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Abbreviations: Ann. Sc. Pol., Annales des sciences politiques, Paris; Arch.dipl., Archives diplomatiques, Paris; B., boletin, bulletin, bollettino; B. A. R., Monthly bulletin of the International Bureau of American Republics, Washington; Doc. dipl., France: Documents diplomatiques; Dr., droit, diritto, derecho; For. rel., Foreign Relations of the United States; Ga., gazette, gaceta, gazzetta; G. B. Cd., Great Britain: Parliamentary Papers; Int., international, internacional, internazionale; J., journa; J. O., Journal Officiel, Paris; Mem. dipl., Memorial diplomatique, Paris; Monit., Molniteur belge, Brussels; N.R.G., Nouveau recueil général de traités, Leipzig; Q. dipl., Questions diplomatiques et coloniales; R., review, revista, revue, rivista; Reichs-G., Reichs-Gesetzblatt, Berlin; Staatsb., Staatsblad, The Hague; State Papers, British and Foreign State Papers, London; Stats. at L., United States Statutes at Large; Times, the Times (London); Treaty ser., Great Britain: Treaty Series. January, 1906. 1 GERMANY. Law of December 20, 1905, takes effect, granting Great

Britain, her colonies and dependencies most favored nation

treatment until December 31, 1907. Arch. dipl., 97: 148. 1 GREAT BRITAIN. Aliens Act, August 11, 1905, 5 Edw. 7. ch. 13,

came into operation. Arch. dipl., 97:129; Smith: British nationality and naturalization, Juridical R., October, 1906; Henriquez: Law of aliens and naturalization, London, 1906; Sibley & Elias: The Aliens Act and the Right of Asylum, London, 1906; for

regulations under this Act see G. B. Cd., 2879. 1 SWITZERLAND. New tariff containing conventional rates of treaties

with Germany and Italy took effect. UNITED STATES. Proclamation, issued under the authority con

ferred by the third section of the tariff act of the United States, approved July 24, 1897. Reciprocity with Switzerland, taking effect January 1, 1906. Switzerland had decreed the removal, on and after January 1, 1906, of all differential customs duties from the products of the soil and industry of the United States, and granted to the same the benefit of the Swiss conventional tariff

rates. Stats. at L., vol. 34. 1 Secretaries of international bureaus, conferences and associations are invited to send to the compiler, Mr. Henry G. Crocker, Washington, D. C., data suitable for this department. To insure accuracy such data should be communicated only after the events.

January, 1906. 2 SERVIA-TURKEY. Treaty of commerce signed. Arch. dipl., 97:152. 9 BULGARIA-GERMANY. Ratifications exchanged at Berlin of con

vention of commerce, customs and navigation, signed August 1, 1905. Arch. dipl., 97:149; Reichs-G., 1906, No. 1; For.rel., 1906.

See January 14. 10 ARGENTINE-BRAZIL. Ratifications exchanged at Rio de Janeiro of

trademark convention signed at Rio de Janeiro, October 30, 1901; approved by Brazilian Congress, November 28, 1905. B. A. R.,

April; Annales dipl. et consulaires, 3:348. 10 BELGIUM-FRANCE. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of conven

tion concluded at Paris, April 12, 1905, for the rectification of the frontier along the Ry-de-France. J. O., January 23, p. 441. French law approving same, January 5. J.O., January 9, p. 169. The convention contains reciprocal cessions of territory. Ratified by Belgium, January 10, 1906. Monit., January 26, 1906;

B. Usuel, January 10, 1906. 10 FRANCE–GREAT BRITAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of

agreement signed April 20, 1904, additional to convention of December 8, 1882. Postal money orders. Treaty ser., 1906,

No. 1; J. O., January 27. 10 SAN MARINO-UNITED STATES. Treaty of extradition, signed at

Rome, to take place of the unperfected treaty of March 15, 1905. 10 FRANCE-GREAT BRITAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of con

vention signed at Paris, December 6, 1905. Telegraphic communication between Mauritius and Reunion. Treaty ser., 1906,

