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March, 1906.
31 ROUMANIA-UNITED STATES. Convention signed at Bucharest.

Reciprocal protection of trademarks. Ratification advised by the
Senate May 4, 1906; ratified by the President, May 10, 1906;
ratified by Roumania June 20, 1906; ratifications exchanged at
Bucharest, June 21, 1906: proclaimed by the President, June 25,

1906. Stats. at L., vol. 34. 31 ECUADOR—FRANCE. Exchange of ratifications at Quito of act

signed at Quito, August 1, 1905, additional to the postal convention of August 17, 1899. Proclamation by president of France, April 14, 1906. Memoria del Min. de Rel. Ext., Quito, 1906; J. 0., April 18, p. 2584.

April, 1906. 4 FRANCE-ITALY. Exchange of ratifications at Rome of two con

ventions signed June 6, 1904, at Rome. Railway communication between Coni, Vintimille, and Menton. French act authorizing ratification, March 20, 1906. J.O., March 21, p. 1809; May 5, p.

3118. 6 GREAT BRITAIN-HAITI. Convention respecting nationality signed

at Port-au-Prince. Ratifications exchanged at Port-au-Prince,

October 16, 1906. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 16. 6 UNITED STATES. An act to provide for the reorganization of the con

sular service of the United States. The act provides for grading the service, substitution of salaries for fees, temporary transfer of consular officials by president, appointment of five inspectors of consulates, and further Americanization of the service. It also abolishes personal fees except as to consular agents and empowers the president to fix rates for certifying invoices. Stats.

at L., vol. 34, p. 99; see Documents, post. 7 INTERNATIONAL. Final act of the conference of Algeciras. Super

sedes convention of July 3, 1880. Signatory powers: AustriaHungary, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United States. Of the fifteen shares in the proposed bank, France is to have three; the other nations represented in the conference one each. The banks of England, France, Spain, and Germany are each to appoint one censor. France for five years is to officer the police of Mogodor, Saffi, Mazagan and Rabat; Spain those of Tetuan and Larache; France and Spain together those of Tangier and Casablanca, all subject to a Swiss

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April, 1906.

inspector. Police officers are to be responsible to the Sultan and to the diplomatic corps. Importation of contraband of war is prohibited, and the "open door" adopted. Catellani: L'Italia dopo la Conferenza di Algesiras, R. Coloniale, 1:1; G. B.Cd., 3087; Morocco: The International Conference at Algeciras, Imp. and Asiatic Quarterly R., October, 1906. For the proceedings of the conference, see Arch. dipl., 99:48. See June 18, December 5,

14 and 31. 7 FRANCE-KONGO. Act signed at Brussels additional to the tele

graphic convention concluded June 23, 1903. Ratifications exchanged at Brussels, June 26, 1906. Promulgated by the

president of France, July 13, 1906. J. O., July 17, p. 4918. 7 Sixth UNIVERSAL Postal CONGRESS at Rome. One copy only of

the various acts was signed by the delegates of the countries
concerned and deposited in the Italian state archives by the
Italian foreign office. Adjourned May 26. The international
letter weight unit was raised from half an ounce to an
For use as return postage, an international stamp for five cents
is provided for, exchangeable for a stamp of equal value in any
country of the postal union. L' Union Postale, vol. 31, Nos. 7,

8 and 9. 11 CUBA-FRANCE. Ratifications exchanged at Havana of industrial

property convention signed at Havana, June 4, 1904. French act authorizing ratification, February 28; promulgated in France May 12. Ga. Oficial, April 13, 1906; J. O., March 6, p. 1485; id.,

May 16, p. 3402. 11 FRANCE. Act amending decree of September 21, 1793, reserving

coast trade to national flag. J.O., April 14, p. 2450; R. de dr.

int. privé, 2:597. 14 BELGIUM-MONTENEGRO. Ratifications exchanged at Brussels of

extradition convention signed December 8, 1905, at Brussels and December 3 (O.S.) at Cettinjé. Monit., April 30, May 1, 1906;

B. Usuel, April 14. 14 FRANCE. Act relative to conditions of application of Article 12 of

convention of February 13, 1904, between France and Siam. French consular jurisdiction. J.O., Apr. 21, p. 2665. For the

convention, see For. rel., 1905, p. 835. 14 THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EMPLOYEES convened at Lon

don. Times, April 16.

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next Congress will be held at Budapest in 1909. For proceedings,

B. Dep. Estado, Cuba, 1906. Adjourned April 26. 19 ERITREA. Decree of governor repealing Decree of December 20,

1904, prohibiting importation of American cottonseed. ECUADOR-FRANCE. Promulgation of French law approving

postal money order convention, signed June 10, 1905. J. 0.,

April 24, p. 2762. 21 GREAT BRITAIN-UNITED STATES. Convention signed at Washing

ton, providing for the surveying and marking out upon the ground of the 141st degree of west longitude, where said meridian forms the boundary line between Alaska and the British possessions in North America. Ratification advised by the Senate April 25; ratified by the President July 10; ratified by Great Britain June 9; ratifications exchanged at Washington August 16; proclaimed by the President August 21, 1906. Stats. at L., vol. 34; Treaty

ser., 1906, No. 9. 22 OLYMPIC GAMES at Athens. Closed May 2. 27 CHINA-GREAT BRITAIN. Convention signed at Peking. Tibet.

Ratifications exchanged at London, July 23, 1906. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 9: For. rel., 1906. This confirms the Tibetan convention, signed at Lhasa, September, 1904, negotiated by Sir. F. Younghusband. China engages not to permit any foreign nation to annex Tibetan territory, or interfere in the administration of Tibet; Great Britain binds herself not to do so. Concessions in Tibet shall not be granted to any state or subjects thereof other than China. The telegraphic connection with India provided by the 1904 convention is, however, permitted. The indemnity of twenty-five lakhs is payable in three equal annual instalments, the first of which was paid in Calcutta, May 29.

