appear, And graceful porches lead along the square: Here oft my course I bend, when lo! from far, I spy the furies of the football war: The 'prentice quits his shop to join the crew, Increasing crowds the flying game pursue.
Strana 349 - Christianity, have this fortnight been pondering methods to make more effectual that horrid traffic of selling negroes. It has appeared to us that six-and-forty thousand of these wretches are sold every year to our plantations alone !—it chills one's blood.
Strana 296 - I could send you volumes on the ghost, and I believe if I were to stay a little, I might send its life, dedicated to my lord Dartmouth, by the ordinary of Newgate, its two great patrons. A drunken parish clerk set it on foot out of revenge, the methodists have adopted it, and the whole town of London think of nothing else. Elizabeth Canning and the Rabbit-woman were modest impostors in comparison of this, which goes on without saving the least appearances. The archbishop, who would not suffer the...
Strana 204 - One evening at the [Ivy Lane] Club, Johnson proposed to us the celebrating the birth of Mrs. Lenox's first literary child, as he called her book, by a whole night spent in festivity. Upon his mentioning it to me, I told him I had never sat up a whole night in my life ; but he continuing to...
Strana 97 - I must describe first : — her petticoat was black velvet embroidered with chenille, the pattern a large stone vase filled with ramping flowers that spread almost over a breadth of the petticoat from the bottom to the top ; between each vase of flowers was a pattern of gold shells, and foliage embossed and most heavily rich...

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