No. 2; J.O., January 27. 10 CHINA. Chinanfu, capital of the province of Shantung, formally

opened to foreign trade. The Imperial Decree was issued May 17, 1904. For diplomatic correspondence and regulations for the port, see For. rel., 1904, 1905. For list of treaty ports in China, see U.S. Monthly Consular Trade Reports, September, 1906, and Moore: Dig. Int. Law, Washington, 1906, Sec. 806. For cities subsequently opened to international trade, see Times, December

19, 21, 22. 10 CUBA. Adhesion to Pan-American convention of January 27, 1902,

approved by Senate. Exchange of official publications. Ga. Oficial, January 26, 1906. For ratifications of this convention

by other countries, see R. de dr. int. privé, 2: 248. 10 CUBA. Adhesion to Pan-American convention of January 27

1902. Patents, designs and trademarks. Ga. Oficial, January

January, 1906.

27, 1906. For ratifications of this convention by other countries,

see R. de dr. int. privé, 2:248. 12 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERNATIONAL Law organized. 13 BULGARIA-FRANCE. Treaty of commerce and navigation signed

at Sofia. Act authorizing ratification by France, April 30. J. O., May 4, p. 3057; Arch. dipl., 97:151; For.rel., 1906. Took

effect provisionally, January 14, 1906. 13 BULGARIA-ITALY. Treaty of commerce, customs and navigation,

signed at Sofia. R. di dr. int. (Rome) 1:72, 482; For.rel., 1906. 13 GERMANY-NETHERLANDS. Ratification by Netherlands of treaty

signed at The Hague, December 17, 1904. Status and treatment of subjects of each state residing in domain of the other.

Staatsb., 1906, No. 4. 14 BULGARIA. New customs tariff as modified by conventions with

Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy, took effect. Reichs-G., 1906, No. 1; G. B. Cd., 2862; B. Usuel, January 12, 1906; Arch.

dipl., 97:151; For. rel., 1906. See September 15. 15 BRAZIL-PERU. Tribunal of arbitration under treaty signed July

12, 1904, commenced proceedings. Mem. dipl., June 3. 15 PERU-SPAIN. Proclamation by president of Peru of convention

signed in Lima, April 9, 1904. Liberal professions. Ratified by
Peruvian Congress, December 29, 1905. B. Min. Rel. Ext.,

Lima, Year 3, No. 9.
ALGECIRAS CONFERENCE opened. President, Duke of Almodovar,

Spanish minister of foreign affairs. Thirteen states were repre-
sented. The chief matters of controversy were the control of
the proposed state bank and the policing of the port towns.
France having lent nearly all of the money borrowed from foreign
financiers by the Maghzen, wished to be predominant in the bank
administration; Germany contended that the bank should not be
used for political purposes nor controlled by one nation. France
desired also to control the police. For declaration (Great Britain-
France) respecting Egypt and Morocco, April 8, 1904, see N.R.G.,
32:15; G. B. Cd., 1952;for declaration (France-Spain) concerning
integrity of Morocco, October 3, 1904, see N.R.G.,32:57; B. Min.
Est., Madrid, October 1904. For history of the Moroccan question,
see Arch. dipl., 96:559;97:43, 98,262,270, 295, 358, 359; La Con-
ference d'Algésiras, Paris and Nancy, 1906; Moulin: La Question
marocaine d'après les documents du livre jaune, Paris, 1906, 77 pp.;

January, 1906.

G. Gray: Questioni diplomatiche e sociali dell'anno 1905, Turin, 1906; Gamazo: La cuestión de Marruecos desde el punto de vista español, Madrid, 1905; R. dr. pub., 23:532 (Lapradelle); Bekker: España y Marruecos, sus relaciones diplomaticas durante el siglo XIX, Madrid, 1903; For. rel., 1905; Guarini: La questione del Marocco e. Guglielmo II. R. di dr. int. (Rome) 1:56; Isambert: La vie politique en Allemagne (1905–1906), Ann Sc. Pol., 21:731.