Imp. As. Quart. R., July, 1906. . 27 GUATEMALA. Decree of legislative power ratified Pan-American

sanitary convention of October 14, 1905. B. A. R., September. 29 MILAN INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION is opened. Closed November 4. 30 ECUADOR. Executive decree of President ratifying Pan-American

Sanitary Convention of October 14, 1905. Memoria del Min. de

Rel. Ext., Quito, 1906; B. A. R., June. May 1 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION of textile industries, Tourcoing,

France. Times, April 19; Mem. dipl., June 10.

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May, 1906. 2 BELGIUM-DENMARK. Ratifications exchanged at Brussels of

treaty of obligatory arbitration, signed at Brussels, April 26, 1905.
Monit., May 18, 1906; B. Usuel, May 2, 1906; For. rel., 1905;

Arch. dipl., 98:41. See January 19.
DENMARK-GREAT BRITAIN. Ratifications exchanged at London

of convention signed at London, October 25, 1905. Arbitration.
Similar to British-Franco treaty of October 14, 1903. For. rel.,

1904, p. 9; Treaty ser., 1906, No. 5; Arch. dipl., 98: 44. 4 GREAT BRITAIN-TURKEY. British government's ultimatum to

Turkey demanding withdrawal of Turkish troops from the territory in dispute (Sinai peninsula) within 10 days. Turkey claimed the area north of a straight line from Akaba to Suez and

east of a line from Suez to El Arish. See May 12. 5 COLOMBIA-ECUADOR. Convention signed in Bogotá, to secure

stability of telegraphic intercommunication. Ratified by Ecua

dor. Memoria del Min. de Rel. Ext., 1906, p. 25. 5 Sixth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF APPLIED CHEMISTRY at

Rome. Times, May 8. Next meeting at London. 7 GREAT BRITAIN-SPAIN. Treaty signed at London. Marriage of

His Majesty the King of Spain with H.R.H. Princess Victoria
Eugénie Julia Ena. Ratifications exchanged at London, May 23.
Treaty ser., 1906, No. 6; Ga. de Madrid, May 30; Arch. dipl.,

98:322; Clunet, 33:938. 8 BRAZIL-NETHERLANDS. Treaty signed at Rio de Janeiro fixing

boundary line between Brazil and Dutch Guiana. In accordance with this treaty the frontier follows the watershed of the Tumucumaque mountains from headwaters of Maroni river to those of Corentyne, near which the line meets the frontiers of French and

British Guiana. B. A. R., July. . 8 GERMANY-SWEDEN. Treaty of commerce and navigation signed

at Stockholm. Ratifications exchanged June 23, 1906. Reichs-G.,

1906, No. 36. 9 CHINA. Imperial decree appointing Tieh-liang administrator

general and Tang-Shao-yi assistant administrator of the entire customs of China, including the Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs, under Sir Robert Hart, whose entire staff, Chinese and foreign, is placed under their control. The Chinese government has declared in reference to this that they have no intention of departing from the loan agreements of 1896 and 1898, which stipulate that as long as the conditions are in operation the adminis

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May, 1906.

tration will be maintained as hitherto under the control of Sir Robert Hart. G. B.Cd., 3089,3263; North China Herald, October 26, 1906; For, rel., 1906; Times, May 10; R. H. Graves: Sir

Robert Hart in Review of Reviews, September. 9 GREAT BRITAIN-Kongo. Agreement signed at London modifying

the agreement of May 12, 1894, signed at Brussels. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 4. Lease of Bahr el Ghazel to Kongo is canceled except as regards the Lado enclave. Facilities to be given Kongo for construction of railroad to Lado, with commercial port at terminus, for free navigation of upper Nile and free transit over

Egyptian Sudan. 10 JAPAN-UNITED STATES. Ratifications exchanged at Tokyo of

copyright convention signed at Tokyo, November 10, 1905. Ratification advised by the Senate February 28, 1906; ratified by the President March 7, 1906; ratified by Japan April 28, 1906, proclaimed by the President May 17, 1906. Stats. at L., vol. 34;

Publisher's Weekly, February 10, 1906. 10 NEWFOUNDLAND. An Act respecting foreign fishing vessels. It

provides that: (1) no alien not so entitled by treaty or convention shall fish in the waters of this colony; (2) no British subject shall fish in any foreign fishing vessel in the waters of this colony; (3) no British subject shall leave the colony for the purpose of joining a foreign vessel to fish in its waters; (4) no fishing gear shall be sold, hired or lent by any British subject to any foreign fishing vessel, the penalty in each case to be fine or confiscation of the vessel. “All foreign fishing vessels exercising rights under any treaty or convention shall be amenable to all the laws of the colony not inconsistent with any such rights."

Documents, post; Times, Oct. 9. See October 8. 10 RUSSIA. Duma is opened. See July 21. 12 ITALY—PORTUGAL. Exchange of notes concerning protection of

the rights of authors. Dr. d'auteur, October, 1906. B. della

proprietà intellettuale, No. 3, July 15, 1906. 12 TURKEY accepts Great Britain's demands for evacuation of Sinai

peninsula and the appointment of a mixed commission to fix the frontier, i.e., a line running from a point not less than three miles west of Akaba to Rafeh. G. B. Cd., 3006; Geographical J., September, 1906; Times, May 5. The Earl of Cromer describes the Sinai peninsula and refers to certain proposed measures for its improvement in G. B. Cd., 2817. See October 1.

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