See April 7. 17 VENEZUELAN officials prohibit M. Taigny, French chargé d'affaires,

from landing again in Venezuela, and also expel the heads of the

French cable offices at Caracas and La Guayra. See January 18. 18 FRANCE—VENEZUELA. M.Maubourguet, Venezuelan chargé d'affaires,

is handed his passports; he is escorted to the Belgian frontier by a special commissary of police. Arch. dipl., 97:156; Arch. dipl., 97: 291, for Venezuelan position; Franklin: L'incident du Venezuela,

Q. dipl., February 1, 1906. 18 ITALY-SWITZERLAND. Two conventions signed at Rome in exe

cution of Art. 15 of the convention of December 2, 1899. Telegraphic, telephonic, and police service at Domodossola. See

May 25. 19 BELGIUM. Promulgation of law of July 7, 1905, approving obliga

tory arbitration treaties concluded with Russia, October 17/30, 1904; Switzerland, November 15, 1904; Norway and Sweden, November 30, 1904; Spain, January 23, 1905; Denmark, April 26, 1905; and Greece, April 19/May 2, 1905. Monit., January 19,

1906; B. Usuel, January 19; For. rel., 1905. 20 FRANCE-ITALY. Arrangement signed at Paris. Transfer of funds

between Italian and French savings banks. French law authorizing ratification, August 3, 1906. J. O., August 8, p. 5645;

Arch. dipl., 97: 147. 23 BOLIVIA—PERU. Protocol modifying postal agreement of July 12,

1902. Ratified by president of Peru, January 30, 1906. B. Min.

Rel. Ext., Lima, Year 3, No. 11. 23 BOLIVIA-PERU. Ratification by Peru of treaty signed at Lima,

November 27, 1905. Commerce and customs regulations. Ratified by President of Peru, January 27, 1906. B. Min. Rel. Ext.,

Lima, Year 3, No. 11. For treaty, see For. rel., 1905. 25 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Decree. Regulations under act of Sept

ember 29, 1905, organizing the diplomatic service. B. del Min. de Relac. Ext., No. 91.

January, 1906. 25 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Decree. Consular regulations under act of

September 29, 1905, reorganizing the consular service. Under this law there are three classes of consuls general and three of consuls. Article 2 enacts that the executive power shall assign these officials according to the importance of the posts, taking into account protection of Argentine citizens and interests. The regulations state that promotions will be made preferably within the same consular body without prejudice however to such direct appointments as the executive power may deem desirable.

B. del Min. de Relac. Ext., No. 91. 25 BELGIUM. Arrêt of the Court of Cassation. Nature of marriage

contracts of the royal family. R. de dr. int. privé, 2:558; J. de

dr. int. privé, 32:416; id., 33, 940. 25 ITALY—NICARAGUA. Treaty of friendship, commerce and naviga

tion signed. 28

FRANCE-RUSSIA. Arrangement signed at St. Petersburg supple

mentary to convention of commerce signed September 16/29,

1905. Arch. dipl., 98:256, 272. See February 20. 29 DENMARK. King Christian IX. died. Born April 8, 1818. Suc

ceeded by his oldest son, Frederick VIII., proclaimed January 30; his second son, George, is king of Greece; his eldest daughter, Alexandra, queen of England; his second daughter, Marie Dagmar, empress dowager of Russia. King Haakon of Norway is son

of Frederick VIII. See June 22. 31 GREAT BRITAIN JAPAN. Convention signed at Tokyo.

Commercial relations between Canada and Japan. Ratifications exchanged at Tokyo, July 12, 1906. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 13. Extends the stipulations of the treaty signed July 16, 1894, and of the supplementary convention signed July 16, 1895, to intercourse between Canada and Japan.

February, 1906. 5 NETHERLANDS-PORTUGAL. Ratification by Netherlands of arbi

tration treaty signed at The Hague, October 1, 1904. Staatsb.,

1906, No. 18. 8 CRETE consented to the payment of 20,000 francs as indemnity for

the family of an Italian soldier killed in January, 1906. Italy had occupied the country where the crime took place, and sequestered customs duties.

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